Once upon a time, pre-made Easter baskets were filled with paper grass and colorful candy.

But these days, Easter baskets have morphed into more of a personalized basket type of thing.

You can still load your Easter Baskets up with the traditional treats usually found in, well... in an Easter basket. Because we all want those - and some of us have been waiting for our favorite delicious candy to come around again like jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and those chocolate mini-Easter eggs with a shell on Easter morning...

...sigh...but I digress.

So, rather than selecting a premade Easter Basket this year - why not get them something different to tear open on Easter morning?

If you want some inspiration on how to make the best Easter Baskets for kids, family, and extended family kids with the best Easter gifts, keep reading because we've got some unique Easter Basket Filler ideas, and have something for the family puppers 🐶 too!

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Stuffer Ideas:

The Best Easter Basket ideas doesn't have to include an Easter Basket at all!

Here are some fun ideas you can do instead of an Easter Basket:

Buy a new pair of Easter socks and fill those up instead of an Easter Basket.

Get those plastic eggs from the dollar store and fill them with fun surprises like small art supplies, fun things like stickers, their favorite snack, or money. Then hide them in all sorts of "different" places inside the house!

I love keeping kids busy so I tell mine that some of the eggs have money inside and I love putting them in places they would never think of - like their laundry basket, or they could be hidden in plain sight, and they still won't spot them. We have an old house so I even put some up in the attic - you just can't forget about those if they have food inside though.

Been there, done that...hated it. So much Yuk!

Make a scavenger hunt and paint one hard-boiled egg gold. Whoever finds it first gets a special treat like movie tickets or their favorite candy.

Or you can always make a plush sock bunny together from old socks!

How We Choose

So, you want to give your child an Easter basket that they'll love and remember. But it can be difficult to keep it unique or even a bit unusual.

So, we read the reviews to bring you this fabulous list of unique easter gifts to fill their baskets with (small gifts for kids of all ages) that you may not have considered.

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Best Peep-Inspired Soap

SunbasilgardenSoap - Peep Inspired Soap Gift Set - Fillers for Easter Baskets for Kids Gift Ideas, Best Friend, Women, Mom

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Why We Picked It

Bath time can be made so much more fun with fun-shaped soaps that smell like jellybeans!

Each Easter bunny soap is shaped with the classic charm of the best-seller Peeps candy and is made with all-natural glycerin soap in luscious pastel colors.

So, if you're looking for unique Easter gift basket ideas this year, these soaps come in packs of four with an option to buy up to five sets!

Best Easter Basket Fillers Cookie 

TreatsNSweetsGoods - Easter Baby Chicks Cookies, 1 Dozen Gift Box (Not in an egg carton)

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Why We Picked It

For starters, these cookies are fabulously cute, and most likely your kids haven't seen these before.

In perfect fun baby chick form for spring, or for Easter baskets, these individually wrapped cookies come either as a sugar cookie in a soft vanilla flavor, or chewy brownie chocolate.

Looks like a yummy Easter gift and will look fabulous in Easter baskets!

Best Token Easter Basket Fillers

TeamFreitas - Easter Basket Egg Tokens Set of 42 | Easter Basket Stuffers | Wooden Easter Reward Coins | Egg Hunt Prizes and Rewards for Children

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Why We Picked It

These are just a cool idea!

Each of the 42 Easter basket tokens is meticulously laser-engraved and precisely cut from premium 1/8-inch-thick birch plywood.

These charming Easter basket fillers offer a delightful alternative to the usual candy treats and open up a world of fun as they can be exchanged for prizes.

Imagine the excitement as little ones discover these tokens during an egg hunt or tucked away in their Easter baskets, adding an unexpected twist to the festivities.

Best of all, these Easter treasures are designed to be cherished and reused for countless years, creating traditions and memories that last a lifetime.

Let the Easter adventures begin!

Best Easter Basket Filler Squishies

QINGQIU Easter Mochi Squishy Toys Stress Relief Squishies for Kids Boys Girls Toddlers Easter Gift Basket Stuffers, 24 PCS

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Why We Picked It

Do you stress when your younger kids can't find an egg at the Easter egg hunt?

Golly, I do!

This pack of Easter Squishy Toys comes with plenty, so toss one or two in your pocket - so next time you're trying to guide your little ones at the Easter egg hunt you won't want to pull your hair out - just squeeze and twist the squishy!

