Welcome to the greatest sporting event of the season: The Great Squishmallow Foot Race!

We've gathered some of the most elite athletes from around the world - or should we say, around the Squishmallow universe, to duke it out in an epic foot race. All of these competitors have trained hard and are ready to take home the gold! But who will reign supreme? Let's take a look at the contenders!

On one side, you have Moana from Moana, who is as spirited and energetic as they come. She's quite sporty and loves running around, so she could easily be a contender for the win. Her sense of adventure might even give her an extra edge!

Then you’ve got Olaf from Frozen, everyone's favorite snowman. He's an underdog in this race who would no doubt bring some comic relief to the competition. But don't let his small stature fool you; Olaf can move like nobody's business! So, this race could be just what he needs to show off his speedy moves. His strategy for winning this race is simple yet effective: just keep moving forward and hope for the best. His biggest challenge will be keeping his little carrot nose pointed in the right direction; it has a tendency to get him a bit sidetracked every now and then.

And, of course, he'd have to get past Sven first - the reindeer might be slow, but he sure knows how to pull ahead when it counts!

Our fourth contestant is Luna, an expertly crafted unicorn that loves nothing more than running—which makes her an obvious shoe-in for this competition! She'll be relying on her long legs and determination to take her across the finish line first. Her biggest challenge will be staying focused on the goal; she loves getting distracted by shiny objects along the way!

We can’t forget about Toy Story’s Woody either; this cowboy loves nothing more than a good challenge. With his lasso in hand and cowboy hat on tight, there's no doubt that he could push himself right into first place.

And let's not forget Buzz Lightyear - he may be a bit clumsy but with all his gadgets and gizmos at hand, who knows what kind of tricks he'll pull out of his helmet during the race!

Then there’s Dumbo from Disney's namesake movie. He might not have wings but that doesn't mean he can't fly - and if anyone can make it to the finish line first, it'll be him! His big ears will give him an extra boost of speed to help him soar ahead of everyone else.

Finally, we have Arabella, a gentle yet spirited llama that likes nothing more than taking long strides across lush meadows—so what better place to show off her skills than here? Arabella's strength lies in her endurance; she can go longer without tiring out compared to any other competitor in this race. Her game plan is simple but effective: just keep running until you reach that glorious finish line!

Who will win The Great Squishmallow Foot Race? We'll just have to wait and see! Regardless of who takes home that coveted gold medal, it's sure to be an exciting event with plenty of surprises along the way.

No matter who comes out on top, they're sure to put on quite the show! So, sit back with your popcorn (or Squishmallows) and make sure you tune in on race day - you won't want to miss it!

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