Bring some holiday cheer into your home with Bob Ross Christmas Ornaments!

Commemorate the creator of "Happy Little Trees" Bob Ross by hanging Bob Ross Christmas Ornaments on this year's tree!

Happy Little Ornaments

Christmas is almost here, and with Bob Ross Christmas ornaments hanging from your tree this year, you'll jump into the Holiday spirit and have some extra joy in your heart!

Bob Ross Christmas ornaments are here to make you the hero of the holidays!

Surprise your Bob Ross-loving family and friends with an ornament gift that taps into the pleasure of happy clouds and happy trees! These high-quality ornaments feature retro designs from the beloved painter himself, so there'll be no risk in surprising them with original Bob Ross art on their tree this year.

Plus, show your loved ones you're invested in their well-being--with Bob Ross himself advocating for "break time", these ornaments are perfect for when anyone needs a scenic reminder that it's ok to take some time for yourself.

How We Chose

So, if you're looking for the perfect gift for someone that loves Bob Ross, these Bob Ross Christmas ornaments are your answer! We've read the reviews to bring you a list of the best Bob Ross Christmas ornaments!

Not only do these Christmas tree ornaments look amazing and will brighten up any tree, but they also come with some unexpected holiday cheer from "the king of happy trees" himself - these ornaments bring joy!

Painting Guru!

And these ornaments are a sure-fire winner to get a smile out of anyone who's into art and creativity due to their kitschy homage to our beloved painting guru. Who wouldn't want to decorate their home with classic Bob Ross? So why not take the opportunity to create some life memories and spread some joy this holiday season and purchase one of these unique ornaments as a special gift?

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! Each product was independently selected by us, and all opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI — StrangeReviewers may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to buy something from the links on this site (that's how we stay in business and we thank you). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Most of the below-listed Bob Ross Christmas tree ornaments designs are officially licensed Bob Ross products. Some of these Christmas tree ornaments are currently on sale and most will arrive before Christmas as they have on-time delivery to your door. We hope you enjoy this list!

Kurt S. Adler Bob Ross w/Hat Blown Molded Ornament

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Why We Picked It

This Christmas ornament has a 5-star rating in reviews.

This Bob Ross ornament is crafted of plastic and is a perfect addition to your holiday decor or Christmas tree! The print on his sweatshirt reads "Make Yourself a Happy Little Christmas". Perfect gift for a friend, children, and family will love! I love his red pants - so stylish!

May arrive after Christmas.

Kurt S. Adler Ornament, Multi-Colored

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Why We Picked It

This ornament is a fun one and a great gift hanging on your Christmas tree!

Celebrate the holidays with this Bob Ross “There are no mistakes just happy accidents“ round glass ornament featuring his likeness with paint splatters.

Does anyone use "Xmas" Tree anymore?

Hope not! It's Christmas Tree, people!

Bob Ross® With Frame Ornament

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Why We Picked It

This ornament will look great on your Christmas tree, wreath, or doorway and help brighten up your newly decorated home for the holidays!

This Christmas tree ornament of Bob Ross holding a paintbrush and a framed painting of a picturesque mountain landscape with tranquil, soft, misty foothills, is just like real life. And the landscape is just like the ones he used to teach beginners on his show!

Add it to your Christmas cart today!

Bob Ross Christmas Tree Ornament - Acrylic Circle

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Why We Picked It

Bob Ross as Santa! Too cute!

This is a high-quality acrylic, round-shaped ornament. Its colorful design with Bob Ross wearing a bright red Santa suit is printed on one side making it unique!

May arrive after Christmas.

Kurt Adler Bob Ross "Happy Little Christmas" Figural Ornament

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Why We Picked It

This Christmas tree ornament with a red sweatshirt and a green striped scarf and a great big smile on his face, makes me smile too! This Christmas tree ornament has a 5-star rating in reviews.

Hang this pop culture icon on your Happy Little Christmas Tree! Decorating with super cool Christmas ornaments is an awesome little thing! Order today - add it to your Christmas cart arrives after Christmas!

