Valentine's Day... sigh (either good or bad).

It's that one day of the year when we suddenly remember that our significant other isn't just a regular roommate, but actually someone we're supposed to romantically love, cherish and express our appreciation for.

We rush out to buy overpriced Valentine's Day gifts and usually end up settling for the most generic gift card available.

But, alas, what can we do?

We still gotta show her our appreciation but it's hard when Valentine's Day gifts are so ridiculously expensive!

Ultimately, though it might be counterintuitive to support such an extremely commercialized holiday like Valentine's Day, if you really care about her then you gotta show it somehow.

Show her with the Best Valentine's Day Gifts!

Luckily enough, some of the best Valentine's Day gifts don't cost too much money and will still make your special someone feel appreciated.

For example, why not plan some quality time together with a movie night at home or take a leisurely stroll amongst the city lights?

These intimate moments are the best Valentine's Day gifts and can mean more than all the diamonds in the world! Right? 🤔


Movie nights at home since COVID 😷 are now the weekly date night when we stay in and where we stay comfortable!

And a stroll amongst city lights? Are you kidding me? It's cold outside! 🥶 It's still a winter wonderland in several parts - no thanks!

Thinner Wallet

Save yourself the financial strain of Valentine's Day. It's not necessary to break the bank.

Valentine's Day is all about love, and what better way to show your special woman (err... women?), best friend, or girlfriend that you care than with a unique and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift?

But as any woman can tell you, choosing the best Valentine's Day gifts for her can be challenging.

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love, and although gifts are not necessary to show your affection, they can be the perfect way to make someone feel special.

No matter what type of Valentine's Day gifts you choose for your special someone this Valentine's Day, don't forget the most important part - just let her know how much you care!

And Maybe Sing Her This Song. Add any melody you'd like.

Verse 1:

Oh, Valentine's Day, the day of love and cheer

Full of joy and happiness, without any fear

The day that we express our deepest affection

And give away our hearts with a kind intention

Chorus 1:

Love is in the air, on this special day

We celebrate romance, in every single way

Let us cherish what we have, let's all be glad

The joy of Valentine's Day will never fade.

Verse 2:

A time to say "I love you" a million times over

A chance to express just how much we care and hover

Holding hands and giving hugs together each day

To show how blessed we are when together we stay.

Chorus 2:

Love is in the air, on this special day

We celebrate romance in every single way

Let us cherish what we have, let's all be glad

The joy of Valentine's Day will never fade.

Yeah, okay, forget the song! Everyone's a critic 😒

If singing her a song is an absolute must-not, then read on to see some of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas we found.

We read the reviews to bring you this fabulous Valentine's Day Gifts list you are both sure to love!

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! Each product was independently selected by us, and all opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI — StrangeReviewers may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business and we thank you). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Read on, for the Best Valentine's Day Gift, Love! 🥰

Best Money Ribbon Gift

Ribbonbonbox Money Box - Cash Ribbon

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Okay, I can really wrap my head around this gift idea! This is a perfect Valentine's Day gift!

This is a unique surprise gift box she'll love! This creative gift idea will show her how much you've been listening! Maybe she's been saving up for something big or a trip?

This rose gift box includes a convenient money roll dispenser which will save you time and effort on the setup process. Simply fill up the plastic tube with bills effortlessly!

Hamiltons and Jacksons will do nicely. Franklins would be ideal! A girl that gets Franklins is a lucky one indeed!

This money box features LED-lights, Soap Roses (flowers designed to last a lifetime - kind of like Venus et fleur), and a Pop-Up Message Card. They are very nice, but she'll think they play second fiddle to the money ribbon!

A unique gift makes for the BEST Valentine's Day gifts. Get one for her today - she'll be grateful you did!

Best Box of Date Night Cards

AYearofDates - A Box of Date night cards (makes what to do on date night decisions easy!)

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Imagine a Valentine's gift that keeps on giving, not just for a day, but for an entire year!

A treasure trove of date night adventures waiting to be unveiled, one week at a time. That's exactly what the 'A Year of Dates' box offers - a perfect concoction of romance and spontaneity, ideal for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or simply to express your desire to cherish every moment with your beloved.

This isn't just another gift; it's a promise of connection and new memories, a commitment to keep the spark alive through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The 'A Year of Dates' box is your ticket to a year filled with love and unexpected joys.

Includes 52 sealed date cards with a different date idea for each week, and an additional 5 blank cards so you can infuse your personal touch into this heartfelt gift. Whether it's a cozy night in or an adventurous day out, these cards are designed to fit seamlessly into your life, ensuring that date night is always a delightful surprise.

Comes in two delightful versions, both containing the same enchanting date ideas. The Surprise Edition, with its gold logo, offers a kaleidoscope of colors and experiences, ensuring that each date is an unexpected joy. The Categorized Edition, adorned with a silver logo, sorts the date cards into four color-coded categories, making it easier to plan around your busy life.

This will be the best gift she's ever received!

Best Scratch- Off Poster 

LandmassGoods Scratch Off World Map Poster

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Is your sweetheart a world traveler or aspires to be one? Then this scratch-off poster is a great Valentine's Day gift idea she's sure to love!

This popular pick is right up my alley. You should see my book of the 1000 suggested sights to see before you leave the planet - they are littered with colored tabs marking sights I've seen. But it's difficult to see the "Bigger Picture" in books as you can with this poster.

What a great way to track your travels!

Comes with an easy-to-use scratching tool, memory stickers, an eraser to clean scratch smudges, and a magnifying strip.

