Looking for a way to add some spice to your garden?

Join us in this product review, where we will look at the enchanting world of the garden gnome.

There's no denying that the best gnomes are delightful creatures that can brighten up any garden. You can find the perfect indoor gnome or garden gnomes, whether you want one that is comical like a naked gnome, a cat that eats gnomes, a cute one riding a unicorn or vomiting a rainbow, or a scary one like a zombie gnome.


When the garden gnome started, the "traditional garden gnome statues" all looked the same. They wore a tall red hat, a green tunic, red pants, and black boots. But things have changed! Today you can find various different-looking garden gnomes. They may wear a green hat, a green jacket, or brown trousers. The Traditional Garden gnome sported a long white beard and often had red cheeks, but that's no longer the case.

These days, however, you can find all sorts of garden gnomes in different situations. You see them running wild riding a unicorn (it must be a drunk gnome) or standing naked in the garden or a wheelbarrow. Several of them run wild year-round...even on frosty days.

They can turn into a zombie gnome or hang out and drink a beer on your lawn, watching you while you're gardening. There are as many popular categories of garden gnomes as there are people on earth!

But you think you want a Funny Naughty Gnome.

To us, there is no funnier garden gnome than naughty gnomes.

Naughty garden gnomes have been popular garden decorations for many years! And there are plenty of different garden gnome designs to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits your style. Naughty garden gnomes are also perfect for showing off your unique personality and making your garden stand out.

And a naughty gnome is a funny way to add some personality to your garden too. They're comical and charming and will make your neighbors jealous. And they're also great conversation starters! What a way to meet your neighbors (if you haven't already)!

How We Choose

You want to add some personality to your yard, and you want the highest quality, but you wonder how to do that.

Garden gnomes have been around for centuries hanging out in gardens and yards worldwide. From the city to the country in every country of the world. But frankly, they've always been a bit boring. Most just sit there with a silly grin, not doing anything interesting. They're just there, sitting in the sun, staring at you.

Lazy Gnomes!

You don't want that for your yard! You're not lazy! You won't stand for garden gnomes just sitting in the grass with a white beard and wearing a smile. No sir!

You want some action! You want a gnome that will get naked in your yard year-round! You don't care if he has a drink of beer or two. Heck, you might join him!

YOU want a Naughty Gnome!

You want a naughty garden gnome and not the cutesy or too serious kind!

The naughty Gnomes are the solution for you! You want giggles and want these little guys to make your friends and neighbors laugh.

They'll last for years!

And you want those giggles to last for years! And they will!

Our modern-day garden gnomes are made of weather-resistant resin and high-quality materials, so they can withstand all weather conditions and keep looking new.

End your search because here we've read thousands of reviews to find the best naughty gnomes for you. This selection includes top picks for every type of garden gnome lover. Whether you're looking for a funny garden gnome or a naughty gnome, there is one for you that will make a great addition to your or anyone's garden.

We hope you find garden gnome ideas to bring some chuckles and conversation to your home or as a perfect gift! A garden gnome statue will suit anyone with an off-beat sense of humor, like us!

Best Naughty Gnomes

Gnometastic The Original Double Bird Garden Gnome Statue

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Why We Picked It

The Original Double Bird Garden Gnome Statue by Gnometastic is the perfect way to show your irritation with the world or the cat next door.

This is one angry little guy giving both middle fingers to everything that gets on his nerves in the garden, from pesky garden fairies to small yapping dogs. I have one of those.

He's Such a Naughty Gnome!

He's a hilarious addition to your lawn, porch, yard, or gardens and makes a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor. The gnome figurine is made from Poly Resin and is weather resistant and UV resistant, with certified lead-free paint. It's also hand-painted with detailed accents.

This naughty garden gnome weighs one pound, and he flips off anyone who calls him fat!

He also has a hollow core...just like his heart.

Though he's not a happy fellow, he will bring some laughs (and some attitude) to your indoor space or outdoor gardens or yard.

So, feel free to flip the bird with this hilarious little gnome to everything that pisses him or you off, from the cat next door to pesky garden fairies.

Click on his angry face above and place your order!

"Willy" the Very Naughty Gnomes

Bella Haus Design Funny Garden Gnome

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Why We Picked It

We all know a guy who can't help but be the life of the party - even when he's not trying.

Well, meet Willy, the garden gnome who always seems to find himself in embarrassing situations and naked, away from a toilet. Leaning on one arm, thinking he was safely under log cover, he was caught with his pants down (literally) and an extra tankard of ale at his feet. The surprised expression on his silly bearded face will make your guests chuckle.

This Naughty Garden Gnome is a tinkling troublemaker!

Made from high-quality materials, he's weather-resistant, and Willy is built to last - whether you choose to display him indoors or out. Indoors he would make a cute bookend with his arm supporting the books.

He's also water resistant and has UV-resistant paint, so you don't have to worry about him fading in the sun out on the grass or being swept away in a storm.

These garden gnomes are indeed offensive by design.

This naughty gnome makes a great gag gift for friends and family - or anyone who appreciates a good laugh. Willy, the Naughty Gnome was hand-sculpted here in the USA with attention to detail and will arrive on your doorstep quickly, safely, and worry-free!

You may Have Some Questions, so we Have Some Answers.

  • The garden gnome is made of durable, high-quality resin
  • Willy, the garden gnome, is 10.3" tall and weighs 2lbs
  • A reminder that this garden gnome statue is UV and water resistant
  • Willy, the garden gnome statue, was designed and sculpted by hand in the USA

So, stop the search if you're looking for garden gnomes that are sure to get attention and some giggles in your yard. Look no further than Willy the Garden Gnome!

