If you have kiddos, by now, you have heard several times...

...I want a Cow Squishmallow!

Squishmallows were introduced in 2017 and have sold over 100 million plush toys in over 1000 varieties!

And your kid wants all of them!

February 2021 saw the launch of more than 40 new Squishmallows! They were also rolled out to retailers, like Walmart, in February.

Audience insights tell us that these toys have a cult-like pop culture coolness that is stronger than that of Beanie Babies and Superheros. They have a foam-like squishy inside, like a stuffed animal or pillow. Each Squishmallow has its own name and unique personality, just like your kids, have their likes and dislikes, just like your kids, and come in more than one size range, just like your kids.

Squishmallows have a soothing and calming ability and offer a sense of security and comfort for both children and adults. These squishy plushies comfort everyone, are easy to love, become a best friend, and are great for cuddling at bed time.

Some Cow Squishmallow names include Ronnie the Cow and Ronnie's sister, Belana, and Tomar. These animals are farm plush toys and are very popular Squishmallows.

Squishmallows are super soft and made of polyester fiber which gives them that marshmallow-like texture that's pillowy-soft, that everyone loves. Because these extremely popular Squishmallows are collectible, some have limited stock, so order early. Prices on this listicle start at about 20 dollars and then the range goes upwards from there. You may pay more for some hard-to-find Squishmallows.

Because all the Squishmallow cows can’t wait for all the love and cuddles they're gonna get, Squad UP and read on to see this fantastic collection of Cow Squishmallows that are sure to be on your kiddos Squishlist!

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, or any day from the list below! Recommendations were independently selected by us, and all opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI — purchases you make through the links below mean StrangeReviewers may collect a commission at no additional cost to you, which is how we stay in business, and for that, we thank you. Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Squishmallow Cow, Belana the Cow, Clip-On Bag Keychain, 3.5"

Ronnie the cow has a cute little sister, Belana with light teal markings! This creative cow loves being an artist and hopes to go to art school. She helps Ronnie the Cow in painting his two-story birdhouse and prepares them to sell. She dreams of selling everything they make together! She is a must-have clip-on for any bag or backpack!

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Squishmallow Plush Farm Squad Squishy, Connor the Cow, 7.5"

Or opt for cute Connor the Cow with his cute little yellow horns is the perfect size of collectible cuteness! I can picture this Connor the Cow Squishmallow near me always and alongside every man, woman, and child too!

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Squishmallows, Kelly Toys Company, Griella Cow, 7.5"

Griella loves to have her breakfast in bed on lazy Sundays. By the afternoon she is hungry again and her favorite is a pastrami sandwich - she's a gal after my own heart! Griella loves to sing and enjoys concerts and karaoke, as well as going for drives with the radio on.

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Squishmallows, 2022 Fall Squad, Connor the Plaid Cow, 7.5"

Here is Connor! This Cow Squishmallow is the #1 NEW Release in Toddler Stuffed Animals & Toys on Amazon! We love his plaid clothing and cute pink nose.

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Squishmallows, Ronnie the Cow 4 Ever, 7.5"

Ronnie the cow Squishmallow is believed to have the softest fur of all the cows. Mooore squishing softness to love.

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Squishmallow Cow, Belana, 8"

Released in September 2021, Belana shows off her artistic style with a flower crown on her pale blue horns. She wears it when she plans out the gallery she wants to open with her brother, Ronnie the Cow, where they'll sell the birdhouses and furniture they make.

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Squishmallow Cow, Caedyn, 8"

This lovely little cow is a fabulous baker. She mostly enjoys making apple pies. She also loves a good scary monster movie while enjoying a healthy slice of freshly baked apple pie. She cut an additional slice for you! Don't leave her hanging.

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Squishmallows Easter Squad Squishy, Connor the Cow (in Easter Egg), 8"

Why be a cow when you can be a cow in Easter egg clothing? Add Connor the Cow to your collectibles collection today!

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Squishmallows Farm and Sealife Squad, Connor Cow, 8"

Connor the cow Squishmallow is the only one that comes in every size range they make, which makes him easy to search for, and easy items to get for your children.

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Squishmallows 2022 Halloween Day of The Dead Squad, Connor, 8"

Connor the Cow Squishmallow is wearing his Day of the Dead costume. He's going to a Dia de los Muertos party with Ronnie the Cow.

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Squishmallows, Reshma the Pink Strawberry Cow Squish, 8"

This Pink Cow Squishmallow was released in September 2021. This just may be the squish your children have wanted forever. Her strawberry accessories are the best! They've even written strawberry cow lyrics about her!

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Squishmallows, Soft Plush Toy Animals, Bubba the Purple Cow, 8"

Bubba is his bull Squishmallow name, and this Purple Cow is very purple! And his popularity proves that purple collectibles are very popular! He's also quite athletic and very fast, but he doesn't look like it. That's his secret weapon.

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Evangelica the Valentine's Cow Squishmallow, 8" With Pink Fuzzy Belly (NOT White as Pictured)

Evangelica the Pink Cow Squishmallow is a member of the Valentine Squad. You may have guessed by her pink heart-shaped nostrils. Evangelica (aka Evangeline Squishmallow) is a newer squishy and she has one white ear, and one pink ear. She loves the company of all animals! This Pink Cow Squishmallow comes with a white belly, and some have a pink belly.

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Squishmallows, Belana the Cow, 11"

Belana tuluck blue cow Squishmallow looks very stylish wearing her mint green scarf. She's a very creative cow - in addition to helping Ronnie by painting his birdhouses, she also paints furniture and woodwork designed by Ronnie the Cow that they hope to sell.

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Squishmallow, Ronnie the Cow, Sugar Skull, 12"

This is Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow wearing his costume for Dia de los Muertos. He went to a Day of the Dead Squishmallows party with Connor.

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Squishmallows Squishy, Day of the Dead Catrina the Highland Cow, 12"

If you love pan de muerto then Catrina would love for you to be her assistant! She makes the best pan de muerto in town and it is always super soft and sweet just like she is! She always bakes a big batch for Dia de los Muertos.

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Squishmallow Cow, Candess, 12"

Candess the cow comes from the 2022 Easter Squad. She likes to watch over their person while they sleep, as all Squishmallows like to keep everyone safe.

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Squishmallows, Squishy Soft, Colin the Cow, 12" - Monogrammed!

Colin is a barre instructor and teaches a very fun class with crazy backlights and loud music so everyone will think it's a party. Everybody Dance and click on the photo to shop today!

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Squishmallows Cow, Reshma, 14"

Reshma loves adventures! She goes for long rides on her motorcycle to the forest as the leaves change colors, but also likes going to the beach, and to the mountains in February!

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Squishmallow Cows, Squishy Animals, Rondah Longhorn Highland, 14"

Meet Rondah, an astrologist with a passion for the moon and stars. She loves creating captivating horoscopes – unless Mercury is in retrograde, of course! When she's not busy reading celestial bodies, you can find her crafting homemade candles or indulging in tacos from her favorite taco truck. Click on the photo and shop today to join him in the fun!

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Squishmallows Squishy, Calton the Highland Cow, 16"

Calton the Highland Cow Squish is a huggable brown cow Squishmallow. He loves, to cook, loves to eat, and loves to take naps. He will sometimes look over the Highlands in search of Jamie, or Bubba the Purple Cow.

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And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed this listicle of the best and most lovable Squishmallow cow collectibles selling on Amazon.

If you continue to search for sleep, buy one or a dozen Squishmallows, and we bet you will be having sweet dreams in no time!

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