Eric Dowdle is a renowned folk artist whose unique style and captivating paintings have captured the hearts of art enthusiasts and jigsaw puzzle lovers alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll look into Dowdle's life, artistic journey, and signature style, as well as how his original paintings are transformed into mesmerizing jigsaw puzzles.

If you're an Eric Dowdle fan or simply interested in learning more about folk art, this article is for you.

Classic Car Show

The Life and Journey of Folk Artist Eric Dowdle

Born in 1968, Eric Dowdle grew up in the scenic surroundings of Idaho and Wyoming.

From a young age, he was drawn to art and spent countless hours sketching and painting.

After his High School graduation, his family moved to Massachusetts. There Eric Dowdle was introduced to the art of Charles Wysocki (who was up until now, my favorite folk art puzzle artist - now I have two!).

Dowdle's passion for art only grew stronger over time, and he eventually decided to pursue a career as a professional artist.

Dowdle's artistic journey began with visits to various cities and towns, where he would immerse himself in the local culture and capture the essence of each place through his artwork. His travels take him across the United States and around the world, providing him with a wealth of inspiration for his paintings.

Camping Adventure

The Signature Style of Eric Dowdle's Folk Art

Folk art, a genre that celebrates culture, tradition, and storytelling, is the perfect medium for Dowdle's artistic vision.

His paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, intricate details, and whimsical themes, which come together to create a visual narrative of the places and communities he visits.


Dowdle's folk art technique involves carefully layering acrylic paints to achieve depth and richness in his artwork. He begins by sketching the scene, then applies a base layer of paint before adding successive layers to create texture and dimension. This process allows him to capture the unique atmosphere and charm of each location.

Use of Color

Color plays a crucial role in Dowdle's paintings, as he uses a vivid palette to bring his scenes to life. His choice of colors not only enhances the visual appeal of his artwork but also conveys the mood and energy of the places he depicts. From warm hues that evoke the sunlit streets of European cities to cool tones that capture the tranquility of coastal towns, Dowdle's skill level in the use of color is both striking and evocative.


At the heart of Dowdle's folk art is a love for storytelling. Each painting tells a story about the people, traditions, and landmarks that make a place unique. His high-skill-level artwork often features lively street scenes, bustling markets, and iconic landmarks, inviting viewers to step into the world he has created and experience the magic for themselves.

Noah's Ark

From Paintings to Jigsaw Puzzles: Bringing Eric Dowdle's Art to Life

One of the most fascinating aspects of Dowdle's work is how his original paintings are transformed into intricate jigsaw puzzles. This process begins with high-resolution scans of his artwork, which are then digitally edited to ensure the best possible clarity and color accuracy. The images are then printed onto high-quality puzzle boards and precision-cut using state-of-the-art equipment.

The result is a collection of stunning jigsaw puzzles that showcase Dowdle's signature style and attention to detail. These puzzles not only provide hours of entertainment but also allow fans to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of his artwork in a whole new way.

Wizard of Oz

Discover Eric Dowdle's Jigsaw Puzzles and Paintings

Now that you have a deeper understanding of Eric Dowdle's life, artistic journey, and signature style, we invite you to explore his captivating folk art and jigsaw puzzles. We read reviews and chose generic puzzles that are currently in stock to start your Dowdle journey.

We didn't list Niagara Falls or Christmas puzzles here - those will be coming soon - and in time for Christmas too!

So go ahead, immerse yourself in enchanting folk art jigsaw puzzles, and experience the magic of Eric Dowdle's masterpieces for yourself.

World Pieces

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Enjoy the Best Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

But First: Things to Know Before You Buy Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles:

  • Each jigsaw puzzle has a colorful story to tell.
  • Each jigsaw puzzle has fun and entertaining items that are found within the intricate details of the artwork.
  • Included with each jigsaw puzzle is a full-color painting image insert with an extra zip-lock baggie for easy storage once the puzzle is completed.
  • All artist Eric Dowdle jigsaw puzzles come in a re-closable collector's box with a sleeve to protect it from damage.
  • All Dowdle puzzles are made from great-quality materials.

Jigsaw Puzzles with 500 Pieces to Start Your Collection!

Best Atlantis Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Atlantis - 500 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

Each time you heard stories or watched movies about the lost city of Atlantis, haven't you wondered if it really existed?

Haven't you secretly thought to yourself, "Only if I could be the one to find it"?

For millennia, people including adventurers and scientists have attempted to find evidence of the existence of Atlantis. However, it remains unclear whether Atlantis actually existed, and it is possible that we will never have a conclusive answer.

But all hope is not Atlantis...err, lost, I mean!

Let your imagination go wild with this folk-art Eric Dowdle jigsaw puzzle and fantasize at the beauty and lushness of this underworld city, exotic sea life, and gold!

