It's time to get ready and prepare for a long cold winter because it's on the way.

These food-based blankets (like a novelty tortilla blanket) will keep you warm (and hungry) all winter long. They look stylish, are comfortable, and are incredibly soft. You won't regret buying one of these hilarious blankets.

With so many options, there's a soft and funny food-throw blanket for everyone on your list. And the best part is that these novelty blankets are super affordable and make a fun gift, but more importantly, they're vegan and gluten-free! Whether you want a tortilla blanket or a waffle blanket, we've got you covered (pun intended) with a throw blanket.

We Love a Soft, Funny Throw Blanket!

How We Chose the Best Funny Blankets

It's hard to find good, comfortable blankets that are soft to the touch and are also funny (like burrito blankets). It wasn't enough for a funny blanket to give us a chuckle to make the list; no, not at all; we picked these for a reason. Check out what we learned about these fun blankets that are healthier for you than the real thing.

Most people want warm, soft blankets to snuggle up with, but finding a throw blanket that's also funny and double-sided can be challenging.

With birthdays and Holidays coming up, an ultra-soft warm blanket makes excellent gifts for everyone on your list!

We've read through thousands of reviews to find the comfiest and funniest double-sided blankets out there that are also very soft. From a Burrito throw blanket 80 inches in diameter to a bread-shaped pillow, we've got something for everyone. Not all the blankets below come in 80 inches.

So, what will it be for you? A burrito tortilla blanket or perhaps a warm crisp waffle throw blanket you'll want to sink your teeth into?

We start this review with Mermaker - a global sales leader in funny novelty blankets who have exclusive patents and copyrights for the appearance of their blankets.

This is serious stuff!

We think they make the best burrito blanket, so we'll start with their novelty tortilla throw blanket.

Best Tortilla Blanket

Mermaker Burritos Tortilla Blanket

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Why We Picked It

Who wouldn't want to be a human burrito?

Get the best tortilla blanket with this double-sided Mermaker burritos tortilla blanket that is 71 inches in diameter.

With this Mermaker burrito tortilla blanket, you can make your friends jealous by being wrapped up in one! You will look like a real burrito! Seriously, it's a wearable blanket! Imagine yourself in this tortilla wrap blanket. You might be mistaken for an authentic burrito instead of a novelty tortilla blanket!

The double-sided tortilla blanket is made of ultra-soft high-quality flannel fabric. At 71 inches, this soft food throw blanket has a realistic tortilla pattern with darkened cook marks which we feel makes it the best novelty tortilla blanket.

A Burrito Blanket by another name.

At 71 inches in diameter, this burrito blanket looks like a real burrito and is perfect for wrapping yourself up as a giant burrito. This giant tortilla is a comfortable flannel taco blanket and also has enough coverage for you to spread out comfortably. The oversized food throw (at 80 inches) is large enough to comfortably wrap you and your friends in one tortilla blanket, making it comfy and fun for all, or snuggle with your favorite someone or furry friend. This double-sided tortilla blanket has plenty of room.

This comfortable flannel taco blanket will leave you warm and cozy on those crisp winter nights yet are breathable in summer, and they come in various sizes to fit your body perfectly.

This burrito blanket is a plush blanket and makes a perfect white elephant gift, Dirty Santa gift, or bed blanket and is the ideal gift for any burrito lover on your list. This novelty tortilla blanket looks like an authentic tortilla!

It's oh so Soft!

The burrito blanket is made from high-quality flannel fabric and comes with a cute gift bag you can use to stow the blanket away in. These tortilla blankets are lint-free and non-fading. You can machine wash all of the 71 inches of giant tortilla in the gentle cycle, in cold water, and tumble dry (or air dry) to make your Mermaker burritos tortilla blanket soft and warm.

And at 71 inches or 80 inches, the burrito blanket is large enough to double as a towel for a pool party, at the beach, or as a picnic blanket. Use these best burrito blankets as a bed blanket, sofa blanket, throw blanket, or travel blanket. It's a warm blanket that will keep you cozy all year long.

What makes these lightweight polyester flannel novelty tortilla blankets perfect for the whole family? They come with options! Choose a single-layer design (a tortilla blanket pattern on one side and white on the other). Or choose a tortilla blanket in a double-sided print (with the same burrito tortilla pattern on both sides). Choose between two different shades (beige and yellow (yellow is double-sided)). And the blanket has four sizes to choose from (47 inches, 60 inches, 71 inches, or 80 inches).

