Have you ever wanted your home to sparkle like the pages of a fairy tale?

Then diamond painting could be the perfect craft for you!

Diamond painting is quite simple; it involves gluing tiny colorful gems - which look like diamonds - onto a canvas. The gemstones come in round and square shaped and form beautiful images when laid out on the canvas.

The great thing about diamond painting is...

...that you can purchase pre-made Diamond Painting kits with everything included - so it’s easy for beginners to get started and jump into this fun hobby.

Once you’re finished with your masterpiece, no one will believe it was made by hand - because let's face it, nothing says glam like sparkly diamonds!

What is Diamond Art?

Diamond painting is the hottest trend in crafts and is based on the same concept as paint-by-numbers and cross-stitch. "Paint" with special round (or square) crystal diamonds and create vibrant designs in just a few simple steps! It's perfect for adults to seniors, beginners to children.

It Taxes Your Nerves? NO!

A Diamond Painting Kit can account for improving manual dexterity, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances self-confidence, cultivates patience (not taxes your nerves), and engages the mind and body at once!

We read the reviews to bring you the best Valentine's Day Diamond Painting Kits to help get you started.

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Add some sparkle to your life!

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"Checkout" these fabulous V-Day Diamond Painting Kits!

clothmile Brand 5D Happy Valentine's Day Diamond Painting Kit

This Valentine's Day Diamond painting set uses round no fade diamonds making the finished piece shiny! Seller has several different items to choose from. Click here to checkout - currently lower than regular price - one-day shipping!

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MXJSUA Tree of Love Valentine's Day Diamond Painting Kits

This kit uses an upgraded method of designing where the details are manually adjusted for a more vivid and realistic look like the white dove! One-day shipping!

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NAIMOER 5D Valentine Diamond Painting Kit, Gnome in Truck

This cute Gnome Diamond Painting canvas and the non-fading drills will keep your project details looking fresh for more than 20 years! There are several different items to choose from. One-day shipping!

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weirtoya 5D Valentine's Day Round Diamond Painting Kit

Did you know that Flamingos have one mate for life? What better way to commemorate your Valentine's Day love than with this beautiful kit? This kit sets itself apart from the other kits with its glowing effect at night. Not all of the diamonds will glow, only a select few. Unbeatable regular price!

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MXJSUA 5D Valentines Gnomes Diamond Painting Kit

This Diamond Painting seller (store) has a video to see what the finished product looks like! The canvas has clear symbols and numbers to avoid eye fatigue, and the high-strength glue bottom ensures each diamond adheres firmly. Great regular price. Has 85% 5-star feedback on reviews!

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1tonine DIY Flower Pink House Dream Kit for Valentines

Diamond Painting kits are an enjoyable DIY project, that has health benefits, and requires no artistic ability. See - even your husband can do it....oopsy...I meant to say kids - yes, even your kids can do it! Make your item choice and add it to your cart today! Has 89% 5-star rating reviews!

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clothmile 5D Happy Valentine's Day Diamond Kits for Adults

Declare your Love on a billboard sign! This kit has a super cool retro feel about it! Item will ship next day. Currently lower than regular price - free Prime delivery!

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ANNJING DIY 5D Happy Valentines Day Diamond Painting Kits

ANNJING DIY 5D Happy Valentines Day Diamond Painting Kits

Great for adults and beginners, this 100% fully eco-friendly canvas uses square shaped diamonds that will never fade! Low Stock! Item may ship after Feb 14th!

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WNVMWI 5D Valentine's Day Diamond Painting Kit

Do you like to see dimension in your art? With this kit you can! It has a strong third dimension which makes it visually very interesting. Item may ship after Feb 14th!

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YSCOLOR 5D Diamond Embroidery Valentine's Kit

Did you know this art form is easier to do than embroidery or counted cross stitch? This craft is an enjoyable experience and it kind of gives you the feeling that you're a painter. Item may arrive after Feb 14th!

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What's Provided?

Each 16 x 12-inch Diamond Art kit seller brand supplies:

  • 30% extra of each diamond color.
  • All tools.
  • Tray (to sort a change of Drills).
  • Zip lock baggies to account for easily change out colors.
  • Frames - not included.

Still Have Questions?

What is 5D? 5 Dimensional - the way the Diamonds catch the light.

What is a Drill?  The diamonds.

How Do Paint with Diamonds?

Place a single diamond (color number) in the tray. Take the "pen" and insert it in the square adhesive lightly, then use the adhesive on the pen to pick up and place (stick) the diamond on the corresponding color (number match) on the canvas.

And That's It!

Thanks for reading this content and Happy Shopping!

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