Best Costco Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Costco Exclusive Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces

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Why We Picked It

Do you shop at Costco?

If so, do you try your hardest to go when "no one" is there, but somehow it always ends up looking like this Eric Dowdle jigsaw puzzle?


Though Costco may be considered a piece of Americana to some, to me it's a necessary evil 🙄 And I usually walk thru the store looking something like this 😬

Still, I visit our local Costco store twice a month!

Search no more - this is the perfect birthday, Christmas, or any occasion gift!

Best Exodus Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Exodus - 500 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

Is Egypt on your bucket list?

Do you ever dream of ancient Egypt?

One of the most significant stories in the Bible involves a pharaoh, a prophet, miraculous events, and plagues...ehhh!

The pharaoh was scared of the growing numbers of Hebrew and ordered the killing of all the firstborn Israelite boys. However, with divine intervention, a child named Moses survived and grew up to become a prophet. He performed incredible acts of wonder from God and led the Hebrew people to freedom from slavery.

Completing this puzzle will keep the unforgettable story of Moses - in folk art from artist Eric Dowdle style - in a fabulous Dowdle puzzle!

Great gift!

1000 Piece Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles

Best Camping Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - Camping Adventure - 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Why We Picked It

I just can't wait to go camping again!

Camping in the forest and trees and being outdoors with family, friends, or by yourself is rejuvenating - especially when you can fill your lungs up with fresh mountain air and relax in the warm sunshine.

But how did camping become so popular?

The person credited with being the father of modern camping is Thomas Hiram Holding. Although he worked as a tailor, he was passionate about camping and even designed camping gear and wrote books on the subject - for example, "The Campers Handbook" in 1908.

But no need to wait!

You can have your next camping adventure in folk-art puzzles by artist Eric Dowdle today!

Best Classic Car Show Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Classic Car Show - 1000 Piece Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

I have a memorable story or two about a car show or two.

My boyfriend at the time and I would go every single year and we'd think, wish, hope, and pray to own a car or two - that our dream would come true.

Wouldn't it be nice?...sigh

If you've ever been to a classic car show, you'll agree that Eric Dowdle tells the story perfectly in the details of this vividly illustrated genuinely unique puzzle.

Also, it's one of the more popular folk-art Eric Dowdle puzzles so get yours today!

Best Noah's Ark Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Noah's Ark - 1000 Piece Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

"Noah's Ark" by artist Eric Dowdle has made him a leading figure in American Folk Art.

This Dowdle folk-art jigsaw puzzle is popular among fans every year, featuring colorful animals and fun pop culture references.

Great gift! Purchase yours today for a next-day delivery date with Amazon Prime!

Best Train Station Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Train Station - 1000 Piece Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

As I've mentioned in the past...

...I cannot have an open puzzle in the house...I will literally do nothing else until I assemble it.

Well sadly, so was the case when I went to my mom's and saw this fun puzzle splayed out on her table.

She saw it and gasped! She looked at me with that disappointed face she does so well, so I undid all the parts I put together and left......sorry, mom! 🥺

Apparently, I cannot even walk by an open puzzle either.

All aboard!...choo....choo...

Best Wizard of Oz Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Puzzles - Wizard of Oz - 1000 Piece Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

Do you believe there's no place like home?

If so, why? And please don't say, "because, because, because"!

Fill your home with this challenging Land of Oz Dowdle jigsaw puzzle complete with images of Munchkins, a wicked witch, and a nice one too from artist Eric Dowdle!

Search for your Dark Side of the Moon CD or ask Alexa to play it and before you know it, you'll have a finished Yellow Brick Road Dowdle folk-art puzzle!

Best of the World Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - Best of The World - 1000 Piece Puzzles

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Why We Picked It

Folk art is all about telling a tale of people, their culture, how they live, and their history in a unique manner.

Dowdle folk art has been around for more than 20 years, and he has traveled to famous cities such as Paris, London, Sydney, Venice, and Bermuda.

However, since there are so many cities in the world, try your hand at identifying the other cities in his paintings that you might know, such as Whistler, Bristol, and Peggy's Cove.

Let Dowdle folk art take you on a journey exploring different places in the Best of the World.

Best World Pieces Eric Dowdle Puzzles for Adults

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles - World Pieces - 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Why We Picked It

Dowdle Folk Art released this new puzzle to emphasize the significance of community.

This puzzle represents how each one of us is a vital piece of our complex and interdependent planet Earth.

It celebrates the diversity of life and recognizes humanity's outstanding achievements, from mountains to oceans. We must acknowledge that we all contribute to a larger picture and are interconnected...whether we like it or not - JK! 😘

No Missing Pieces!

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed traveling along with us and Eric Dowdle Folk Art!

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