Your office colleagues (coworkers) mean a lot to you, and colleague gifts are one way to show your appreciation for their friendship and collaboration.

Whether you give them something practical, unique, or specific treats, they will be sure to appreciate it.

Giving your colleague or coworkers gifts is a good way to make them happy, and it has other benefits too like enhancing coworker connections and boosting morale.

In fact, spending on colleague/coworker gifts has stayed steady since the early 2000s because of how beneficial it is.

Here's a little secret to finding the perfect gifts for coworkers: enjoy the process!

Shopping for a coworker's gift shouldn't feel like a chore, so have fun with it and let your excitement show.

De-Stress Gifting!

We've read the reviews to bring you a list of the best Christmas gifts your coworkers will love!

So, no need to home in on your inner detective to find out what to get your favorite coworkers (versus your not so favored coworkers). These unique gifts will make all your giftees think of you as the most awesome gift giver ever this holiday season!

Logo Stuff?

Forget the company logo on a fanny pack, work tote, or water bottle stuff! They already have that!

Though nice, those are gifts that corporate can give.

We are talking about a personal gift that will be something unique to each of your coworkers! They'll praise you and think of you as a thoughtful gift giver.

Thinking of gift ideas is easy!

Check out this list of the best gifts for all your coworkers below and approach your shopping with a positive attitude. Check each colleague/coworker off your list one by one.

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! All opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI — purchases you make through the below links mean StrangeReviewers may collect a commission at no additional cost to you, which is how we stay in business, and for that, we thank you.

Here are Gifts for Coworkers, and Maybe SOME Clients

Coffee Mug - Sorry Your Password Must Contain

Check Price on Amazon!

Introducing the Perks and Recreation coffee cup!

This custom-designed 11oz ceramic morning coffee cup is perfect for that cup of hot coffee or for the tea lover at the office.

It has a beautiful glaze finish and the image (which is on one side of the mug) will make it a conversation piece in your kitchen, office, or desk.

A cool Christmas gift for the office space your coffee-drinking tea-loving co worker will love!

Coffee Mug - Sorry No Hablo Fuctardo

Check Price on Amazon!

You can purchase this fun morning coffee cup in several sizes and styles (for hot or cold drinks), making it the ideal gift for anyone in your life.

It's available as an 11-ounce or 15-ounce ceramic coffee cup, a 14-ounce steel travel cup (for hot or cold drinks), and a 16-ounce pint glass for ice-cold brew or beer.

Just be cautious - not every co worker likes mugs with funny sayings. And certainly, it's not meant for those who are easily offended. It's intended for people who can laugh at life and don't take things too seriously.

Great Christmas gift for the remote coworker's desk space, relaxed office, or happy hour seeker!

Swag Brewery - Probably Whiskey

Check Price on Amazon!

Bring some fun and adventure to any camping trip, office, or home with these campfire-style enamel mugs that feature the message, "Probably Whiskey" printed on both sides.

It's the perfect gift for coffee in the early mornings, something stronger on a stressful day, a great alternative to a plastic water bottle, or other occasions! Just maybe don't use it in the work environment or during zoom meetings.

Great gift idea for coworkers who enjoy happy hours at home, or in the office!

ONO Roller Sapphire - (The Original) Handheld Fidget Toy

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I'm a fidgeter. Always have been - I can hardly keep still - drives my family bonkers!

This roller is a small and compact sensory fidget tool that can help relieve anxiety and tension and improve dexterity.

It's the ideal size for your work desk or home office, plus it engages your fingers in full motion!

This makes a great Christmas gift for the stressed-out colleague or fidgety co worker to keep at their desk!

Cedar Crate Market - You Work Harder Than an Ugly Stripper-Scented Candle

Check Price on Amazon!

This candle is funny 'cause it's true that the corporate rat race does make you feel this way. But primarily it's funny!

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your best friend or office co workers, look no further than this candle with a gift box.

This humorous candle will bring life joy and make your coworkers smile, and it comes carefully packaged in a beautiful box. It's an excellent present for any type of friend - new or old, close or far away.

Funny office desk candles are the best!

GSPY Scented Candles - Coworker Gifts

Also available in black.

Check Price on Amazon!

This fun and unique Christmas gift for your co workers - turned friends - is perfect for anyone who loves candles.

The candle is characterized by its saying, “A job made us coworkers, but our potty mouths & inappropriate conversations made us friends.”

These candles burn clean which makes them perfect for keeping on your desk or coffee break room. There are several different scents available.

Best gift for your BFF at work or for your husband's work wife!

Fancy Land Funny Novelty Cute Notepad Set for Office

Check Price on Amazon!

This package includes four different notepads with humorous designs, perfect for meeting notes, to-do lists, or reminders.

Best gift for coworkers that like an organized to-do list and don't rifle paper!

These are NOT sticky notes!

TickleMe Plant Store - Zombie Plant Seed Packets (2)

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Well, because I simply love this plant!

The zombie plant is a fascinating year-round indoor plant that produces zombie brain-like-looking flowers.

No other plant is as interactive or sensitive as the zombie plant! The leaves "play dead" in an instant and come back to life less than 10 minutes later!

Its compact size is perfect for keeping on your desk.

Read more about the TickleMe Zombie Plant Here

The tickle-me plant is also known as the sensitive or humble plant and touch-me-not plant. I first learned about it by the name of Ticklish Tim. Whatever you call this plant, Mimosa Pudica is a must-have!

Mimosa Pudica is a shrubby perennial plant that originates from tropical regions. Even though the plant can survive outdoors as an annual, it is more often grown indoors because of its strange growing habits.

The Mimosa plant is a unique and fascinating species of plant that has captivated people for centuries. Its leaves are sensitive to touch and will close up or droop when they are tickled, similar to a Bracken fern. Additionally, the leaves of the Mimosa plant will also close at night. This sensitivity and ability to move have fascinated people since early times, especially kids.

