Tired of sending your well-wishes through Instagram Stories and conventional greeting cards?

Want to add a touch of hilarity to your seasonal wishes?

Look no further: behold the mystical and marvelous world of flying wishing paper!

Here we explore the stress-busting joy of watching your wishes take flight on flying wish paper.

Plus, to keep you chuckling all year round, we have a lighthearted list of seasonal wishes perfect for scribbling onto your airborne paper.

Let's get ready for takeoff!

Flying Wish Paper - Girl Gang

What Is Flying Wish Paper?

In case you're not familiar with the magic of flying wishing paper, it's a tradition that dates back to ancient times when people realized that their paper airplanes just weren't delivering the goods.

Not really!

Basically, you write your wish on a special thin piece of paper, roll it up like a tube, light it on fire, and watch as it literally flies into the air before gently settling back down to Earth or your dinner table.

The result?

A captivating and enchanting experience that has everyone giggling with delight, whether you're a five-year-old wishing for a unicorn or a thirty-five-year-old wishing for a Taylor Swift concert ticket (no judgment here).

Seasonal Wishing Examples: Laughter Guaranteed!

From banishing pesky springtime allergies to a sunburn-free pool party in the summer, here are a few uproarious examples of seasonal wishing to pen on your flying wish paper:


  • "May my allergies disappear like my motivation on a Monday morning."
  • "Grant me a bountiful supply of chocolate Easter bunnies that never seem to run out."
  • "Bless me with a garden full of flowers and zero weeds, for I am but a lazy gardener."


  • "My wishing for a pool party without sunburn, soggy snacks, or cannonball-induced tidal waves."
  • "May I find the perfect shady spot at the beach, far from screaming children and abandoned sandcastles."
  • "I dream of a family BBQ where Uncle Jim doesn't bring up politics or his questionable potato salad."


  • "Please bestow upon me endless pumpkin spice lattes without the jitters of excessive caffeine consumption."
  • "Unveil the perfect Halloween costume that neither offends nor lands me in the darkest corners of the internet."
  • "Grant me the power to master the art of layering without looking like a haphazardly assembled scarecrow."


  • "May my Christmas shopping be swift and painless, with nary a frantic mall-goer in sight."
  • "I beg of thee: a snow day where I am under no obligation to shovel, drive, or face the bitter cold."
  • "Make my New Year's resolutions last longer than the lifespan of a fruit fly."

Flying Wish Paper - Light it on FIRE

The Soothing Art of Watching Your Worries Go Up in Smoke

Sometimes, stress can feel heavier than Santa's overflowing sleigh.

Thankfully, there's nothing quite as therapeutic as watching your flying wish paper take off - like a gentle fire-breathing dragon gracefully rising into the sky.

As your wish leaves the crammed quarters of your mind and floats into the great beyond, it's like enjoying a mini firework show and instant stress relief, all in one tiny piece of paper.

Plus, isn't it nice to know that your wish is shared with the world, no matter what it may be?

Shroud yourself in the soothing blanket of stress relief or laughter that flying wish paper brings. Now, go forth, and may your wish find its way into the heavens above.

Happy wishing!

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May Your Worries Be Few and Your Wish Fly with the Best Flying Wish Paper!

These sets come in two sizes and contain flying wish papers, one pencil or more, and wish platforms with designs. The two sizes also come with illustrated instructions on the package and do not come with matches.

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This mini kit comes with:

  • 15 PINK 5 x 5-inch wish sheets
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Each wish is designed so you can simply write your wish, form it into a tube, light it on the top edge, watch it burn, and then as it lifts up toward the ceiling.

It's as easy as writing a simple "I wish for good health" or something more elaborate.

Whether you want to use this for New Year, as a birthday or anniversary gift, or just want to send someone some love from afar - this is an awesome way of making sure your wish will be coming true!

Get one or two kits!

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Are you looking to add some fun and whimsy to your next celebration?

