Oh! The Disappointment of Modern Easter Bonnets

I'll explain.

As a child, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays.

Not just because of the chocolate and candy eggs (although they certainly helped), but because it was an opportunity to show off my creativity with an Easter bonnet.

Craft Box Bliss

I remember being a little girl and spending hours decorating a plain paper plate or straw hat into a unique Easter Bonnet filled with plastic Easter eggs, little chicks made of paper mache, floral bunny ears that I colored, and homemade paper flowers with leaves made out of pipe cleaners.

Each was a masterpiece I proudly wore to church and Easter dinner.

So, imagine my disappointment when I went to buy an Easter bonnet for myself this year and couldn't find any with all the fun decorations!

What happened to the good old days of extravagant Easter hats?

Did the world suddenly decide that plastic eggs and little chicks were too childish? Or maybe it's just too much work for people nowadays?

I mean, sure, you could make your own decorations and add them to a straw hat yourself. But who has time for that?

And what if you're not very crafty?

You'd be stuck with a boring hat while everyone else shows off their fancy creations.

It's just not fair.

I miss the days when Easter bonnets were something special and looked like an old money aesthetic. When you could express your personality through your choice of decorations at the Easter Bonnet Parade. When you could proudly wear your creation as a symbol of your creativity.

But alas, those days are gone.

We now live in a world where even our holiday traditions have been simplified and commercialized.

So, this year, I'll be wearing one of these Easter hats listed below...with pride...or maybe I'll just skip the whole thing altogether and drown my sorrows in some chocolate eggs instead.

How We Chose the Best Easter Bonnet

Well, I searched and read thousands of reviews to bring you this list of very unique Easter Bonnets that you can wear from Easter to the Kentucky Derby, and to church on Sunday.

Grown-up Easter Hats

If we listed every Easter Bonnet, we thought was unique (and some a little bit strange), this list would be days and days long!

Goodbye Homemade Paper Plate Bunny Ears and Chicken Hat with Googly Eyes!

These are not simple Bonnets...no siree. We found all sorts of interesting Easter Bonnet hats worthy of an Easter Hat Parade!

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HELLO Fascinator Headpieces and Modern Easter Bonnets!

But First - Get in the mood to wear your Easter Bonnet with the Easter Bonnet song.

Most of the below sellers have several different options to choose from!

Best Easter Bonnet Hats

L’ouve Mini Top Hat Fascinator for Derby Tea Party Easter Bonnet

Check Price on Amazon!

This Easter Hat is fantastic!

You can possibly, easily add tiny Easter eggs and tissue paper flowers in a color to match! You can wear it for Easter Sunday and to a 1920s flapper party!

Best Fascinators Hat

Gionforsy Spring Fascinator Easter Bonnet Handmade Headpiece

Check Price on Amazon!

Now this...this Easter headband would easily benefit from some bunny ears poking out on either side of the grass.

This is an Easter hat to be proud of. With the bunny ears and some tiny plastic eggs, you'll be the belle of the Easter hat parade!

Best Easter Bonnet with Fascinator

Go Mai Organza Church Kentucky Derby Easter Bonnet Hat with Detachable Flower Headpiece

Check Price on Amazon!

This Organza masterpiece is two Easter Hats in one!

It's a fascinator Easter headband and hat!

Here are some hat ideas - you can use the hat without the fascinator and decorate it with an Easter egg crown. It'll look super cute if you carry an Easter basket to match! Be unique and stand out from the crowd at your Easter celebrations! The boys will all have their eyes on you!

Best Amazon Fascinator Hats

Coucoland Butterfly Fascinator Hat Monarch Butterfly Handmade Headpiece

Check Price on Amazon!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

We're not in Kansas anymore with this anti-plain straw hat worthy of an Easter celebration in and of itself.

Though it's perfect as it is, perhaps you can glue some color-matching ribbons down the back. It would look super cute and feminine too!

Best Orchid Easter Bonnet Hats

Coucoland Fascinator Hat Orchid Headband Tea Party Easter Bonnet

Check Price on Amazon!

As far as easy Easter Bonnet ideas go - this is a super cute one!

This simple hat has a full crown which is sure to keep you cool while on your Easter egg hunt. The orchids look so real, people may mistake you for the landscape!

Best Sunflower Easter Bonnet Hat

Coucoland Fascinator Sunflower Tea Party Headpiece

Check Price on Amazon!

This fascinator probably would not benefit from other decorations. The large sunflower will keep the sun off your face as sun hats do.

Be the most looked at and unique woman at the Easter parade, tea party, Kentucky Derby, or garden party.

Best Butterfly Pillbox Hat

Coucoland Butterfly Fascinator Tea Party Handmade Pillbox Easter Hat

Check Price on Amazon!

This flirty fascinator looks like it has plenty of room to add an Easter egg crown, a tissue paper flower, or a small Easter bunny to make a unique Easter hat!

Best Easter Headbands

AICHENGZI Easter Bunny Headband White Branch Flower Crown

Check Price on Amazon!

Now, this is what I'm talking about!

It's perfect!

This is something I would have loved to have on my head during the school year when I was a kid. No homemade Easter Bonnets here. No old straw hat, no construction paper, no paint, no Easter egg made of cotton wool balls, no baby chicks - just a cute Easter bunny among the flowers.

This is a super cute, super fun Easter hat that can be used by adults and boys and girls alike.

It's an awesome Easter Bonnet!

Best Easter Fascinator Hat

Cizoe Kentucky Derby Handmade Fascinator Easter Bonnet High Tea Party Hat

Check Price on Amazon!

