Are you tired of giving your dad the same old gift or "World's Best Dad" something or another for Father's Day?

Do you need to rev up your gift-giving game for the man who's got more car-related paraphernalia than Jay Leno?

Look no further because we've scoured the automotive realm to find the best car coloring books that'll gear up your Father's Day celebration.

Let's put the peddle to the metal and dive into the world of car and truck coloring books for adults that make the perfect Father's Day gift for the men in your life.

There are many adult coloring books with cars and trucks for dad, such as:

  • Hot Rods - a coloring book that is like the lovechild of American Graffiti and The Fast and the Furious - like your Dad's Midlife Crisis on Paper! Especially if he thinks he's got a few street races left in him.
  • Vintage Cruisers - indulge Dad's nostalgia with an ode to vintage automobiles! It's cheaper than buying him that '57 Chevy he's been eyeing.
  • Supercars for the Speed Demon - when Dad goes to car shows and starts drooling over the Ferraris and Lamborghinis, hand him a coloring book featuring high-octane supercars.

So, don't let Dad down this Father's Day - get him a car coloring book that'll put the brakes on boring gifts and send your appreciation into overdrive!

Did you know that the demographics of coloring-book users are 52.74% male, while 47.26% are female?

How We Choose

Our selection of car-themed books is perfect for any car lover, from classic automobiles to supercars and awesome trucks. Β Get your dad the perfect gift and let him enjoy some fun coloring with his favorite cars!

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Get Dad one of the Best Cars and Trucks Adult Coloring Books!

Best Vintage Cars & Trucks Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Adult Coloring Books Classic Cars Trucks Coloring Book for Adults, by Driven Hard Books

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Why We Picked It

Give Dad a blast from the past with 50 illustrations of cars from the 20th century!

From sleek and stylish European elegance to rugged cars, there's something for everyone here. This coloring book for adults makes creating art fun and easy!

Best American Muscle Cars Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Adult Coloring Books Classic American Muscle Cars, 1960-1975 Coloring Book, Dover Coloring book by Bruce LaFontaine

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Why We Picked It

Cars such as the 1962 Ford Thunderbird, and the 1964 Corvette Stingray, will have Dad drooling!

Each car has an informative caption with facts and statistics against commercial and residential backdrops you can also color.

It's an exciting collection sure to be a huge hit with car enthusiasts of all ages!

Best Classic Cars Amazon Color Books for Adults

Adult Coloring Books Classic Cars: A Collection of 25 Iconic Cars for Stress Relief and Relaxation, by Floral Summer Publishing

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Why We Picked It

If Dad loves a classic car, then this coloring book is a must-have!

Featuring 25 iconic vehicles from around the world, the illustrations come with classic lines and iconic details that invite you to bring each car to life with your own unique touch.

Best Muscle Cars, Trucks, & Hot Rod Adult Coloring Books Amazon 

Adult Coloring Books Classic Cars Trucks Muscle Cars Vintage Hot Rods Coloring Book, by Lacy James

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Why We Picked It

This vintage car coloring book is a great choice for anyone who loves classic cars!

With 25 original illustrations that promote your creativity, this relaxing hobby helps you to unwind after a long day and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Best Old Trucks Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Bad Ass Coloring Books Classic Cars Trucks: Incredible Detailed Coloring Pages of 4x4 Trucks, Pickups, and Work Trucks, JUMBO Sized, by Big Ray

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Why We Picked It

This is a great coloring book for any truck enthusiast!

Featuring 44+ images of cool trucks, each image design features pre-shaded areas and are printed on single-sided pages making art simple.

Best Classic Cars of the Fifties Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Classic Cars of the Fifties Coloring Book, Dover Coloring Book by Bruce LaFontaine

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Why We Picked It

The 1950s were a time of great change in the automotive industry.

Each car has precise details printed on single-sided thick paper; the illustrations come with shaded areas, where darker colors work best, and the finished piece looks like a painting!

Best Classic & Luxury Cars Coloring Books for Adults

Sport Cars Coloring Book: Relaxation Adult Coloring Book Classic Cars, Luxury Car Designs with Unique Backgrounds, by GM Studio

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Why We Picked It

Let Dad create incredible works of art worthy of being displayed!

Here you can use many different techniques to color in pages filled with darker pre-shaded areas as well as lighter pre-shaded areas which presents a new style to coloring.

All the shaded areas are designed to be colored creating art worthy of framing!

Best Sports Cars Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Sports Cars Coloring Book: A Collection of 45 Cool Supercars, Relaxation Coloring Pages for Adults, by Lance Derrick

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Why We Picked It

Featuring 45 stunning illustrations of sports cars - just the cars.

So, start using markers gel pens, and colored pencils, and master painter by creating your own background or just color the car only!

Best 1950's Cars Amazon Adult Coloring Books

1950's Cars Coloring Book: Cars Coloring Book for Men, by ZenMaster Coloring Book

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Why We Picked It

Looking for a fun and relaxing Adult Coloring Book for Dad?

This coloring book has 54 pages of classic cars - all beautiful and well-drawn, and each illustration comes with light-shaded areas for you to color in.

Best Classic Cars & Trucks Adult Coloring Books Amazon

Book Artist Beth Ingrias Presents: Adult Coloring Books Classic Cars Trucks

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

Beth Ingrias and her adult coloring books are becoming quite popular!

Her Coloring Book which features 40 classic cars has become a huge hit among Beth's Fans:

  • β€œFinally, an adult coloring book that guys will enjoy!” Tim
  • β€œThese designs look like paintings when they are done. Awesome.” Mark
  • β€œI'm really enjoying all the shaded areas. It makes things easier to color.” Bill

From Amazon:

Her husband asked best-selling adult coloring book artist Beth Ingrias for a coloring book with classic cars and trucks. Coloring Book Artist Beth Ingrias presents a new style of adult coloring! Finally, an adult coloring book that features 40 classic cars and trucks in a way that makes creating a work of art simple.

This new style of coloring design features pre-shaded areas which makes the concept of shading very easy. Darker colors work best in the darker pre-shaded areas and any color can be applied to the lighter pre-shaded areas for highlights. Each of the classic cars and trucks finished piece looks like a painting done by a master painter with this new style of adult coloring.

With this style, Ingrias presents a new concept that has already become a huge hit among Beth's fans.

Grab a copy of this adult coloring book for yourself and create incredible works of art worthy of framing.

From Best Selling Adult Coloring Book Artist, Beth Ingrias:

β€œThere are not many adult coloring books on the market with designs that men really enjoy. My husband asked me to create one for him using classic cars and trucks. While I was creating these designs, I experimented with many different techniques until I decided on the light-shaded areas. Each design looks like a painting with no color. It is up to you to add the colors of your choice using markers, gel pens, and colored pencils.”

And That’s It!

Thanks for reading and Happy Coloring and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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