Do you want to keep your favorite pooch warm this winter too? The 47-inch burrito blankets make a great addition to your dog's bed, bringing lots of wags! But cats like these double-sided tortilla blankets too.

Note - The Mermaker burrito tortilla blankets with the title 2.0 and Color code: yellow are double-sided.

So, if you love Mexican food, these best burrito blankets are for you. The tortilla blankets are very funny and make a perfect gift.

Get your novelty big burrito blanket!

Best Burrito Baby!

DDWT Baby Burrito Swaddle Blanket and Hat

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Love a tortilla Based Food Throw Blanket? Then, Don't Forget Burrito Baby!

Are you looking for a unique and funny gift for a new baby?

Look no further than the Burrito Swaddle Blanket! These soft and comfortable burrito blankets (look like a real tortilla) are made from premium, incredibly soft microfiber fleece materials and feature a realistic tortilla texture that will make any baby look like a little burrito throw blanket.

The baby burrito swaddle blanket (which does not have a double-sided pattern) is ultra-soft. Plus, this fun blanket will get a laugh from everyone who sees it and will make you the best gift giver at any baby shower...ever!

And who doesn't love a burrito baby?

And speaking of showers, this soft, lightweight microfiber fleece burrito blanket makes an ideal after-bath shower blanket for your baby.

This newborn tortilla wrap blanket is 34 inches in diameter, lightweight, anti-fade material, and super soft, comfortable, and breathable. The fabric washes easily in the gentle cycle in cold water. A quick tumble dry will make your burrito tortilla blanket soft and warm.

This baby burrito blanket has no zippers, Velcro, or snaps, which makes this tortilla blanket safe for babies.

And talk about the fun you will have taking pictures of your baby wearing this funny burrito blanket! And all of the childhood moments this burrito blanket will help create.

Let's say you don't have a baby to buy for and want a baby burrito blanket for yourself.

As an adult, this super soft and wonderful blanket has many uses. It makes a perfect food throw blanket, sofa blanket, travel blanket, or lap blanket to keep warm in the car or on flights, during zoom meetings, or at the movie theatre.

And it's also the perfect size for puppies and cats or covering up a bird cage!

But then you remember that it also comes with a high-quality flannel hat for a baby. I bet it might fit your head too! Or you can always use it as a tug-of-war toy with your pup.

Don't pass up on such a funny blanket!

Best Pizza Blanket

Mermaker Pizza Blanket

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Next, we Have the Perfect Gift for the Pizza Lover!

From the Makers of the Mermaker Burritos Tortilla Blanket comes ...

... the Mermaker Pizza Blanket!

What's better than cuddling up with a giant pizza blanket?

Not much, if you ask us. And now, with the Mermaker Pizza Blanket, you can have all the cuddly comfort of your favorite food in a blanket without the calories!

Like the burrito blanket, this double-sided fuzzy and comfortable flannel pizza throw blanket will wrap and keep you warm and cozy. The ultra-soft and warm fabric will make your friends jealous - they'll all want to be giant human pizzas too! You can be in pizza heaven no matter how you snuggle up with this realistic pizza pattern printed on both sides of the blanket.

The Mermaker Pizza Blanket comes with special packaging (a beautiful bag) you can use to stow or carry the blanket in, which is an excellent idea, and although the bag is cute, we'll bet you won't be putting this blanket away any time soon.

Great Gift for the Kiddos!

This pizza blanket makes an excellent gift for teenage boys and girls or anyone else on your list. The novelty pizza blanket has many uses. It's a superb campfire wrap, party or camping blanket, a great picnic blanket, a throw blanket, and makes a great bed blanket.

Also, use it as a towel for a pool party or beach. Use these pizza blankets as a sofa blanket or travel blanket. It's a warm blanket with breathable material that will keep you cozy all year long, even in the summer, in this pizza blanket.

See, you won't be putting it away.

Like the burrito blanket, the novelty pizza blankets are also lightweight and made from polyester flannel; they are lint-free, non-shedding, and don't fade. Throw it in the washing machine in the gentle cycle, use cold water, and tumble dry (or air dry) to make your Mermaker pizza blanket good as new again when needed.

Imagine wrapping your teenager, spouse, best friend, or furry friend in a giant pizza blanket hug or using it as a decoration to create a fun environment in any room; the Mermaker Pizza Blanket is sure to be a big hit!

Note: The Mermaker pizza blankets with the title 2.0 are double-sided and are not offered at 80 inches as we write this.