Click on Willy above and place him in your cart!

Super Naughty Gnomes!

Gnometastic Smoking Gnome Indoor Outdoor Garden Statue, 8.5 Inches

Why We Picked It  

Another Naughty Gnome by Gnometastic!

This little garden gnome guy is being Super-naughty!

Introducing Gerry, the Gnometastic Smoking Garden Gnome! He's just chillin' in his red hat, smoking and watching the world go by without worry. This little garden gnome is the perfect way to add fun and humor to your garden or home.

He's also the perfect garden gnome for spreading some good vibes with his relaxed demeanor. The Gnometastic Smoking Gnome is made from durable poly resin and weather-resistant paint so that it can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors in your garden.

This garden gnome guy is certified lead-free and makes a great gag gift for anyone with a sense of humor. He's sure to make you laugh wherever he is.

You may Have Some Questions, so we Have Some Answers.

  • Garden Gnome Height: 8.50" inches tall. You can call him short; he doesn't care.
  • Garden GnomeDiameter: 4.50" inches wide...hijole!
  • Garden Gnome Weight: 1lb. But don't call him fat! He smokes, so he gets the munchies.
  • Garden Gnome is made from high-quality resin.
  • Garden Gnome is Weather Resistant - Indoor / Outdoor

So, stop the search if you're looking for a fun and unique way to spice up your décor; the Gnometastic Smoking Gnome is a perfect choice and makes a perfect gift!

Be cool, click on his photo above and he'll be at your place in no time.

Drunk Gnomes are Very Naughty Gnomes

Samfaces - 4pc Fairy Miniature Drunk Garden Gnome Kit

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These little garden gnomes will be a welcomed addition to your garden. If you like drunk naked little garden gnome men that want to party, that is. No judging.

Perhaps you want to spruce up your garden? This cheeky miniature Drunk Gnome set will do that day in and day out, making it a great addition to your outdoors even if they did have a beer too many. We hope they don't vomit a rainbow!

This garden gnome set is made of durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting resin and is built to last – perfect for use outdoors. They're also non-toxic, waterproof, and rustproof, so you can feel confident using them around your potted plants, flowers, or dollhouse!

Gnomes Are Not Toys! No, Seriously.

Standing almost 3 inches tall, these tiny guys are perfect for adding a touch of garden gnome statue whimsy to any garden or space, like a fairy house!

You may Have Some Questions, so we Have Some Answers.

  • The Standing Gnome measures 2.8 x 1.2 inches
  • The Fire measures 1.5x 1.2inches
  • The Sitting Gnome measures 2.5 x 2 inches
  • The Lying Gnome measures 3 x 1.5 inches
  • Made of non-toxic, durable, high-quality resin material
  • They are waterproof for outdoor use.
  • And are rustproof.
  • This garden gnome set is not toys.
  • The garden gnome set is not suitable for children under 13 years of age.

Whether you're using this garden gnome set in an indoor window or as desk decorations, these garden gnome figurines are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Just beware – they may get naked and a little rowdy after a few drinks!

Click on their photo above to buy them...a drink!

Dinosaur Naughty Gnomes

SOWSUN - Dinosaur Garden Gnome

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This is more of a Naughty Gnome Dinosaur.

This dinosaur Jurassic gnome is an adorable naughty garden gnome statue. These gnomes are made of high-quality resin, and the figures are hand-painted with UV-resistant paint. They'll withstand the elements, like direct sunlight and inclement weather conditions outdoors. These garden statues will stay looking great for years to come.

At 14" tall, it's one of the taller options we have listed and the perfect size to add some personality to your flowerbeds, lawn, walkways, tree, fences, or anything under the sun. And with their cute, mischievous expressions, they're sure to make your friends and family chuckle.

A unique garden gnome statue is an ideal gift for gnome lovers and collectors in your life. These garden gnome statues are big enough to be noticed but small enough to fit on a bookshelf (what a great idea!), making them the perfect size for many locations. These garden gnome statues are hand-painted with attention to detail.

You may Have Some Questions, so we Have Some Answers.

  • The dinosaur Jurassic gnome is 14-inches tall
  • The Brand name for this dinosaur garden gnome statue is SOWSUN
  • This garden gnome statue is sold by Patiowin US
  • Patiowin is the original designer of the 14-inch-tall naughty gnome-eating Dinosaur.
  • Beware of imitations that are, like, half the size of this one.
  • This garden gnome is made from high-quality resin materials.
  • Scroll down on the listing to ensure you buy the correct one.

The best part? Glad you asked.

The Dinosaur Garden Gnome statue comes with a 90-day replacement or risk-free refund warranty, so stop the search and buy with confidence.

Order your Dinosaur Naughty Gnome today! Click on the photo above and place him in your cart.

And That's It!

Hey there!

We hope you giggled and found this article entertaining and helpful. Also, we hope your search ended, and you decided on the perfect gnome for you or your loved one.

If you didn't find a favorite gnome listed here, like a fully naked couple, or one riding a unicorn or vomiting a rainbow, they actually do exist. Just click on the photos above, and you can find them amongst the listings.

In our Halloween blog, Unique Halloween Gnomes for your Home or Garden, we list a cat that eats gnomes and a zombie gnome or two. Check them out!

We want to give you a disclaimer and have you know that we may get a portion of the sales from the links listed here on this site if you place an order on their site.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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