There's no denying that Halloween gnomes are delightful creatures that can brighten up decor with the Halloween fun they add to your home, yard, or garden.

Garden Gnomes are here to stay, whether you love them or not.

You never know; there might be a mischievous garden gnome next door. Garden Gnomes are collected all over the world.

Not only do they make incredible decorations, but they also make great gifts for Halloween collectors of all ages.

They're so cute!

In researching the history of the traditional garden gnome, we ran into conflicting stories regarding their origin. Yet everyone agreed, across the board, that garden gnomes bring good luck by protecting people and pets from misfortune.

Except for Cats!

Garden gnomes will protect all of their family members, including dogs...but not cats.

They dislike cats.

Many people find garden gnomes to be magical, but not cats. Cats want to eat garden gnomes for lunch.

See? Told you so. Such a Naughty Halloween Gnome!

Mark & Margot - Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome

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How We Choose

Let's say you're like me and search for cool ornaments yearly. But this year, you want to add an indoor or garden gnome to your home decor or yard. With so many options, deciding which Halloween Gnomes to shop for at the right price is challenging.

When looking for Halloween decorations, most of us start with a search for deals and waste hours browsing through websites and stores, looking for perfect gnome decorations at the right price to add to your home.

Not anymore!

We completed our search and read thousands of reviews, so you don't have to, saving you time. We've found incredible gnome decorations for your yard, patio, porch, or indoor spooky holiday or party, and we're sharing them with you.

Use this list to check out the varied options on Amazon and click on each picture to check the price and delivery.

We hope you find that unique gnome to add to your collection. And don't forget to buy one for your family and friends too!

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Best Halloween Gnome

Upltowtme - Black Cat Swedish Tomte Cat Gnome

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Why We Picked It

First up in indoor gnome decor is an entirely different type of gnome compared to the garden statues you remember.

This Swedish Tomte Cat Gnome does not take kindly to living in your yard like a resin garden gnome.

Halloween Gnomes are a clever and unique way to decorate your home indoors. And since we know that a cat will seek out a gnome, this clever gnome disguised himself as a cat Halloween gnome!

This black cat Halloween gnome will make a cool gift and festive and unique ornaments for Halloween. Unlike a garden gnome, this little cutie is happy indoors as you create your Halloween scene with pumpkins, a skull or two, or a ghost. It is handmade from non-toxic materials and offers a wooden nose, plush and felt body, soft faux fur beard, and a long black tail.

The black cat ears on the hat are just too cute!

If you are a cat lover, this black cat gnome is purr-fect for you!

Add it to your cart by clicking on the photo above. Check the price and delivery and place your order.

Best Halloween Gnomes!

Benwanfee - 2 Pack Halloween Gnomes - Witch Swedish Tomte 

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Why We Picked It

What is better than one Halloween gnome?

TWO Halloween gnomes!

These indoor cuties bring something extra to your Halloween décor this year. These festive little guys are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your indoors. Though they are super cute, they are not for your porch, patio, or garden.

Made of durable non-woven fabric and fiber fur, this gnome pack is built to last, whether you use them year after year or pass them on to someone else who will enjoy them just as much.

What makes this gnome pack unique is the attention to detail put into its design, from the BOO banner and bats to the traditional Scandinavian elements.

The Halloween lover in your life will love this item, or you may want to treat yourself to this set of Halloween Gnomes today!

Click on the photo above to check the price and shipping and add it to your cart for early delivery.

LOVE It! Best Zombie Halloween Gnome

FICITI - Zombie Walking Dead Gnome Garden Statue Sculpture

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Why We Picked It

Nothing says Halloween Gnomes like a Zombie Gnome.

This Zombie Walking Dead Gnome will do the trick as a spooky and unique addition to your Halloween decor indoors or out on the patio or garden.

This Halloween gnome's gruesome, zombie-like appearance will surely add a touch of terror to your yard or garden. This garden gnome is 8" tall and makes an excellent patio entrance or garden statue.

This garden Zombie also makes a great gag gift for a Zombie lover! Or hide one in your sister's garden as a scary prank. That'll be fun!

His little Zombie eyes do not glow, in case you were wondering.

If you want to add this Zombie Gnome to your collection, you need to order soon for early delivery, as it comes from overseas!

Click on the photo above to check the price and shipping.

Best Skeleton Graveyard Gnomes! Very Detailed Halloween Gnomes. 

Design Toscano Halloween Gnomes - Zombie Gnome

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Why We Picked It

This Halloween Zombie Gnome couple is delightful!

These Zombie Halloween Gnomes will be the most unique addition to your decor any day. Whether for Halloween, Oktoberfest, or Christmas, it's perfect for year-round scares!

This zombie gnome is hand-cast from natural crushed stone and resin and then topped with UV-resistant paint. At 15" tall, it's the ideal size for your lawn, garden, or indoor Halloween decorations. And at 4 lbs., it's sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

And, who knows, it may be a surefire way to freak out your neighbors!

The attention to detail is fantastic. They both have skull hair - he has a beard, and she is wearing her hair in braids. They both have indented eyes in their skull and are wearing clogs! So, no need to sign into Etsy, as this adoring couple is on Amazon!

Click on the photo of this skull couple to check the price and shipping. Order soon for delivery while supplies last!

Beautiful Hand-Painted Detail!

Collections Etc. Hand-Painted Halloween Bat Trick-or-Treat Halloween Gnome Figurine

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Why We Picked It

We decided to add him to our list because we think he's unique and incredible and appears to be a high-quality item.

Standing 11¼" tall, this gnome is made from high-quality resin and is hand-painted with intricate details. He's ready for some serious trick-or-treating and candy gathering and is sure to add some personality to your indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations.

You can shop confidently knowing that all Collections Etc. products come with a 60-day, easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Add it to your cart - click on the photo above. Check the price and delivery and order.

And That's It!

We hope we found some relevant results in your search for Halloween Gnome ideas and that you decided on one or two to enhance your home decor this Halloween!

Every time we strive to provide excellent content and an item(s) you will love at a great price. And we're delighted to keep writing many more reviews as we discover more unique and strange items Amazon and Etsy have to offer - but for this listicle, there's no need to sign into Etsy! 😁

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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