Do you love dogs?

If you're a dog lover, you'll love our latest product review: dog bookends!

We love these best dog bookends because we love dogs! We have five adorable doggos in our immediate family - they are all the non-shedding, eating, and pooping. Whenever I ask where the non-eating non-pooping dogs are, my husband tells me to look in the toy store. Yeah, yeah, very funny.

We also love our books! Maybe to the point of scary obsession. We love books, textbooks, coffee table books (or books we accidentally borrowed from our local coffee shop), heavy books, dog books...

And...wait for it...we are bookends collectors! This functional collection of ours is pretty varied.

For us, the best dog bookends are made of cast iron with a handcrafted retro craftsmanship feel to them. We love high-quality iron metal with lots of heft. That's because we have lots of books and heavy books (we're all avid readers) that require office bookends sturdy enough to hold even your hardcover books vertically organized.

Books must stay vertical!

But cast-iron bookends are not the only type of book supports we use at home to keep our office and room desk tidy. We also love and use several non-skid bookends, which we feel are perfect for all animal and book lovers alike. And they will make a great addition to any bookshelf.

We also reviewed some polyresin dogs, each on top of a resin book, that are super cute.

You may be looking for a hand-crafted Labrador dog finished in antique copper or dark copper color. I mean, we didn't review one of those, but I bet they're in some USA warehouse by a Ca based seller somewhere.

We also reviewed some wood bookends, which are perfect for those who want a more natural look. No matter which type of book holders or dog bookend you choose, you're sure to be happy with your purchase!

You can use these adorable bookends to hold up your favorite books. Or use them as a decoration on your shelf. Either way, these furry friends will surely bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

How We Choose

So, what makes bookends the best dog bookends?

Well, they must be a bookend with a dog or at least dog parts on it because, frankly, though you love your dog, you don't want them taking up space on your bookshelf. It wouldn't work. They would keep jumping off the bookshelf, and then all your books would go haywire. They would keep taking away the greyhound dog animal book to look at and never put it back. Nope! Using a real dog won't work. And I don't know about you, but one of my dogs would fit on a bookshelf. She's a cute little poodly thing that doesn't weigh very much and keeps falling over every time I make her sit up against heavy books. Then she cries. You just can't get good help nowadays.

If you're like us and love dog friends, your dog is a part of the family, and you want them to be represented in your home decor, but you don't know how. These best dog bookends are the perfect way to show your love for your furry friend while keeping them off of the actual bookshelf.

The best dog bookends come in various materials and styles to fit any decor. They make a perfect gift for any dog and books lover you shop for birthdays, holidays, or any day.

And the best dog bookends come in wide varieties. You can have standing dogs bookends, Labrador dog bookends, and dogs bookends with the front half on one side of your books and the back half on the other. There are funny dog bookends, downward dog bookends, and just dog face bookends.

But the best dog bookends are the ones that make you smile...and hold heavy books nice and straight! (Like little soldiers).

Best Dog Bookends 

Ambipolar Dog Decor Bookends

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Why We Picked It

These are seriously cool...and heavy.

These adorable little guardians are perfect for protecting your precious books and heavy books (or anything else you want to keep safe). Made from heavy-duty cast iron, they're sturdy and reliable, with anti-slip pads to keep them firmly in place. Good dog.

Because they're free-standing with no base, they are not only decorative but also space savers. And they're heavy enough to be a door holder (heavy stoppers) know, door stops.

They go with any interior, from classic to modern.

It can be used in your home office, bookshelf, as home decor just sitting on a console table, or paperweights, or add them to a children's room.

Made of heavy-duty cast iron, these functional book ends in antique black are sturdy enough to store heavy books and keep them from sliding easily.

These are manually welded, so there made be some imperfections due to their geometric shape. At 5.5inches tall and 2.5 pounds per single dog weight, they are very sturdy and have good value for the money.

Show off your love for mankind's best friend by showing your friends how this small dog supports your heavy books.

Best Wood Dog Bookends

Pandapark Wood Paws Bookends

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Why We Picked It

Introducing the Pandapark Wood Paws Bookends!

These bookends feature a unique and eye-catching paws design and are available in either walnut or maple.

Nonskid bookends are necessary to keep your books from tipping over!

The Pandapark paws have a natural coating and non-skid (non-slip mat) metal bookend base (to prevent slipping), making them durable and practical.

Plus, their fine craftsmanship makes them both decorative and functional. And under 6 inches tall, they won't take up too much space on your shelf.