This mini kit comes with:

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The papers are made from wafer-thin material with cardboard platforms – making it easy to write your wish.

It is the most unique way to send your wish out into the universe.

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Why We Picked It

Make a wish and watch it float away like a dandelion.

This mini kit comes with:

  • 15 PURPLE 5 x 5-inch wish sheets
  • 5 Platform cards

It's perfect for parties or other gatherings - like bible study, or when someone is fighting some awful illness.

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Are you having a winter wedding?

This Flying Wish Paper Kit is a fun and easy way to have your guests make a wish for the lucky couple!

This large kit comes with:

  • 50 PURPLE 7 x 7-inch wish sheets
  • 25 Wish Platform
  • 5 pencils

This will truly create a magical ceremony that sets powerful intentions for manifesting a long happy marriage. A fun way to decorate the guest tables!

Your guests will simply write on a wishing paper, catch it on fire on the top edge, stand it on a platform or a plate, and watch it burn then float up. It's not only fun but also meaningful because your guests will be wishing for something good for YOU - not just any old thing!

An awesome way to celebrate!

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If you're looking for the perfect gift but aren't sure where to start, Flying Wish Paper is a unique and creative way to send off a wish or two.

This large kit comes with:

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  • 25 Platforms
  • Five pencils
  • Matches not included

This wish paper kit is perfect for parties, New Year's resolutions, or personal use - a great way to bring people together in a shared moment of drama and surprise!

What a unique way to make your dreams come true.

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Are you celebrating a BIG birthday, promotion, or retirement this year?

This large kit comes with:

  • 50 PINK 7 x 7-inch wish sheets
  • 25 Wish Platform cards
  • Five pencils

This super cute Wish Kit is all you need to “Write it, roll it into a Paper Tube, set it on fire, and Watch it Float up!” - give your wishing, dreams, prayers, and intentions new life and meaning.

This Wish Paper party pack includes plenty of wish sheets to share with family and friends!

Purchase yours today!

You May Have Some Questions…So, We Have Some Answers

Q. Where Did Flying Wish Paper Originate?

According to folklore, this is an ancient Chinese tradition that spread to Europe and was found in an Italian bakery during the 1960s. The baker instructed customers to roll the cookie wrapper in their hands and make a wish. Then, they put the paper on a dish and lit it with a match. Surprisingly, the wish paper rose up into the air, spun a few times, and turned to ash, which the baker believed meant the wish came true (and it did!).

Q. What Is the Flying Wish Paper Tradition?

Wishing Paper is a special way to manifest your desires. All you have to do is write your wish on the paper, roll it up tube-shaped, set it on fire, and then you can watch it fly into the air. This is a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any day you want to make a wish.

Q. What Are the Three Rules of Wishing?

  • You can't make anyone fall in love with you.
  • You most definitely can't bring anyone back from the dead.
  • And no wishing for another wish.

How to DIY Flying Wish Paper

Making your own DIY Flying Wish Paper seems pretty easy. You only need a few items you probably already have.

Items Needed to Make DIY Flying Wish Paper:

  • one tea bag or several tea bags - the folded kind with a string - not the sealed packet kind
  • a lighter or matches
  • a small-sized flathead screwdriver or a staple remover

Steps for making your own DIY Flying Wish Paper:

  1. Remove the staple with the staple remover or screwdriver
  2. Discard the string and paper tag from the tea bags
  3. Carefully unfold the tea bag - careful not to spill the tea
  4. Remove the tea and keep for a loose-leaf cup or toss

Your DIY Flying Wish Paper is now ready

  1. Write your note or desires
  2. Scrunch it and form it into a tube shape
  3. Light it on fire and watch your dreams soar!

And That’s It!

These magical wishing papers are one of the best ways to make your dreams come true.

No matter what type of wish you have (big or small, realistic or out-of-this-world), wishing paper will help turn it into reality!

So, what are you waiting for?

           Flying Wishing Papers are much easier to use than a well!

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