Kurt S. Adler Bob Ross the Joy of Painting Christmas Ornament

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Why We Picked It

This Bob Ross Christmas ornament is timeless fun! And this Christmas tree ornament has a 5-star rating in reviews.

You can hang it the entire holiday season and on your Christmas tree, then off your rear-view mirror, or on your wall, it can be hung in a corner...doesn't matter, hang it everywhere! Just don't "hang" too long...these things have a way of selling out - so add it to your Christmas cart today!

Kurt S. Adler Bob Ross with Color Palette Glass Ornament

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Why We Picked It

Bob will fill your Christmas tree with festive joy!

This Christmas ornament features a glittered color palette and paint brushes with an image of Bob Ross®.

Kurt S. Adler Bob Ross Figural Christmas Tree Hanging Ornament

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Why We Picked It

This is quintessential Bob Ross as a Christmas tree ornament in his denim shirt and jeans! I am a fan of this TV host, and this is exactly how I remember him most! This Christmas tree ornament has a 5-star rating in reviews.

Bob creating happily and setting me at peace with his soft-spoken voice...ahh, good memories! And the palette has one of his favorite sayings, "There are No Mistakes, just Happy Accidents".

Kurt Adler Bob Ross Ornament for Personalization

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Why We Picked It

Because he was a great animal lover. And we're animal lovers. And we love all animal lovers.

This Bob Ross ornament with one of his squirrels on his shoulder (most likely Peapod) has a space for personalization! It's easy to customize it at home with a fine-tip permanent marker or paint pen.

Tap Here to Learn About His Happy Little Animals

Not only was Bob Ross a famous painter and TV personality, but he is known for having a sweet disposition and being a gentle soul. And thankfully, those traits were extended to his love for animals.

His furry friends were a big hit with his fans. And bringing his furry friends on his show showcased Ross's taste in creatures you might see in his landscapes. So, no dogs or cats.

Here is a list of animals I remember seeing on his show.


Squirrels held a special place in his heart, and he often cared for several at a time. Peapod, the squirrel made the most show appearances, but he also brought Peapod Jr on the show too. In one episode a Fox Squirrel made an appearance and that was very special for Mr. Ross!


He had an Owl named Hoot on the show, baby Robins, a Sandhill Crane, and several Chimney Sweeps too.

And the others I recall seeing was the cutest little baby raccoon and a couple of beautiful deer.

I am jealous of his friendships with wild animals. I did once, many years ago, "make friends" with a squirrel and fed it nuts. It would climb my legs, but I was never able to hold it. The closest I came is when he stole food off my plate and held my index finger for balance. I was thrilled! He was there long enough that a photo was taken. So, I have photographic proof!

We have chickens. And our area has a ton of hawks and crows. The crows chase the hawks away and guard the chickens. So, I am now working on getting a crow to pay attention to me. We'll see how that goes.

Kurt S. Adler Bob Ross with Hat and Scarf Ornament

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Why We Picked It

Perfect ornament to be hung by the chimney with care.

This is an awesome Bob Ross Christmas tree ornament with Bob wearing a Santa hat and red striped scarf and easel in hand! Order soon in time for Christmas! Add it to your Christmas cart today!

Bob Ross® With Brush Ornament

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Why We Picked It

As far as Christmas ornaments go, Bob Ross, wearing yellow overalls and holding an oversized paintbrush, is a super cute ornament! This Christmas tree ornament has a 5-star rating in reviews.

Colorful and great fun for the whole family to enjoy at Christmas time or any time of the year spring to Dec! Add it to your Christmas cart today!

And That's It!

We hope our little list inspired you to get one or two Bob Ross Christmas Tree ornaments...or maybe more!

These Christmas tree ornaments also make excellent Dirty Santa gifts!

If you haven't played Dirty Santa yet, you're missing out on a lot of fun! It's fun when a friend or one of your kids ends up getting exactly what they hoped for - and it's even more fun when it gets taken out of their hands!

We also hope this little Christmas list reminds you that no matter what, it's okay for things to be just a little bit weird - we are. 😉

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