Are you bored with traditional ho-hum baubles and Christmas decorations?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Check out these creepy and strange alternatives!

Oh...the horrorrrr of it all!

We're talking about that particular niche - Horror Christmas Tree Decorations!

Creepy Christmas tree decorations are all the rage!

From Santa monsters, and scary Christmas snowmen, to zombie elves in Santa hats, imaginative designers have created unique items that combine traditional holiday motifs with horror elements.

But why?

It may seem counterintuitive that people would want to decorate their trees with ornaments that scare them - but there is a psychological explanation for it.

For some people, these items represent a connection to childhood memories of Christmases past, when they were surprised and delighted by the unknown elements in their holiday decorations and gifts.

And for some adults, there is something comforting in the joy of the same things that once scared you as a child.

These types of decorations often become beloved family heirlooms that are passed down through generations!

How We Choose

We read the reviews to bring you the best Creepy Christmas ornaments!

So, if you are one of the many people who opt for the scariest Christmas Tree ornaments and decorations that are a little more offbeat in order to add some spooky cheer to their holiday celebrations, then read on my friend!

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Mark this holiday season as the start of a whole new Christmas tradition!

Jolly Ole Saint Nick!

HorrorNaments Zombie Santa Horror Ornament

Wanna add some thrills this holiday season with this not-so-jolly Santa Clause? What's that he's holding? ...OMG...RUN! Run as far and as fast as you can before your brains or well-fed holiday flesh gets stuffed in a stocking or devoured by this Christmas criminal!! And for God's sake, don't stare into his empty eyes! RUN!

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Tree Buddees Zombie Santa Claus Christmas Ornament

With this ornament, you get the best of both worlds: a creepy yet not-too-scary Zombie Santa. He's been bitten by a zombie, so he has that whole undead thing going on. How can he still Ho, Ho, Ho with that severed arm? Perhaps the Yule Cat bit that off.

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Tree Buddees Scary Krampus Horror Christmas Ornaments

This half-demon, half-goat creature is the stuff of nightmares. According to folklore, Krampus would punish bad children who misbehaved while Santa Claus gave gifts to those who were well-behaved. This demon ornament is a horror story dangling off the lovely branches of your Christmas tree.

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HorrorNaments Krampus Horror Ornament

The "Anti-Claus", or Krampus, is a demon who terrorizes bad children - like Yule Lads. Before you buy this Horrornament, think twice about whether you're actually on the naughty list or not! This creepy and scary Christmas decor can either stand or hang. But if you stand him on the front window, he just may scare away the neighborhood Christmas carollers!

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Mcphee Accoutrements Krampus Christmas Ornaments

These Krampus Christmas tree ornaments are made of glass. Holy Molly a fragile demon! You won't find him at Hallmark or your local Catholic Church.

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For evil ornaments set your eyes on these three Krampuses today!

Scary Elves

greahhht...more creepy, scary Christmas decor.

HorrorNaments Bad Elf Christmas Decorations for the Tree

What's he holding? Is that a...b-b-b body? Or maybe he killed an old barbie or Donald Trump ornament? But where are the feet?

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Tree Buddees Evil Elf with Bloody Knife Christmas Ornaments

This Elf ornament is both scary and festive in his new clothes! Though, he's holding a bloody knife, which may suggest he doesn't enjoy working in Santa's workshop. Ooooohh, Santa's not going to like that! This is one creepy, scary Christmas decoration that will definitely stand out on your tree.

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Tree Buddees Evil Snowman Horror Christmas Ornaments

Meet snowbeast! This guy is one crazed Snowman! This creepy snowball looks like he wants to tear at your flesh with his razor-sharp teeth! Maybe...if he melted quietly...we can all have a silent night. Quick! Turn up the heat!

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HorrorNaments Killer Snowman Horror Christmas Decorations

With an icy stare and chilling look on his face, this snowman is the perfect addition to your tree if you're looking to add a little bit of spookiness. But look closer...are those...eyes? Are they the eyes of snow-baby zombies? Gross! This white Christmas creepy snowman pendant wearing the eyes of ghostly snow babies is a thing of nightmares!

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HorrorNaments Snow Woman Halloween Christmas Horror Ornament

Oh good God, he has a wife!

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Horror Christmas Killer Snowman Ornament

At first glance, you notice that this four-arm creepy snow freak's belly is screaming! Did he eat someone?! Quick! Throw some fake snow on him and pelt him hard! He's made of glass so maybe you can save whoever is in his belly!

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Here's a perfect solution, buy all four-snowball people for a festive but gory touch!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

HorrorNaments Exposed Deer Brain Horror Ornament

That's not a fake brain with some red Sharpie drawn on him. That's Rudolph! The Zombie's exposed his brain...and didn't eat it! Poor Rudy...sniff.

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And the Rest

Spooky Gingerbread Zombie Christmas Ornament

This blank-eyed doll-faced scary gingerdead man ornament is in bad shape. And now this gingerdead man is a zombie monster! Beware! Don't let the kids take a bite of what's left of him with their hot cocoa, or they'll be zombified too! Or it may be the work of the Yule Cat!

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HorrorNaments Nut & Bone Cracker Horror Ornaments

Oh fine, now the Christmas Nutcracker is no longer the festive fellow he's always been? He too has been zombified and now has the look of the blank-eyed doll faces from Dia de Los Muertos! And now you have to watch your back because this skeletal monster wants to come after you and crunch your bones in the shadows!

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Forged Dice Co. Monstrous Merrymakers

These creepy, scary Christmas ornaments are a bunch of little two-faced monsters! Literally. One side of these ornaments appears normal looking BUT turn them around and you'll see their vicious monstrous side! Careful! They might bite your kids! These little hoodlums are handcrafted and found here, everyone's favorite handmade marketplace!

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And That's It

We hope you enjoyed this list of fabulous scary and unique Christmas tree ornaments!

If you're like me, each new year of Christmas I grab one new ornament to add to the tree. Which will you get?

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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