Ah, Germany! A country that we often associate with beer, sausages, and lederhosen.

But did you know it’s also a great place to find unique and handmade Christmas presents?

That's right, folks!

Germany is world known for its enchanting Christmas markets. These markets are a cherished tradition dating back to the Middle Ages - 615 years (this period, also called the Medieval period, spanned from 476 AD to the late 15th century)!

These traditional Christmas markets offer a delightful blend of holiday spirit, twinkling fairy lights, seasonal treats (like red cabbage 😋), and spectacular handmade crafts.

So, if you’re looking for something special for your young children, framily (friends and family), or a loved one this holiday season, then look no further than handcrafted gifts made in Germany!

Made in Germany = Skilled Craftsmanship

The "Made in Germany" label is well-regarded not just domestically, but internationally too.

It represents the German commitment to quality and reliability. The great reputation of German manufacturing isn't only due to recent advances in technology, but also from centuries of experience with craftsmanship.

There are so many traditional German Christmas market decorations!

From German chocolate to an advent wreath or calendar, to painted figurines to a cuckoo clock (note: Advent Calendars and Cuckoo Clocks are not listed below). Or something a bit more modern like glass ornaments to alpenhorns - you can find something for everyone easily.

But Alas...

... if we listed them all, this blog post would be from here to next Tuesday!

So, for now, we're giving you a sample of the best handmade gifts you can find at Christmas markets which are part of the Christmas tradition in Germany!

German Markets During Christmas

For this listicle, we're focusing on unique handmade gift items, like those you would find at a traditional Christmas German market.

To me, the best Christmas gifts are those that are not mass-produced, but those whose hand-crafted qualities come forth and just exude the quality of...

...Authentic German Christmas Ornaments!

No matter what your budget is this holiday season, there are plenty of German Christmas gifts out there that will make any recipient smile.

So why not surprise them on Christmas Eve with something unique made in Germany?

Christmas Market wooden ornaments from the Erzgebirge region of Germany are lovingly and carefully crafted by hand. They add a beautiful touch to your Christmas decorations and are ornaments that will be cherished for many holidays to come.

How We Choose

So, we read the reviews to bring you the best handmade gifts for a German Christmas!

Not only are these pieces handcrafted by skilled artisans, but they are also imbued with the culture and history of the country itself.

Take a closer look at some of these delightful ornaments, and you’ll be sure to find something unique that your kids and loved ones will cherish for their lifetimes.

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! Purchases you make through the below links mean we may collect a commission at no additional cost to you, which is how we stay in business, and for that, we thank you.

Read below for amazing "wooden toys" (that are not actually toys) and be transported to a German Christmas Market!

Pinnacle Peak Trading Ino Schaller Santa in Grey Floral Coat German Paper Mache Candy Container

Have you ever seen one of these? This is a Paper Mache Candy Container. This one-of-a-kind "Paper Mache" candy container is hand-painted with some added glitter, and it is handcrafted from an original antique mold, making it a truly unique piece. Made in Bavaria, Germany. Excellent choice for a German Christmas Day!

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A Christmas market favorite!

Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Santa with Fireplace

This premium-sized, limited-edition piece is one of only 2,500 made. Santa is standing by a fireplace on Christmas Eve with his bag of gifts and a candle for light. Though this unique gift is more on the pricier side, it is an excellent addition to any Christmas market collection, and well worth the money!

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Authentic German Erzgebirge Christmas Nutcracker Santa Claus Natural

Handcrafted by German artisans from premium workshops, this Nutcracker Santa Claus gift is made from basswood (limewood) in the Natural Traditional craftmanship style from Seiffen / Erzgebirge. Ships directly from the Ore Mountains in Saxony - just as if you were at the German markets during Christmas yourself!

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Tap Here to Read About German Christmas Markets in the Ore Mountains

As you take a deep breath of the cold, crisp air at the Christmas market square in Germany, you feel your body relax and succumb to the warmth of the drink in hand (especially if it's mulled wine - yummy!).

The Christmas lamp post lights give off a cheerful glow, and the tantalizing smells of traditional holiday foods fill the air, and people are singing Christmas carols (like Silent Night) around the central Christmas tree.

Wandering through any one of these German markets (deeply rooted in German history) during Christmas time is like stepping into a little slice of heaven - a preview of all that is to come during this festive season.

At any Christmas market in Germany, you will find not only unusual gifts crafted by skilled artisans but also many traditions such as delicious food (like red cabbage, potato dumplings, Christmas Stollen, and fruit cake), drinks (like mulled wine), and true holiday hospitality.

