Ah, breakups. A crappy part of life that most of us get to experience.

As if we don’t have enough to deal with in our lives—we now have the added bonus of going through all five stages of a breakup?!

Yes, it’s true: breakups come in stages, and those stages can be difficult to navigate. So, let’s take a comical look at the five stages of a breakup!

Stage 1: Shock and Denial
The first stages of a breakup are shock and denial. Once the shock has worn off, guilt sets in. You start blaming yourself for everything—from not being good enough or doing enough for them, to not having done more sooner when things started going downhill.

Take comfort in knowing that everyone goes through this stage (even if they won't admit it). Just remember that there are always two sides to every story and sometimes things just don't work out—no matter how much effort you put into making it work.

You probably think that you are immune to denial - but trust us, it gets everyone. This is when you keep telling yourself that “it isn’t over yet” or “maybe things will work out”—even if your ex has already told you otherwise. It’s like your brain goes into complete shutdown mode and refuses to accept reality as you keep playing the last conversation over and over in your head, trying to find some meaning in what was said, hoping against hope that maybe things weren't as bad as you thought.

You keep checking their social media profiles for signs of life, convinced that if you just looked hard enough, you'd find something to prove that it all wasn't really over. Basically, you’re just trying to convince yourself that it isn’t really happening… but deep down inside, you know it is.

Stage 2: Anger
The second stage is anger. This is when all those suppressed emotions come bubbling to the surface and manifest themselves as anger-fueled rants about how unfair life can be sometimes. It doesn’t matter if your ex cheated on you or wasn't interested anymore—you're mad and want them to feel your wrath! If there was ever a time for an epic movie-style rant about the state of current affairs (or relationships), this would be it.

Stage 3: Bargaining
The third stage is bargaining—which usually involves some form of begging or pleading with your ex to reconsider their decision and give things another chance (despite the fact that they've already said no). Whether it's sending gifts or offering up promises of change, people will try anything during this stage to get back together with their former flame… even if deep down they know they're probably wasting their time.

Stage 4: Depression and Isolation
The fourth stage is depression. Depression is probably the most difficult part of any breakup; often times it can feel like nothing will ever be okay again. This is when people tend to retreat inwardly and become isolated from their friends and family—refusing invitations or even just basic communication with loved ones trying to help them heal.

If this happens to you, try not to stay stuck in this phase. These feelings can sometimes linger for months after the initial breakup takes place… so make sure you take care of yourself during this difficult time! Reach out for help from someone who loves you unconditionally (like a parent or best friend) so they can help remind you how strong and capable you are!

Stage 5: Acceptance and Moving On
Finally, we reach acceptance! The fifth and final stage of a breakup. This is when we finally come to terms with what happened and recognize that there's nothing more we can do except move forward with our lives as best we can. Don’t rush this step because true healing takes time, but once achieved will give way to new beginnings filled with joy and love!

Breaking up can be hard but by understanding these five stages of a breakup you can better prepare yourself mentally for what’s ahead during this transitional period in your life! Remember that while breakups can bring immense sadness, they also provide an opportunity for growth which could ultimately lead towards greater happiness down the road, so hang tight until then…and don’t forget to laugh along the way too ;) !

So, do you know someone going through a breakup? Maybe you're happy about it because you hated their SO anyway. And maybe you're thinking, "Sure, it might not be easy… but at least it's over!" Though you may be happy about it because now you get your friend back, your friend is down in the dumps. Get them a little something to cheer them up - after all, what are friends for?

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