Best of all, they're sturdy and can hold up some pretty heavy books!

Though maybe not very many heavy books. Don't overload the poor things. Perfect for a childrens room, this is an adorable product and functional bookend.

The wood paws design is fine craftsmanship, and attention to detail makes these bookends a must-have for any book lover.

Best Cast Iron Dog Bookends 

Design Toscano Scotty Cast Iron Dog Bookends

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Why We Picked It

These Sitting Scotty Cast Iron Dog Bookends look like the antique decoration bookends your grandmother used to have that you always wanted, always smooth and rust proof.

These decorative bookends are exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, make the perfect addition to any library or home office, and are a perfect gift. Each bookend is handcrafted with one-of-a-kind details, made from durable, high-quality cast iron, then hand painted and distressed just enough to replicate an authentic antique.

These Toscano-exclusive creations (also have a super cool mythical character - but that's a different review) are based on real-life Scotty Dogs, one of the most loyal, courageous, intelligent, and committed dog breeds that will form bonds with children. Such a good dog.

These charming sitting Scotty pups are super cute dogs on guard duty, patiently watching and fiercely guarding your book collection!

Especially your heavy books!

These bookends will add a touch of fun and personality to any room and serve as functional art bookends while giving your favorite books literary support (support...get it? For heavy books?).

Design Toscano takes pride in delivering their products with careful shipping each piece wrapped carefully.

So, if you're looking for a unique, eye-catching, and functional piece of art for your home, look no further than the Design Toscano Sitting Scotty Cast Iron Dog Bookends!

They make a great gift for any dog lover or bookworm in your life!

Best Retriever Dog Bookends

Kensington Hill Playful Golden Retriever Dog Bookends

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Why We Picked It

These two adorable polyresin dogs are a charming way to keep your books in order!

These playful Golden Retriever dog bookends are adorable pups well-trained to keep your books straight! Good dog...umm, I mean...good decorative bookends.

These resin bookends have a dark antique bronze patina finish and feature gold finish scrolls on the books (great home decor, gold scrolls we believe are not hand painted). Whether you use them for tabletop display or in a bookcase, these bookends are sure to please and add a touch of whimsy to any room.

Best Napping Dog Bookends

Fsolis DIY Book Nook Kit Cute Dog Bookends

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Why We Picked It

These book nooks are not your typical decorative bookends.

They are unique and beautiful and a stylish way to keep your books orderly.

These bookends are not a finished product but a kit with all the necessary parts to assemble yourself. Even a beginner (age 14+) can build it with the included color manual and step-by-step instructions. The sleeping dog is realistic and very cute, and you can feel a sense of wonder in the miniature world.

All you need to build your dog bookends is silicone liquid glue and AAA batteries to make it work.

The bookends are made of high-quality wood and are sturdy and durable. They make excellent library shelf dividers, have a sturdy support frame, come super safely packed, and make a great gift.

These bookends also have LED lights, which make them perfect for use as night lights on your bookshelves for any room.

These are on my list for Christmas for all my book, dog, and puzzle lovers. But since they ship from overseas, I will order now to get them on time. You know, supply chain issues won't ruin my Christmas!

Best Akita Dog Bookends

Fsolis DIY Book Nook Kit Akita Dog Bookends

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We feel these are such a fun and creative way to keep your books organized that we reviewed two!

Why We Picked It

Love it, love it, totally love it!

You won't find a more unique and beautiful bookend to keep your books straight and tidy.

They are just so creative; we're in awe.

This bookend is not a finished product but comes with all the parts needed to assemble. Even a beginner can build with the color manual step by step, and it's suitable for ages 14+ years old. And it might just inspire you to plan and build like a real engineer!

The precisely cut wooden boards are assembled into an exquisite bookend. The Akita dog is always happy to see you and welcome you into a perfect miniature world. LED lights make it the perfect night light on your bookshelf.

It's a refined handicraft made of high-quality wood, so it's sturdy and durable. Just note that you need silicone liquid glue and AAA batteries (not included) to make it work.

These are on my list for Christmas for all my book, dog, and puzzle lovers. But since they ship from overseas, I will order now to get them on time. You know, supply chain issues won't ruin my Christmas!

And That's It!

Regarding storage, books that are large and are heavy books, cast iron is the way to go.

And to break up the flow of a shelf filled with books; a book nook kit bookend is an ideal gift.

We hope you had a good time reading our review and found it helpful. We want you to know that we may get a small portion of the sales (as paid commissions) from the links listed here if you place an order on their site.

Happy shopping!

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