The perfect way to enjoy any day in comfort and unique style is with a good pair of Fish Flip flops...really!

Are you asking, why? Really, why?

Well, fish flip-flops are not your average pair of sir.

They are made of synthetic material that gives them a soft foam sole that makes them extra comfortable. Plus, the colorful fish designs are sure to brighten up your day.

You'll love the ease these fish shoes slip on and off.

Whether you're on a walk or just having a talk. Or just running errands around town, these will not make you frown.

When it gets colder, you can wear them with socks. And walk with them over rocks.

You can wear them on a boat, and you can wear them with a goat. You can wear them by the sea, and you'll wear them with glee.

Wear them lounging by the pool, and you won't look like a fool. Wear them walking on the beach or while you're eating a peach.

To a lobster fest would be the best. To a fish cookout, people might freak out. They might cook your fish shoes and leave you crying boohoos.

They make a great Christmas gift, but don't wear them during a snow drift.

But can you get them wet? You bet! These are the best flip-flops yet!

Okay, so I am not a Poet...and I know it!

But if you live in an area with a moderate climate, flip-flops, sandals, and slippers are not only essential brand footwear for summer but are comfortable footwear you will be wearing all year long.

How We Chose

Some flip-flops can be uncomfortable and impractical footwear because they are either too stiff or too loose, making them uncomfortable wearing for long periods. They also often don't provide enough arch support, which can lead to foot pain.

Fish flip-flops (the original Fish Slippers) are the perfect solution. They're made with high-quality synthetic material that makes them durable and comfortable, and they come in various fun designs that will excite you to be wearing them all year long.

Just Ask my Nephew!

Holy silver mackerel! We read thousands of reviews to find the best Fish Flip Flops, but quite honestly, I took the word of one man (yikes, he's 32!) nephew.

His birthday is the first week of September, and yearly he throws a big birthday bash with close to 100 my house.

Last year he was gifted his first pair of Coddies fish flip-flops, which are the original fish slippers. He got the green bass fish slides and was thrilled with them!

I was in awe as I looked at them.

And I am known for wearing a funky shoe style or blingy strap shoe now and then like no one's business. But I had no words for these fish flip-flops.

He wears them ALL year, even in the winter...with socks. He wears them every time he's invited to a party where the gift-giver will be (which is often) and says the joke is on them because they're incredibly comfortable fish flip-flop sandals.

I must admit that his fish slippers make me giggle out loud whenever I see them. And it never fails.

Like clockwork, this year, he was gifted the lobster flip-flops by the same friends. This time I tried them on, and you know...I was surprised because they are very comfortable.

Now I'm thinking about getting a good pair of fish slippers. Maybe a pink salmon?

Fish Flip Flops are a FINtastic present for yourself, slipper lovers, unique dressers, as a gag gift, fishing enthusiasts, as a birthday present for the fisherman or woman in your life who love eating pink salmon, or as a secret Santa gift.

This idea is sure to get some laughs!

If you are shopping for a Christmas gift or unique items for that someone that has everything, fish flip-flops are an exciting fashion statement, will look good with any outfit, and are an excellent value for the price.

Read on to find your favorite fish flip-flops... excellent gag gift ideas never go out of style!

Best Fish Flip Flops the Original Fish Slippers 

Coddies Fish Flip Flops, the Original Fish Slippers

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Why We Picked it

These Coddies fish flip-flops are the fish flip-flops my nephew got for his birthday last year in the green color. He does refer to them as his Bass slides.

These fun and unique slippers are perfect for any fishing enthusiast or unique dresser with a sense of humor, like my nephew.

Fish Out of Water!

These fish flip-flops are made from a strong and light-weight material. They are both comfortable and flexible and have good arch support ensuring a pain-free experience for maximum comfort. Additionally, their high-density anti-skid soles give them great traction and make them more wear-resistant. The footbed is so thick and comfy you can walk with these over rocks!

They handle water well to prevent you from slipping around like a wet fish.

These fish flip-flops are made from just one piece (form), which means there's no glue, making them tough, hard to tear, non-toxic, and easy to wash. These fish slippers come in several colors. You can get a pink pair and pretend they are pink salmon, or a silver pair and pretend they are silver Mackerel, or better yet...get the rainbow pair and pretend they are rainbow trout!

This funny gift is not just for men...nuh uh!

Plenty of women and kids love wearing them too. Fish Sandals, Bass Slides, Fish Flops...whatever you want to call them are ideal as pool, beach, park, shower shoes, just relaxing at home shoes, or taking the dog out shoes.

