There's just something about German craftsmanship that is unrivaled.

Maybe it's the attention to detail or the dedication to quality over quantity. Whatever the case may be, there's no denying that when it comes to handmade goods and gifts, Germany is in a league of its own.

German craftsmanship is legendary. For centuries, German artisans have been sought after for their skill. German craftsmanship is highly prized, and as a result, products that are handmade in Germany are often of very high quality.

And, of course, they can get a bit pricey.

But if you're looking for a truly special gift, you might want to consider splurging on something that's been handmade in Germany.

Like a Santa Smoker!

Räuchermänner, also known as "Incense Smokers," are German incense burners that come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes.

These intricately designed smokers not only make great incense burners, but also fabulous decorations. They would make the perfect addition or final touch to your Christmas gingerbread smoking decorations this year…

...or a unique gift for someone special.

...or a great addition to your hobbies!

German incense smokers...well, smoke! Like a little chimney.

They are remarkably handcrafted in light-colored wood, and most are beautifully hand-painted in exquisite detail. Their mouths smoke and function like a tiny chimney.

The entire German Smoker usually clicks open into two pieces at the waist, revealing metal prongs that keep it together. And there are airflow vents around the opening section thingy. The air flows through the waist, up past the incense, and then out the mouth, carrying delightful fragrances throughout the room!

A Tiny Chimney!

German Smokers have a hollowed body, with a small metal plate in the middle of their waist, where you place the incense cone. The incense is shaped like a cone, and it smolders from the tip, which makes it smoke, and the cone is protected from falling over while burning inside the smoker.

German Smokers are collectible! And some collectors don't use them as Smokers but instead keep them as delightful, hand-carved me...but I also use them as smokers.

I have German Smokers littered throughout my house. I've had them for years...some since I was a kid. The German incense smoker quality lasts - even with daily use. I have never had one that has fallen apart, and I love them. I have all kinds of smoking men and animals sitting around my house with little plumes of smoke!

But it's the Christmas Season and we're talking about the...

...Best German Santa Smokers!

It's Christmas time! So, we search, we shop and read hundreds of reviews to bring you an exciting list of Mr. Claus German Smokers! If the listed shop was not clearly marked as handmade in Germany, they didn't make it on this list. Read on, shop, and enjoy!

The below Amazon affiliate links mean we may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

We're starting with KWO and their authentic German Erzgebirge handcrafts that ship directly from the Ore Mountains in Saxony to your door!

KWO Sitting Christmas Santa German Smoker for Tiered Tray or Shelf

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KWO St. Nicholas Large German Christmas Incense Smoker with Shepherd Hook

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KWO Large Sitting Santa German Christmas Incense Smoker

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KWO Smoking Santa Claus Incense Burner with Pipe Smoker

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KWO Little Fellow Santa Claus Mini Incense Smoker Figurine

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Hubrig Volskunst Winterchild Santa Claus German Christmas Incense Smoker

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Hubrig Volskunst German Incense Smoker Gnome Santa Claus

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Müller German Incense Burner St. Nick Under Candle Arch Smoker

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Christian Ulbricht Smoker St. Nick with Lantern Natural Wood

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Crottendorfer Forest Moss Scent German Incense Cones for Smokers

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Knox German Incense Cone Box with Christmas Scent for Smokers

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And That's It!

Did you join the club and buy some incense smokers? We hope so!

You may have heard or remember the story of the Three Wise Men (also referred to as the Magi). It was mentioned in the bible that the wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus.

They gifted gold, frankincense, and myrrh which were all symbolic.

But for this listicle, let's talk about Frankincense.

Frankincense is a very fragrant incense and one of its major uses was to drive away evil repelled demons.

But interestingly enough, because the scent has a strong fragrance, it was also considered a "special kind" of incense as it was also used for attracting angels.

So go ahead - here is one last thing to shop for - go attract some angles into your life! You don't have to search the entire store for them - they're right here!

Pinnacle Peak Crottendorfer Frankincense Incense Cones

Frankincense Incense Cones
Pinnacle Peak Crottendorfer Frankincense Incense Cones

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