With Easter fast approaching - it's time to get a basket!

So, Have You Considered a Bolga Style Easter Basket?

Bolga baskets are traditional West African baskets used for carrying goods, they come in wonderful colors and several sizes!

These sturdy Bolga Baskets are the perfect way to celebrate this Easter season!

Not only do they boast a graceful and wide shape but can be used in practical ways throughout the year - such as for lunch or picnic baskets, shopping trips, and even filled with toys for the kiddos and the doggos, craft supplies, or blankets.

By buying a Bolga Basket, you are directly helping African families to succeed by enabling them to launch businesses and permanently exit poverty! Have confidence knowing that your purchase has a positive influence on the lives of women and children in Ghana!

How We Choose

We've rounded up a selection of the best Bolga baskets that would be perfect for Easter. They are beautiful, high-quality, and have plenty of room for all your goodies!

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Get the Best Bolga Basket for Easter!

But first...a Few Key Points to Consider:

🧺 These handcrafted baskets from the Bolgatanga Region of northern Ghana (in West Africa) are hand-woven pieces made of 100% sustainable organic natural elephant grass with goat leather handles and exquisite details.

🧺 These skillfully handcrafted baskets are unique and due to their one-of-a-kind nature will come with variations in sizes, form, patterns/design, and colors compared to what's pictured below.

🧺 As these items are handcrafted randomly the color or pattern cannot be specified.

🧺 Flat-Packed - Due to how these baskets are packaged flattened to ship economically from Africa, they arrive slightly out of shape. Simply spritz water on it to reshape it to the desired shape and let it air dry.

🧺 As of this writing, all listed items ship in time for Easter - though may have longer estimated delivery times for orders without required criteria like shipping address or missing special shipping information, or armed forces addresses.

Best Small Bolga Basket for Easter

Bolga Basket International Market Basket, Leather Wrapped Handles, Colors Will Vary, Small

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Why We Picked It

This is a very stylish mini-Easter Basket!

With a small 5 to 8-inch diameter and a 3 to 5-inch depth, it's the perfect size for putting out candy, chocolate kisses, or Cadbury eggs on the counter.

Practical idea - great for storing cotton balls or swabs, thread spools, keys, wallets, loose change, and other small items, or it can hold a plant!

Review it and tell us how you use it!

Best Bolga Baskets for Easter

Baskets of Africa Fair Trade Dye-Free Fully Shaped Mini Market Basket, Made in Ghana, Bolga

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Why We Picked It

This one is a good size for many purposes.

With an approximate 7 to 9-inch diameter and a 4 to 5-inch depth, it's the perfect size for an Easter Basket!

Practical idea - will keep you organized in style! It can hold socks, scarves, gloves, or even your panties! Yeah...I said it...err...wrote it.

The price point on this one is pretty reasonable considering the size, quality, and durability that you're getting here.

Review it and tell us how you use it!

Best African Bolga Basket

The African Home Goods Mini Green Ghana, Bolga Basket Fair Trade, Mini

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Why We Picked It

Did you know that natural plant dyes are used to color these incredibly sturdy baskets?

With an approximate 7 to 9-inch diameter, this would make a fun one-of-a-kind Easter basket for an adult.

Practical idea - it can also be used as a tote bag, pool bag, grocery basket, diaper bag and so much more!

Review it and tell us how you use it!

Best Bolga Market Basket

Bolga Zaare Market Basket, Handmade in Ghana, Bolga by Women Artisans, (Colorful, Extra Small)

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Why We Picked It

Have you ever wanted a stylish way to walk around your local farmer's market?

Well, first, with this one which is an approximate 9 to 10.5-inch diameter and a 6 to 7-inch depth, it's the perfect size for an Easter basket filled with awesome treats and big enough to add a wine bottle in for Easter too!

Then, for the practical idea - it's a very stylish way to walk around the farmer's market, or when you're foraging in the woods, or for harvesting your backyard crops, or holding your knitting!

Review it and tell us how you use it!

Best Ghana Bolga Baskets for Easter

Hands Craft Children's Small Ghana, Bolga Fair Trade Easter Eggs Basket (COLORS VARY), 1 Piece

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Why We Picked It

Does size really matter? I mean, is bigger always better?

Get your mind out of the gutter - we're talking about Easter Baskets here!

What I mean is - they are calling these "small". But with an approximate 9 to 11-inch diameter and a 9-inch depth, seems like a pretty good-sized Easter Basket to me. You can easily fill it up with that fake grass, add a toy or two, and stuff it full of your Easter favorites!

Practical idea - after Easter, this basket will look great in any room! You can store toilet paper in it, toys, and dog toys, it can be a colorful addition to a laundry room, and don't forget you can shop with it!

They have a great price point and 76% 5-star reviews!

Best Bolga Baskets

Baskets of Africa Fair Trade Ghana Bolga African Medium Market Basket, Handmade in Ghana Bolga by Women Artisans

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Why We Picked It

I LOVE this one! The pattern and the colors on this one are super cool.

With an approximate 11 to 13.5-inch diameter, it's the perfect size for a hefty Easter Basket!

If you need ideas on how to fill it - see below.

Practical idea - this would be very nice in the living room holding lap blankets or shoes by the door, as a laundry basket, or even a picnic basket.

Review it and tell us how you use it!

Best Neutral Bolga Baskets for Easter

Baskets of Africa Fair Trade, Ghana, Bolga Exclusively for Fair Trade Gifts and Home Decor

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Why We Picked It

Now, this is your all-around necessity of a basket!

The shape is perfect - not too big or small - with an approximate 14 to 16-inch diameter and a 9 to 11-inch depth would make the perfect family-style Easter Basket.

Practical idea - big enough to store magazines and books, bath towels and sheets, crafts, gift bows, and ribbons, or dried flowers like lavender.

The price point is also very reasonable, especially considering that these are handcrafted.

Note:- Colors vary! One of the reviews shows two multi-colored ones received - not neutral-colored.

Best Easter Bolga Basket

Your Closet Favorites Handmade in Ghana, Bolga African Market Basket, Large

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Why We Picked It

Though these colors vary, they will bring a wonderful colorful flair to any room!

With an approximate 14 to 17 inches in max length, this basket is perfect for toys!

Share review it and tell us how you use it!

Best Easter Bolga Basket Large

Africa Heartwood Project Deluxe Colorful, Ghana, Bolga Toys Basket - Large

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Why We Picked It

Are you wondering just how to reshape a 16 to 17-inch diameter and a 10-inch depth flattened basket?

This seller has a handy video that shows you just how to reshape it with water and let it air dry!

Note:- This listing says you have the option to order a pre-shaped basket, but when we ordered it, the only option was for flat-packed.

And That’s It!

Each basket is unique!

Due to the use of natural materials and being handcrafted, no two baskets will look alike as their colors and patterns may vary significantly.

You will receive a basket as close as possible to the one pictured.

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