This fascinating Fascinator is a simple Easter hat that is easy wearing (for girls too).

Best Cocktail Party Pillbox Hat

Cizoe Fascinator Pillbox Cocktail Tea Party Easter Hat

Check Price on Amazon!

This dressy hat is the epitome of elegance and grace worthy of Kate and Meghan!

As is you can wear it to a cocktail party, to high tea, Church, Easter Sunday, and the Derby.

Should you want to dress it down a bit and make it more of a bunny hat, here are some super simple hobby craft ideas: There's plenty of room to add paper flowers, some colorful eggs, and a cotton ball bunny or two.

But if you don't want to make it more fun - it's perfect for the Easter parade just as it is.

Best Easter Wedding Headbands

DRESHOW Fascinators Easter Bonnet Hat on a Headband and Clip

Check Price on Amazon!

This Easter hat lets you step out in style with its charming vintage-inspired style that has an elegant yet sassy look, it's sure to make heads turn!

But I betcha you can place a little tiny craft store easter chick right in the middle of that top mesh nest.

And it's always a fun idea to match your fascinator to your eyes and make them pop! Girls - who's with me on that one?

Best Easter & Kentucky Derby Hats

ORIDOOR Women’s Organza Derby Tea Party Easter Hat Wide Brim Hat

Check Price on Amazon!

Ahh, the lovely organza and chiffon Easter hat...sigh.

Boy oh boy, the boys will go wild when they see you in this Easter hat!

The big flower can be removed, and you can decorate it yourself to get it ready for the Easter parade. An easy idea would be to add colorful ribbons and glue paper or craft foam bunny cutouts to the ends. They will blow in the breeze! Flying bunnies are always fun! The kids will love it!

Best Tea Party Hat

Specell Fascinator Hat Easter Bonnet Tea Party Kentucky Derby Pillbox Hat

Check Price on Amazon!

This classic fascinator is quite elegant. Again, it's a good idea to match your hat to your eyes.

Best Pillbox Fascinator

BABEYOND Women's Pillbox Fascinator Kentucky Derby Easter Bonnet

Check Price on Amazon!

Very glamorous!

Best Floral Easter Headband

BABEYOND Floral Fascinator Headband for Cocktail Tea Party Easter Races

Check Price on Amazon!

As far as Easter Bonnet ideas go - I don't know what it is but every time I see this lovely fascinator, I picture it with tiny fairy lights in between the roses.

Best Organza Easter Bonnet with Fascinators Hat

SAFERIN Women's Organza Church Easter Bonnet Kentucky Derby

Check Price on Amazon!

The epitome of elegance and grace for Easter and the Kentucky Derby!

This organza hat is lightweight and sure to keep you cool during the Easter parade.

With 27 different choices, this hat has a separate fascinator - which is a lovely idea. Be the belle of the ball with the boys wherever you go!

Best Wedding Fascinator Hat

SAFERIN Fascinator Hair Clip High Tea Hat

Check Price on Amazon!

Whether it's high tea, Derby, or Easter Bonnet ideas - this is one every man, woman, and child would think it will also look good with tiny crystals glued in the veil! Am I right?

Best Kentucky Derby Pillbox Hat

SAFERIN Organza Church Kentucky Derby Easter Bonnet

Check Price on Amazon!

Very pretty and also two for one!

So many colors to choose from and would make the perfect Easter Bonnet, great Mother's Day gift, or Kentucky Derby hat.

Best Kentucky Derby Bowler Hat

SAFERIN Fascinator Hair Clip Handmade Bowler Feather Flower Veil

Check Price on Amazon!

Saferin has some great Easter hat ideas! And for Church too.

Best Easter Parade Tea Party Hat

Z&X Women's Kentucky Derby Church Hat Organza Fascinator Wedding Tea Party Hat Wide Brim Sun Caps

Check Price on Amazon!

Love it!

This two-in-one is so much fun! For Easter Bonnet ideas you can either use the big flower as its own piece, the hat by itself, or both together. Very versatile and super pretty!

Best Easter 1920s Cloche Hat

HISSHE Cloche Easy Easter Bonnet

Check Price on Amazon!

As far as Easter hat ideas go - this fun organza one is perfect for the less extravagant girls that still want to be flirty and sexy but do so while wearing a pair of jeans and cute sneakers.

Best Easter Bonnet Tea Party Hat

June Young's Kentucky Derby Easter Hats

Check Price on Amazon!

I can totally picture this wonderful work of organza at the Easter parade!

Wear a black dress and get a blush pink petticoat to go under it - pink and black is one of my favorite color combos - so pretty.

Best Kentucky Derby Hats Amazon

Lucky Leaf Organza Feather Clip Fascinator Hat Church Wedding Easter Kentucky Derby

Check Price on Amazon!

I love this fascinator! It looks like a spider or a chicken that went kaboom!

It's worth the time to see the women in the reviews - the hat looks much better and more relaxed. One woman bought for her Halloween Witch costume...hmmm, good idea!

Best Pillbox Hat Fascinator Hat Amazon

LATIMOON Fascinator Derby Pillbox Hat Cocktail Tea Party Feather Headband

Check Price on Amazon!

With high-quality peacock feathers, chiffon flowers, and butterflies, this flannel fascinator is handmade.

Best Top Hats Pillbox Hat

LATIMOON Fascinator Derby Pillbox Hat Cocktail Tea Party Feather Headband

Check Price on Amazon!

This classic mini top hat can be worn off to the side or straight. It has a satin ribbon that would easily fit in a couple of bunny ears!

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed this fabulous selection.

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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