For most of us, Disney holds a special place in our hearts. We not only grew up watching the classics, but now we even get to see them again through children's eyes. And one way to share that magic with others is through Disney Squishmallows!

If you have children, chances are good that you're already familiar with Squishmallows.

For this list-icle, we gathered a bunch of the best Disney Squishmallows for your browsing pleasure including classics like Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo as well as modern favorites such as Woody, Mike Wazowski and so much more. Whether you're just caught up in nostalgia or looking for a gift item for family and friends at a good price, you'll love these Disney Squishmallow characters!

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Disney Squishmallows by the Inch!

As of this writing, all Squishmallows listed below are available. Order your favorites soon before others get close to taking yours!

5 Inch Kellytoy Disney Characters

Piglet, 5"

I adore Piglet! And this great gift has 5 stars.

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Piglet is also available in 8 inches looking lovely in his scarf and earmuffs!

Squishmallow Disney Piglet, 8"
Piglet Disney Squishmallow, 8"

Olaf, 5"

Olaf is at a great price!

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Olaf is also available in 14 inches

Buzz Lightyear, 5"

Who could forget funny Buzz Lightyear movie quotes? "I am Buzz Lightyear, I Come in Peace!"

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Buzz Lightyear is also available in 12 inches. Your kiddos will play with this Buzz Lightyear, "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Winnie The Pooh, 5"

He's a close second favorite. Don't bother looking for a sweeter face than the one on this plush toy.

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Winnie the Pooh in 14 inches.

Tap below for Winnie the Pooh Christmas in 8 inches.

Winnie the Pooh Christmas Squishmallow
Winnie the Pooh Christmas Squishmallow

Peek-A-Pooh in 14 inches. Time to check this item off your list!

Peek-A-Pooh squishmallow
Peek-A-Pooh Squishmallow

Tigger, 5"

Tigger is "T-I-double-Guh-Er" and at a very good price!

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Tigger in 12 inches and 14 inches.

Anna, 5"

Check her off your Squish list and add her to your cart today!

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Goofy, 5"

Goofy Is also available in 2 larger sizes below.

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Goofy in 10 inches and 14 inches.

Stitch, 5"

Disney Squishmallows Stitch is available in 6 sizes of plush love on this list!

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Stitch in 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches.

6.5 to 7 Inch Disney Squishmallows

Lilo, 6.5"

Lilo and Stitch are good friends!

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Lightning McQueen, 7"

Lightning McQueen Squishmallow! Vroom! Vroom!

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Ariel, 7" 

This Little Mermaid plush is available in larger sizes.

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Ariel (with Flounder) in 12 inches and Ariel in 18 inches - perfect for plush cuddling!

Pluto, 7"

A Disney Squishmallow cutie!

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Elsa, 7"

Elsa is also available in 2 larger sizes below.

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Elsa in 8 inches and 10 inches.

Mike Wazowski, 7"

Mike is the perfect Squishmallows shape! Also comes in 14 inches below!

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Mike Wazowski in 14 inches

Moana, 7"

Moana is a very cute squishy!

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8 Inch Kellytoy Disney Characters

Iconic Minnie!

Minnie Mouse, 8"

Minnie Mouse in Pink is also available in 14 inches below.

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Minnie Mouse in Pink in 14 inches.

Minnie Mouse Witch in 8 inches - a Disney Halloween Toy Squishy.

Disney Squishmallows Halloween
Squishmallows 8" Minnie Mouse Witch

Minnie Mouse Pride Squishmallow in 9 inches.

Minnie Mouse Pride Squishmallow
Minnie Mouse Pride

Minnie Mouse Christmas Squishmallow wearing earmuffs, 10 inches.

Minnie Mouse Christmas Squishmallow
Minnie Mouse Christmas

Minnie Mouse dressed in Red in 14 inches.

Minnie Mouse 14-inch Squishmallow
Minnie Mouse in Red

Minnie Mouse in Blue and wearing a hat in 16 inches.

Minnie Mouse Squishmallow
16" Minnie Mouse

Iconic Mickey!

Mickey Mouse, 8"

Mickey Mouse! Squishmallows released this Mickey in 2020 as part of the Disney squad.

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Mickey Mouse in 12 inches and a 14-inch Mickey Mouse.

For a Mickey Mouse Christmas in 8 inches, tap the photo below.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Squishmallow
Mickey Mouse Christmas 

And For a Vampire Mickey Mouse in 8 inches, tap below.

Vampire Mickey Mouse Squishmallow
Vampire Mickey

For Mickey Mouse Pride Squishmallows in 9 inches, tap below.

Mickey Mouse Pride Squishmallow
Mickey Mouse Pride

Sarah Sanderson, 8"

Sarah Sanderson has 5 stars rating on Amazon!

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Winifred Sanderson, 8"

Winifred Sanderson - Winifred also has 5 stars rating!

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Mary Sanderson, 8"

Purchase all three of the Sanderson sisters and add them to your plush collection of Squishmallows!

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Miles Morales, 8" 

Also available in a larger size below.

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Miles Morales is also available in 10 inches - a great toy at a great price!

Spidey Spiderman is available in 14 inches, tap below.

Spidey Spiderman Squishmallow
Spidey Spiderman

Dumbo, 8" 

Dumbo is also available in 2 larger sizes below.

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Dumbo - Also available in 12 inches and 14 inches.

10 Inch Kellytoy Disney Characters

Pumba with Timon, 10"

Pumba with Timon are a couple of knuckleheads!

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Sulley & Boo, 10"

Sully & Boo - Sully has great love for Boo, so here they are together.

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Sulley in 14 inches.

Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, Sulley
Sulley, 14" 

Boo in 14 inches. Great plush toys to add to your collection at a great size and price!

Boo Squishmallow
Boo, in 14 inches wearing a Monster costume 

Eeyore, 10"

Eeyore is also available in a larger size below.

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Eeyore is also available in 14 inches.

Woody, 10"

This Woody soft plush toy is a perfect addition as you grow your collection of Squishmallows.

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12 Inch Disney Squishmallows

Daisy Duck, 12"

Daisy is an adorable Disney Squishmallow for comfy snuggles.

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14 Inch Disney Squishmallows

Nemo, 14"

Nemo Squishmallows aren't easy to find so we added him here for you. Add him to your cart today so you don't lose him again!

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Tinkerbell, 14"

Tinkerbell is a plush Squishmallows at a great price!

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Rapunzel, 14"

Rapunzel with her golden hair is a great find.

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Belle, 14" 

Also comes in a larger a pillow!

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Belle is available in 20 inches and is plush and big enough to be a Disney Squishmallow Travel Teammates!

Marie, 14"

Marie is from "The Aristocats. Cause everybody wants to be a cat".

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Dustin, 14"

Add this Dalmatian to your list!

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Abu, 14"

He's adorable!

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Lady, 14"

Lady and plush Tramp plush toys make a great collection!

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Tramp, 14"

Tramp Loves Lady puppy!

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We hope you found some Squishmallows to add to your kid's collection. Squishmallows make fabulous couch companions and bedtime buddies. But most importantly these toys offer warmth and comfort.

The world we live in can get crazy and Squishmallows offer support to both kids and adults alike.

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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