Mimosa plants aren't only delightful, but beautiful as well. Tickle me houseplants have spiky stems and come summertime, will generate fluffy pink blooms in the shape of a ball. Though it does have thorns that can be quickly clipped off to avoid possible injury.

As a tropical plants, Mimosa plants best thrive in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. But if kept indoors, tickle me plants will do well near a bright or partially sunny window.

Soaking your seeds in hot water overnight before planting them will help them to germinate quicker. Follow the planting instructions on the seed packet for proper seed depth and for the best temperature and time of year to plant them so they will grow properly.

Germinate your seeds, wait for the sprouts, and then soon thereafter you should see their first leaves. However, don't expect these new leaves to be "ticklish." The earliest it will take before the plant is ready to react to touch is a month from now at best.

We hope you give this gift idea a try - it really is a great plant!

A thoughtful present to give the plant lover coworker with a green thumb!

Alpine Corporation Red Hat Bearded Garden Gnome Statue

Check Price on Amazon!

This low-key but happy, red-hatted little man will bring a touch of fun, joy, and warmth to your work desk.

Made from durable polystone with a bright painted finish, this desk mate is built to last.

While on your desk, he'll keep an eye out for you during the day! But keep an eye on your tea and coffee, this little guy has been known to climb onto your coffee mug warmer and steal a sip or two.

A gift any coworker or work wife will love!

XAMSHOR Handmade Christmas Gnome (Tomte) with Light Gift Set (2)

Check Price on Amazon!

Not only are these winter gnomes adorable, but they also have a deep meaning.

In Scandinavian folklore, Tomte is associated with winter and Christmas, though these little guys dislike the cold and like to stay indoors on your desk or side table.

Tomte are known to protect people from harm and act like Santa Claus by delivering gifts.

Each of these handmade gnomes has a poseable hat and will add happiness to any home and make great festive desk decor! Just be sure to keep them away from your coffee mug warmer or POOF!

Great desk light gift ideas!

Ferrero Collection Premium Gourmet Assorted Holiday Gift Box

Check Price on Amazon!

These are awesome gifts for those coworkers that have a sweet tooth and love chocolate! Who can resist hazelnut milk chocolate, white almond, cream and coconut, and luscious dark chocolate?

Maybe hand it to them while no one's looking so they don't feel like they have to share.

Chocolate makes one of the best gifts - one gorgeous bite at a time. It's a no-brainer!

Bonnie and Pop - Christmas Toy Soldier Gift Set of 1 or 3

Check Price on Amazon!

This set of 3 toy soldiers from the Nutcracker Suite in their adorable packaging is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Each soldier is filled with the perfect blend of tasty snacks, like peanut brittle, candy canes, caramel popcorn, chocolate-covered Oreo cookies, gourmet truffles, and yogurt pretzels. Just pop off their hats to enjoy the treats inside!

As a last-minute unique gift for your work bestie or for the entire team - you can't go wrong with yummy consumables!

hongred Multitool Pens

Check Price on Amazon!

The Multi Tool Pen is a great Christmas gift for a coworker or anyone who loves being prepared or anyone who enjoys functional gifts.

This pen comes with 4 ballpoint pen refills, a spirit level, ruler, slot and cross screwdriver, touch screen stylus, and pocket clip - everything you need in one!

Personally, I love these writing utensils and use them daily. And everyone I have gifted them to also loves this multi-tool pen!

But sadly, my husband left his on his desk and a coworker figured they needed it more than he did. Bad coworker!

Personally, I like this one - this is my favorite color in a multitool pen because the yellow color is a throwback to the good old Number 2 pencil (which I loved the smell of and to mark my teeth on - kids!). But if you're looking for a sleek black and grey tipped one you can find that on Amazon or on Uncommon Goods.

My Favorite Company Store - Hollow Man with Mini Marshmallows

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

This is a great idea for a Christmas gift, Stocking Stuffer, or secret Santa gift!

This Hollow man puts the HOT in Hot Chocolate! Milk chocolate filled with mini marshmallows makes the perfect hot drinks.

Great Christmas gift for the co workers that ditch their cold drinks for hot chocolate during the Holidays!

INDYA Spectacle Holder Hand Carved Nose-shaped Rosewood

Check Price on Amazon!

This eyeglass holder stands 6 inches tall, is handmade from authentic durable Indian rosewood & is carved into the unusual shape of a nose.

Eyeglasses & spectacles rest on the nose, with the back securing them in place. Never lose your blue light glasses on your desk again!

This is unique coworker Christmas gift giving at its very best! Uncommon Goods has a little elephant one which is also pretty cute - but so does Amazon.

Organic Harvest Sunscreen 60 with Blue Light Technology

Check Price on Amazon!

This matte finish non-greasy product protects against UV light for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, the high spectrum shield guards against harmful blue light that comes from laptops, mobile devices, phones, and TVs - not to mention the sun.

It's a perfect Christmas gift for your co workers to keep at their desk all-year-round! Leaves no white face mask-like residue and is easy to wipe clean.

Exceptionally thoughtful feel-good gifts for coworkers all day long!

And That's It!

It is a universal truth that gifting is a good thing! So, we hope you enjoyed reading through this list of thoughtful coworker gifts and are enjoying all our other gift guides as well!

It's difficult to buy gifts for a coworker and it takes a lot of thought. This coworker likes coffee, this other coworker likes tea, and this other coworker loves chocolate. And it goes on and on.

When I was in Corporate America, I had to buy corporate gifts for coworkers and my whole team of clients! I certainly could have used a co worker Christmas gift list like this - it's a perfect way to shop and it would have made my job so much easier!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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