Funny wedding cake toppers are the perfect way to add a bit of humor to your wedding day.

Whether you're looking for something simple and subtle or more over-the-top, there's sure to be a funny cake topper that fits your interests and personality.

Plus, they're just plain fun!

Wedding cakes serve as a sort of centerpiece at your reception, so they're an important part of the big day. It's nice to have one element of your wedding that is purely fun and lets you connect with all the laughs and memories shared by those closest to you on such a special day.

How We Choose Western Wedding Cake Toppers's wedding season!

With this list, we narrowed down the field to only those toppers that were specifically designed for a Western themed wedding.

So, we read the reviews to bring you and your partner this fabulous list of Western Wedding Cake Toppers to choose from, so that you can find the perfect option for your big day. With so many options available, you're sure to find one that fits both your personality and theme perfectly!

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Enjoy the Best Funny Wedding Cake Toppers for a Western Wedding!

Best Formal Wetsern Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Collectibles Old Fashion Lovin Cowboy Western Wedding Cake Toppers

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Why We Picked It

We like how elegant and lovely this one is.

Though this porcelain design is not funny, it is unique, making it one of our favorites.

The cowboy dancing with his bride, her head on his shoulder, has the right "feel" and is a perfect match for a more serene type of wedding.

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Best Western Cake Topper with Lasso

GOS Western Cake Topper for Wedding/Table Decorations "Kissing Bride and Groom"

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Why We Picked It

Are you looking for a unique design and fun wedding topper that will truly stand out from the rest?

Well, this one is something special.

Set on a wooden heart with a gold or silver horseshoe for luck - this porcelain topper is handcrafted, and hand painted by artisans in Wisconsin with great attention to detail. The groom sports a felt cowboy hat and carries a lasso!

Best Western Bride and Groom

Wedding Collectibles Western Cowboy Groom, Bride with Veil, Wedding Cake Topper

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Why We Picked It

This cute topper design takes the cake!  Get it?

This little pair have their eyes closed and he's coming in for that kiss to seal the deal!

We cannot verify the materials used but from the picture we think it's most likely porcelain. The wood heart looks like it may be balsa wood and the live edge wood base looks sturdy.

Best Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Collectibles Gettin Hitched Western Wedding Cake Topper: Gold Heart

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Why We Picked It

Shopping for a ranch-themed Wedding or engagement party cake?

This one is fun and whimsical!

Featured are a wooden hitching post with a miniature hay bale, two gold double hearts, and felt hat - all on a sturdy wood heart!

Keep in mind this is a small lightweight topper and the hitching post and sign do resemble popsicle sticks (read the reviews) - but it gets points for being unique!

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Best Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Toppers

TzTwodcaz Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper, Rustic Horse Black Silhouette Topper

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Why We Picked It

Does this cake topper perfectly capture your wedding theme?

You weren't a runaway bride...were you?

This topper is made of acrylic, and you guests will get a kick out of it.

Here's a little story inspired by the rest of these cake toppers.

She's lovely, so he went to introduce himself. She didn't like him very much and though she didn't know why, she ran. He went after her, but she got away.

Best Wrangler Cowgirl Wedding Cake Topper 

Meijiafei Wedding Cake Topper - Funny Bride Rides Horse Dragging Groom

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Why We Picked It

Do you think it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind?

This cake topper (made of acrylic or laser cut wood) definitely adds a funny bride touch of fun that will make you stand out from the rest this wedding season!

Now, back to our story - you guessed...she changed her mind.

After a while, he piqued her interests and realized this cowboy was not as bad as she thought. Actually, he had a "good personality" and was a real good catch! So, she hooked him with her lasso and caught him! She's reeling him in now.

Best Romantic Moment Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

Unbranded Cowboy Country Western Wedding Cake Topper

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Why We Picked It

This high-quality, food-safe topper fits a 6-to-9-inch diameter cake.

The cowboy started to win her over, and she was falling for him fast! This is the moment they first express "I Love You" - at the same time!

Best Saying YES! and Kissin in Yer Boots Wedding Cake Topper

Unbranded Country Western Couple Wedding Cake Topper, Cowboy Hat, Bride in Boots

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Why We Picked It

If you're looking for a cake topper that's both cute and unique for your reception, shop for this one - it's perfect!

He proposed! Though he had no idea that those words would come out of his mouth - he didn't regret it one bit. He looked her straight in the eyes and she said, "Yes"!

Best Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers Bride and Groom 

Meijiafei Cowgirl and Cowboy Bride and Groom Couple Cake Topper with Horse

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Why We Picked It

Though we love the laser cut black acrylic silhouette - you can personalize your order with a customized color!

And that's what they did - this altar bound couple got married! He lifted her in his arms and saddled her on her horse.

Best Riding off Into the Sunset Western Wedding Cake Toppers

Ximoogoooz Funny Cake Topper - Cowboy Groom and Bride Riding Side by Side Holding Hands

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Why We Picked It

This food safe acrylic cake topper is perfect for a 6-to-10-inch cake.

And this newly hitched couple rode off into the sunset...together. And they lived happily ever after 💖 A match made in heaven (and they have similar interests).

The End

You May Have Some Questions…So, We Have Some Answers

1. Do People Still Do Wedding Cake Toppers?

Wedding cake toppers may be an optional tradition, yet many couples are still taking the opportunity to make their special dessert reflect their love story. From meaningful phrases that represent your relationship journey to cute figurines, cake toppers will bring life and charm into your celebration!

2. What Size Cake Topper Is Best?

When selecting a cake topper for your wedding date, remember that the ideal size should be proportional to your cake. If you have a multi-tiered cake, be sure to base your choice on the topmost layer for best results.

3. What Is the Tradition of a Wedding Cake Topper?

Cake toppers originally began as a sweet symbol of the bride and groom, but in the 1950s they took on an additional role - representing marriage stability. By showing the couple arm-in-arm together, cake toppers demonstrate how two individuals can form an inseparable bond.

And That’s It!

Funny wedding cake toppers are the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding day. They add a playful element that your guests will love!

Thank you for taking the time to read through our blog post and Happy Shopping!

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