So come and experience for yourself what makes these Christmas markets so special!

Note: The Erzgebirge (which borders The Czech Republic) Christmas market is more than a five-hour drive away from the Black Forest Christmas market (which borders France). So, opposite sides from each other.

Incense Burners

A Christmas market favorite among Germans!

KWO Chubby Snowman German Christmas Incense Smoker

It's easy to see the high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail in these handcrafted incense smokers made from wood. KWO's exclusive designs are loved by many enthusiastic collectors who upon discovering these KWO products have become customers for life! Makes a perfect German market addition to any collection and a wonderful surprise underneath the Christmas tree!

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Rudolphs Schatzkiste Smoking Man Unpainted Snow Man

Genuine German Ore Mountain handicrafts from Seiffen and the surrounding region. These wooden incense burners make an excellent gift for that special someone or friend on Christmas Day!

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KWO Wood Gnome German Christmas Incense Smoker

KWO is a large German Christmas Markets workshop located in Erzgebirge. They are most well-known for their incense-smoker men, which are actually more popular than nutcrackers among Germans! They are with me too. I have a bunch of German smokers all over the house. Come in super handy during our pesky mosquito season!

Note: Though an incense burner may be used as Christmas decorations - they are not Christmas tree ornaments.

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KWO Sitting Lumberjack German Christmas Incense Smoker

KWO (Kunstgewerbe Werkstätten Olbernhau) smokers are popular and world-renowned because of their distinct style and quality. They make the perfect Christmas gift or addition to any collection!

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Authentic German Erzgebirge Incense Smoker Forest Gnome

This lumberjack is steadily working to bring you the perfect fir trees on Christmas eve! The forest has always been a vital part of the Ore Mountaineers' lives, and the Forest gnome series by DWU celebrates that. The natural colors and regional materials reflect the ore mountaineers' love for their homes. Please note that the beard is made of natural fur so the beard will be gray or brown or in between. Also, there may be color variations. Unique and detailed gift for a perfect German market Christmas!

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What is a Christmas Pyramid? Tap Here to Discover More!

A Christmas pyramid is a beautiful candleholder from the Erzgebirge mountain region in Germany. When you light the candles, the heat rises and causes the propellor and display to spin.

No matter what you call them - a Pyramid, Windmill, Carousel (or 'twirly thingie from the National Lampoon's movie') - we are confident that you will see that these German market decorations are stunning.

Pinnacle Peak German Pyramid Nativity Scenes with the Christ Child

The Richard Glaesser workshops, located in the Erzgebirge village of Seiffen, are responsible for crafting this beautiful wooden pyramid. Perfect gift for mom at Christmas time! All it needs is four candles!

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Richard Glaesser Girl with Cats German Pyramid Carousel

This pyramid with cats is made "natural" and rotates with the updraft from burning candles or even a slight breeze as you pass by. This Christmas-time German Market favorite makes a great gift for a lifetime!

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ISDD German Pyramid Nativity Scenes with the Christ Child and Wise Men

The German Markets during Christmas offer so many amazing gifts. The intricate details on this two-tiered pyramid are remarkable. All it needs is some candles!

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Lucky for you, you don't have to go to the German Christmas Markets to bring home these remarkable gifts - they're all right here - just click on your favorites to enter Amazon and start shopping!

Pinnacle Peak Trading Company Christmas Tree Motif Set of 6

This Christmas Tree motif ornament set includes two pieces each of three different designs. Handcrafted in the Erzgebirge region of Germany by Kuhnert. It looks like the old paper-cutting decorations my grandmother had.

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Rudolphs Schatzkiste Miniature Moose on Carriage

This miniature moose sitting on his sleigh looks ready to conquer snowy hills this winter! This wonderful gift idea for young children has an awesome price so don't wait and purchase it today and place it under the tree this Christmas Eve!

Check Price on Amazon!

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed this list of adorable gifts famously found at Christmas markets in Germany!

Though many countries and many cities in Europe have Christmas markets and offer a wide range of beautiful gifts - to me, the Christmas markets in Germany are the best!

We hope we gave you some awesome ideas for the best souvenirs or gifts to look for to bring home for kids or a loved one from either the German Markets in Europe or Amazon this Christmas!

Though German market mulled wine or chocolates would be fantastic gifts, and satisfying, they would only last for a short time, versus hand-crafted gifts that last for generations - as mine have!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Shopping for a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

p.s. - check out our other gift guides including advent Calendars!

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