What a sweet way to honor your next romantic holiday! This is the perfect gift for the girl who loves to travel - she'll love this Valentine's gift!

Most Silky Smooth Truffles

NETOchocolate Artisan Truffle Gift Box - handcrafted Truffles Candy Heart Box

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Does your Valentine have a sweet tooth?

Give her something she'll love! 17 pieces of handcrafted bon-bons in a heart-shaped box - yum...Yum!

There are several different velvety smooth truffle flavors to delight the senses.

Romantic gifts are the perfect way to start Valentine's Day.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts - Stress Relief Beauty Gift

ComfortSense - Self Care Beauty Gift Box

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Imagine this: a long day just ended, and your body is screaming for a bit of pampering.

What you need is a magical transformation from stressed out to blissed out, and we've got just the potion!

Dive into the world of luxurious bathtime goodies that promise to turn your tub into a sanctuary of serenity. From the humble loofah to the decadent bath oils, we're about to spill the secrets that will make your girls' next soak a divine retreat.

  • Like a mini masseuse for your skin slough away the day's worries along with dead skin cells with a luxurious loofah.
  • Submerge yourself in the Soothing Bath Salts and let the mineral-rich crystals work their magic.
  • The opulent Bath Oil is a sumptuous blend of nourishing oils that will leave your skin feeling like it's been kissed by the hydration gods.
  • Make her bath water explode with color and fragrance with bath bombs - her ticket to a fun and fizzy escape.
  • She can then cocoon herself in the Shea Butter Bliss Cream. This rich, creamy moisturizer is the perfect finale, locking in moisture and leaving her skin irresistibly smooth.

Get her this treasure trove of bathtime delights that are sure to wash away her stress and leave her feeling like a goddess.

Best Photo Puzzle

HorizonArtandDecor - Custom Puzzle with Your Favorite Photo, Picture, or Art - 250 to 1000 Pieces

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

"Piece Together Memories: The Ultimate Guide to Custom Photo Puzzles That Make Hearts Whole!"

There's something truly magical about piecing together a puzzle but imagine if each piece brought you closer to reliving your favorite memories.

Custom photo puzzles are not just games; they're gateways to nostalgia, laughter, and love.

Whether it's your toddler's first steps, your pup's goofy grin, or a sunset that took your breath away, these puzzles transform moments into interactive art that makes your heart whole!

Turn your high-resolution favorite photo into a stunning game of memories. With state-of-the-art UV/LED printing, high-definition printing, vibrant colors, and sturdy and durable construction for repeated assembly.

These puzzles are sure to deliver smiles and warmth with every piece placed. So, go ahead and transform your memories into a masterpiece that can be cherished and assembled, time and time again.

Makes the best gift for the puzzle-loving gal in your life!

Best Adult Coloring Book

CrazyDiamondStudio - What Kind of F*ckery Is This? by Jami Allen

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Is your gal tired? Does she need a good laugh and some well-deserved relaxation?

This Coloring Book is for adults who appreciate a good laugh and have no qualms with crude language.

This swear word coloring book provides unique designs that are sure to bring laughs. The sassy illustrations incorporate floral patterns, corals, ocean, mandalas, plants, and more alongside bold statements and amusing phrases for hours of enjoyable coloring time.

This unique coloring book of amusing "AF" illustrations has been crafted to evoke positivity and relaxation, allowing her to take a break from the daily grind and leave her world more beautiful than before.

Coloring Books are all the rage in self-care and are considered to be a great gift!

Best Clasp Ever!

GildedSapphireStudio Layered Necklace Clasp

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

This ideal jewelry gift is just plain smart! This is going on my Valentine's Day gifts list!

No more tangles? No more cutting your hair loose from your necklace just so you can take it off at the end of the day?! Genius!

This layered necklace clasp is also ideal to end the siege of twisted chains when layering two or more necklaces together.

This Valentine's Day gift is interchangeable with all your layered necklaces and comes with spring rings attached to one side.

So, this isn't a jewelry gift - per se - but she's sure to love it just the same - such a great gift!

Best Conversation Starter

BeePsells - Couple Reconnect Game Conversation Starters

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Are there about a dozen reasons to want to rekindle your romance? Maybe life and the kiddos have gotten in the way?

This couple's card game Valentine's gift helps to start conversations as a fun activity while rekindling romance. Talk about your dreams, spirituality, love, social life, anything, and everything!

spend some quality time together reconnecting, laughing, reminiscing, and building lasting memories and relationships that last a lifetime!

She'll love the thought placed behind this gift!

Best Elegant Candle

WIXscentsShop - Lil'bit O'Posh Cut Iridescent Glass Candle

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Is your romantic honey always shopping for candles? This one is unique and special.

Featuring a sophisticated heavy-cut glass jar in your choice of either a brilliant Iridescent, a soft Peach, or dark brown Garnet - this candle is not only perfect for home décor but also makes an impressive gift for any special occasion.

When you light this candle in your choice of delightful scents, you'll be whisked away with its calming aromatherapy.

After the candle is fully enjoyed, you can repurpose its lovely glass jar into a dazzling flower vase, handy storage container, or stylish brush holder – the possibilities are endless!

For your romantic Valentine to keep and reuse for a long time!

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of Valentine's Day gift ideas!

Whether you gift her flowers, chocolate, or something unique (like the items on this list) we hope your Valentine's Day (Galentine's Day) is a happy one!

Remember gift giving is all about your love and appreciation for your girl - it doesn't have to break the bank.

Thanks for reading!

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