Made from soft rubber that is gentle on little hands and easy to squeeze, they're easy to clean, and make great Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and very young children too!

We think the Easter Bunny would agree that these are fun filler ideas for Easter baskets for kids! So, get some today and make these, one of your favorite basket fillers!

Best Easter Baskets Whistle

ssellation - 6Pcs Bird Whistles Funny Water Whistle Noise Makers Kids Party Favors Gifts

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Why We Picked It

I drove my parents crazy with whistles when I was a kid! Simply love them and I use them to this day to call the dogs back.

So, if you're looking for fun and unique Easter Basket stuffers that will delight kids, try these ceramic whistles. Each one has its own distinct sound.

Great ideas for Easter Baskets!

Best Edible Bubbles for Easter Baskets for Kids

bkude - Edible Bubbles for Kids ~ BubbleLick Variety Pack (2.5 Fl Oz - Pack of 4)

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Why We Picked It

These delicious edible bubbles are perfect for kids and adults alike, making it easy to have a blast during your outdoor play.

Not only do they taste great, but they're also safe to be around babies, kids, and pets, and won't leave any residues!

Great ideas for Easter Basket stuffers - more fun for the entire family!

Best Edible Bubbles for Fur Kids

BalfourBooks - Edible Bubbles for Dogs & Kids - Maple Bacon Flavor - 2.5 Fl Oz, Pack of 2

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Why We Picked It

These Edible Bubbles are for dog's outdoor playtime.

The bacon-flavored bubbles will keep both dogs and kids (and even the Easter Bunny 😉) entertained for hours!

You'll be able to relax knowing that your pet - and your kids - are having fun without any harmful chemicals or additives - just delicious bacon flavor!

Best Easter Basket stuffers for doggos!

Best Easter Crayons for Easter Baskets for Kids

heidikuz - 50 Easter crayon egg filler for school, church, class party

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Why We Picked It

This non-candy surprise is a twist that's sure to delight your little ones! 🐰✨

Easily tuck into those eagerly awaited fillable plastic Easter eggs or sprinkle them throughout your child's basket!

This set of 50 super cute petite Easter crayons is molded into playful egg and bunny shapes. Imagine the joy as your children discover these colorful treasures hidden amongst the grass!

Each crayon is hand-poured using brand new, non-toxic Crayola crayons, ensuring that your little artists can create their masterpieces safely. Each crayon is individually wrapped in its own self-sealing cello bag, making them ideal for sharing and gifting.

The set includes a vibrant mix of reds, blues, greens, oranges, yellows, purples, and pinks - each one as bright and cheerful as Easter itself.

So why settle for the usual when you can bring a dash of creativity to this year's Easter celebration? Let these adorable crayons add a splash of color and a dash of imagination to your festivities! 🎨🌷

Not suitable for younger kids.

You May Have Some Questions...So, We Have Some Answers!

Q. When did Easter Baskets for Kids Start?

A. The tradition of Easter baskets wasn't established until the late 19th century. The tradition was brought over by German immigrants, and it quickly caught on in the United States.

Q. What Is the History of The Easter Bunny for Kids?

A. Historians believe that the Easter bunny first hopped into American life in the 1700s with German immigrants who were setting up shop in Pennsylvania. These settlers brought their beloved "Osterhase" or “Oschter Haws” tradition along, which included a hare laying colored eggs. The children of these immigrants would make nests for this mythical creature's special gifts - and thus, an iconic Easter bunny custom was born!

Q. When did the Easter Baskets Tradition Start?

A. This beloved tradition dates back to the 13th-14th century and has been preserved ever since. Easter baskets were typically lined with a white linen or lace napkin and adorned with boxwood (bukszpan), an evergreen that symbolizes springtime. On Holy Saturday, these Easter baskets filled with Easter delicacies are taken to be blessed in church as part of this special celebration.

And That's It!

Ideas for the best personalized Easter basket for kids don't have to break the bank.

Personalized Easter gift basket ideas are easy to put together and will surely make your child feel special on Easter Sunday.

Now, pass me an Easter egg...and... a chocolate Easter bunny! On second thought, pass me the whole Easter gift basket 😋

Thanks for reading!

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