Get a pizza blanket for yourself and a loved one, and get ready to have a blast!

Best Waffle Blanket

Mermaker Waffle Blanket

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But wait...

... Don't forget Breakfast!

Here is another best funny blankets to wrap yourself in by Mermaker (makers of the novelty big burrito blanket).

The Mermaker Waffle Blanket makes a funny and unique gift for your kids, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone you the dog. It's unique and unusual, just like we are.

Like the burrito blanket, this giant waffle blanket is double-sided with fuzzy flannel fabric, keeping you cozy and warm all year.

The realistic waffle pattern is stylish and innovative, making this the perfect blanket for parties. Use it as a picnic mat, camping, or on a festive occasion.

Easy Wash...Quick Dry.

Like the burrito blanket and all the Mermaker blankets, it washes easily in the gentle cycle in cold water. A quick tumble dry will make your double-sided waffle blanket buttery soft, and warm.

Enjoy the view no matter how you snuggle or wrap up with this realistic waffle pattern printed on both sides. The ultra-soft and warm fabric will make your friends jealous - they'll all want to be giant human waffles too!

This Mermaker Waffle Blanket also comes with the same special packaging (a beautiful gift bag) to store the blanket in or for easy carrying. Use the gift bag for shoes, or give it to the kids for their toys, because the only carrying of this blanket will be from the bed to the sofa!

The Best Waffle Blanket bar none.

And just like the burrito blanket, the novelty waffle blanket has many uses. Not only is it a great party or camping blanket, but it's also a great picnic blanket, a throw blanket, and makes a great bed blanket.

You can also use the waffle blanket as a towel for a pool party or beach. Use these waffle blankets as a sofa blanket or travel blanket. It's a warm blanket that will keep you cozy on crisp winter nights. But it is also breathable and will stay comfortable in the summer.

The novelty waffle blankets are lightweight polyester flannel; they are lint-free, non-shedding, and don't fade. They come in various sizes so that they will fit your body perfectly. The waffle blanket comes in 47 inches, 60 inches, 71 inches, and 80 inches.

We dare you to wrap yourself up in a waffle blanket – your friends will be jealous they didn't think of it first!

Note - The Mermaker waffle blankets with the title 2.0 are double-sided.

Mermaker also makes a cookie blanket that looks good enough to eat! But don't eat it - it's a blanket!

So, get one for yourself or buy several as gifts, and get ready to have some laughs!

Best Bread Shaped Pillow

Wepop Bread Shape Pillow Soft Lumbar Baguette

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Don't Forget Your Pillow!

For the bread lover!

Introducing the Wepop Bread Shape Pillow!

A funny food pillow is a great way to add fun to any decor. This soft and cuddly lumbar support pillow is shaped like a giant delicious baguette and will increase any room's cuteness.

This pillow is soft and cuddly, made of high-quality, skin-friendly cotton, and filled with allergy-friendly material.

Huggable Squishyness

This plush bread pillow is relaxing for kids and adults and is perfect for snuggling on the couch.

This bread-shaped pillow is soft, silky, comfortable, and perfect for lumbar support as a back cushion (or bolster) at work or in the car.

Keep your eye on it before your kid, best friend, or furry friend claim it as their own.

It's squishy (not over-filled) for soft huggability, so it makes the best nap hug pillow or perfect bedtime companion. If you want a firmer shape, you will have to add some more filling (at least it's not carbs and is gluten-free!).

3D Pillow

This bread-shaped pillow comes in three sizes (24 inches, 32 inches, or 40 inches) and has a realistic 3D look that will surprise your friends. Think of the decor ideas with the three different sizes piled up and looking cute on your sofa, bed, or in the kid's room.

The bread-shaped pillow, made of premium and safe materials, is non-toxic and BPA-free.

The Wepop Bread Shape Pillow is an excellent gift for anyone who loves all things bread (or enjoys a good sense of humor). So, bring a little bit of levity into your life with this unique and fun pillow.

Don't forget to get one for your furry friends too!

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed reading about these unique novelty food blankets as much as we enjoyed writing about them.

I have a tortilla blanket, and my husband has a pizza blanket because pizza is his favorite food. And we also bought a smaller-sized burrito blanket for our puppy! They come in handy; we use them on the sofa and in the camper, and they are especially lovely to use on outside movie nights!

So...guilty as charged!

It's a fun way to add a little laughter to your life!

We want you to know that we may get a small portion of the sales (as paid commissions) from the links listed here if you place an order.

Bon appétit!

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