Are you looking to spook up your indoor home decor this Halloween?

These items are great stuff! And I'm not talking about a 90s Halloween Pizza Hut commercial - I'm talking really good items. (JK Pizza Hut!) 😂

If the best offer you have to give this Halloween is for friends and family to come to your house, then you need some of the best fun decoration ideas on the market today to get you in the Halloween spirit fast!

These incredible indoor Halloween decor ideas will transform your home into a spooky house that looks haunted in no time!

How We Choose

If you're like most people, you don't want to go to the craft store and spend a fortune on decor or make a ghost out of a paper towel. So, we made it easy for you. This list of the best indoor Halloween decorations will help you create a spooky atmosphere without spending much money.

The not-so-scary spooky

Here you will find not-so-scary and fun blow mold decorations and mild items that will dress up any table very nicely for lots of indoor Halloween fun.

Except for the rubber bats below - those do look a bit scary.

But take heed, there is a trick...Halloween will be here mighty quick.

So, parents, if you and your boys and girls have your hearts set on a number of indoor Halloween items for the party at your house this year, then buy your items now for the best selection at the best offer and prices the sellers can give you for a festive indoor event!

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Best Spooky Birch Tree

TURNMEON LED Halloween Birch Tree with Orange Lights

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Why We Picked It

Call in the ghosts with this LED Halloween Birch Tree!

It's a 24-inch tabletop tree that is perfect for adding a touch of eerie decor to any room of the house. The black birch tree trunk and twigs are decorated with 36 orange LED lights, which give off a colorful ghostly glow.

The tree is battery-operated (3 AA batteries not included) and has an on/off switch with a timer, so you can automatically set it to turn off the lights after 6 hours. It's also flexible and bendable, so you can shape it to fit any space, even a fireplace mantle.

It's made of PVC material, so it is durable, waterproof, and reusable.

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Best Indoor Halloween Candles

DRomance Indoor Halloween Candles with Timer

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Why We Picked It

These indoor candles are uniquely patterned with a skull, crow, and spider and will add a spooky vibe to your Halloween decor.

Bring the fear up a notch by placing them on your witch-inspired fireplace mantle with an additional spider or two, as a party table centerpiece, living room, bathroom, or any other area that could use a little spookiness with style!

They come with a remote, so you can quickly turn them on or off and set timers. The candles are made of unscented real paraffin wax and are powered by 2 AA batteries (not included).

Step up your Halloween game this year by adding the creepy touch of realistic flickering candles!

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Best Posable Skeletons

OKPOW Halloween Skeletons Decorations

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Why We Picked It

These skeletons are more than just decoration - they're interactive! Featuring hands and feet that can be flexibly folded to create a truly horrifying scene.

There's a lot you can do with all 5 of these posable little bony fellas. They would make a fabulously gruesome graveyard centerpiece for your party table, fireplace, or classroom Halloween parties.

Display them crawling out of pumpkins. Or, with some hot glue and red-painted fabric, you could create a murder scene. Or place small pumpkins on their heads!

Stick them in a candy bowl. Or have them riding a giant spider like a cowboy. Or stick them onto a taper candle with wax - like they're climbing it.

They are made of high-quality plastic material, are durable, and FREE of toxic chemicals, making them the perfect decor for haunting your house, and they'll withstand all the Halloween partying you can throw at them.

I'm a fan! I decorate with these, not sure if you can tell. Even as I get older - I love them!

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Best Apothecary Potion Bottles 

Cornucopia Brand Halloween Decorations Indoor Potion Bottles with Caps

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Why We Picked It

Decorate with this fabulous selection of apothecary potion bottles that are to die for!

They come complete with self-adhesive label stickers, each featuring a different Halloween illustration and spooky message. Just store some candy or festive treats in them, and you've got the perfect decoration for your party!

Or better yet...make them tiny wine bottles for the older folks.

Their space-saving size makes them a perfect addition to any haunted decor. They're durable so you can use them year after year.

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Best Creepy Rubber Bats

Supersfel Halloween Hanging Bats

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Why We Picked It

There is no better way to get into the spooky spirit than by decorating your home with rubber bats.

They are so not your 90's Halloween decorations paper bats. Nuh-uh, no way.

These realistic-looking bats are perfect for giving your home a creepy haunted house look that will send a shiver down your guests' spines.

Made of high-quality rubber, these creepy little creatures have a pair of red eyes, a black body, white fangs, and a scarlet tongue, making them look terrifying.

These rubber bats will make you the talk of the town this spooky season!

(See below for a true story about bats....yuck).

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Best Cauldron Serving Bowls

Eaezerav Brand Witch Cauldron Serving Bowls on Rack

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Why We Picked It

These delightful cauldron serving bowls will liven up your Halloween party!

Though a bit on the small side, we think these bowls are a perfect size to use for candy, small pretzels, sauces, or salsa! They can hold a lot of small stuff.

They have a shiny black matte finish and a metal stand, sure to add a unique touch to your Halloween dining room table.'s an idea - add some floral foam to the bottom of each cauldron and display dead flowers! That would be such weird spooky fun!

Enjoy the best offer of Prime FREE delivery to your door!

And That's it!

If you're as obsessed with Halloween as much as we are, then we hope you enjoyed reviewing all the products there are to explore.

Thanks for reading our Blog page and Happy Halloween!

Bats: A True Story - Tap Here for a Quick Read 

A bat hit me on the nose at just five years old.

No, I wasn't at a ball game.

Here's the thing, I'm talking about the flying kind. Talk about mega yuck!

One night, my mom asked me to close the balcony doors in my grandmother's room. This happened in Argentina, and I was only five years old. We lived on the top story of our apartment building. The ceiling height was about 12 feet high, and we were on the 16th floor, so we were up there.

I must have scared the bat, which flew right into my face. It smacked me right on my nose.

I was horrified!

It was a big bat relative to my small five-year-old face, and it hit me hard. I can still remember the impact of its husky body.

The apartment superintendent had to come up and catch the bat. I remember he was scared of it too. As the bat was frantically flying around, he trapped it in some newspaper. I wasn't hurt, but I never forgot that incident.

Little did I know it was a sign of things to come.

Fast forward many years later, now living in the US. One year I visited Taos, NM. Taos is a small, laid-back, artsy community in north-central New Mexico known for its mysterious hum. Kinda spooky, right?

One night. Okay, it WAS twilight...I was walking towards my car.

Admittedly, as I spotted bats flying around, I started to walk a little bit faster, as I do every time I see a bunch of bats, remembering my five-year-old trauma.

Before I got to my car, I got smacked in the head by a bat! AGAIN!

The bat didn't break the skin, and again I wasn't hurt, but I was thoroughly grossed out! The good news? It was a much smaller bat than the one in Argentina.

I was convinced I was cursed...

...well, things didn't end there.

I traveled to Italy and visited beautiful, incredible Florence. This city is a jewel. Everything about it is a dream come true and a satisfying check off my bucket list. Absolutely nothing can ruin such an incredible experience.

Or so I thought.

In the middle of the day, on a beautiful sunshiny day...yes, it was daytime, I felt a tug on my hair. As I reached for whatever was tugging at my hair, the woman next to me started bloody murder screaming.

A bat was caught in my hair.

Luckily it disentangled itself as I was holding my hair, and I didn't have to touch it.

So, for some reason, I attract flying vermin. 🦇 So gross.

Maybe the third time is the charm? At this point, it has been many years since I attracted any bat to hit me in the head.

I hope the nightmare has ended.

My sister has it better; she gets pooped on by pigeons. But that's a different story.

Check out the 90s Halloween Pizza Hut Commercial - funny!

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