(Keep reading below to review the other flip-flop pair made by Coddies.)

But first, add these to your Christmas gift list and give the gift of laughter this season with the original fish slippers at a great price!

Best Lobster Slippers Animal Slippers

TOTENJS Lobster Slippers Lobster Flops

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Why We Picked it

This is the other flip-flop pair; fish flip-flops Lobster Slippers, which my nephew got for his birthday this year. And as expected, he loves them.

These fun and festive fish slippers are the perfect fashion statement for your feet for many occasions! Do you have to go to a family event or a neighborhood block party? Wear a pair of Lobster Slippers fish shoes and be the sole (get it? See what I did there?) person with this footwear. They are sure to make you the center of attention!

With their bright colors (they come in red, green, and orange) and eye-catching design (antennae and eyes), you can put them on with any outfit style. They are made from a light-weight and comfortable material and will keep your feet cool and comfortable all year long. Well, maybe most of the year.

Add them to your Christmas gift list, so you don't miss out on the chance to add a little bit of fun at a great price!

Best Shark Slippers

Terasaki Unisex Sandals Funny Shark Slippers

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Why We Picked it

I hope my nephew gets this pair of fish shoes next year! They're great!

Welcome to the world of Shark Slippers!

Remember this?

Dah...Dum. Terror in two Notes.

But don't worry! These fish slippers Shark Shoes won't bite your toes or anyone else's.

...dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dunnnn...

These Shark slippers are made of high-quality PVC and are waterproof, non-slip, and wear-resistant. The original design is patented and can make you the focus, whether it's a pool, beach, party, or just hanging out.

The funny Shark slippers are slip-on shoes, have a cute shark design, and are soft and comfortable on your feet. They are also durable and have an anti-slip sole, making them ideal for walking or running errands.

These are slip-on fish shoes.

And they work very well as walking shoes, beach, pool, or shower shoes.

You can use them as garden clogs, even in heavy fogs. You can wear them in the house, even with a mouse.

You can wear them on a boat, they must float?!!

Use them as bathroom slippers, but don't break them with clippers. Show them to your goldfish; a pair of shoes is their wish.

But you walk on land, so why be bland? Put them on your feet; they're really neat!

The Shark Slippers are available in five colors: black, green, orange, pink (not like pink salmon color), and blue. They also come in multiple sizes to ensure a perfect fit for you, your SO, or the kids.

Also, they make the perfect gift as your Christmas gift or your kiddos Christmas gift...they will love them too!

Best Fish Flip Flops

Coddies Fish Sandals, The Original Fish Shoe

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Picked it

Adding some fun to your wardrobe and life is easy! Take a stand and look no further than Coddies fish flip-flops!

Their other flip flop.

These are not fish shoes, slippers, or sandals; they are flip-flops disguised as fish flip-flops.

These unique sandals are not only stylish, but they're also incredibly comfortable. These fish shoes are durable footwear worn by kids, men and women alike. Made from a strong and light-weight material, Coddies are elastic and shockproof, meaning they'll mold to your feet and provide unbeatable comfort. No burning soles (look! I did it again) of your feet here!

Fish Flop...Fish Flip Flop...get it? Yeah, I knew you did.

Plus, these bass slides have high-density non-slip soles that will keep you steady on your feet, no matter where you're walking in them. Like on a boat, shopping, or maybe on rocks...

Whether you're puttering around the house, hitting the beach, or working out at the gym, Coddies are a perfect choice. And because they're made from just one piece of material, they're tough, hard to tear, non-toxic, and easy to wash.

Order a pair of Coddies today or add them to your Christmas gift list - your feet will thank you! (your wallet will, too...they're a great price)

And That's It!

Holy silver Mackerel! Fish Flip Flops...Really? Why?

Because they are totally cool, that's why.

And really, who knew (until now) that fish shoes could have a reasonable price, arch support, great traction, maximum comfort, handle water, and are loved by kids and grown-ups alike?

Did you pick out a favorite you'll be wearing soon? Or one for your Christmas gift list?

We bet you have not had a better experience reading about fish shoes than reading this blog.

Notes to consider:

These soles are not technical footwear. Please take caution on uneven surfaces.

We want you to know that we may get a small portion of the site sales (as paid commissions and at no additional cost to you) from the links listed here if you place an order through your browser on their site.

Thanks for reading our article and happy shopping!

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