We’ve all heard tales of the lucky leprechauns, their pots of gold, and the infamous rainbows.

For centuries, humans have been trying to capture the elusive little creatures in order to gain access to their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it has proven difficult.

Until now!

We've got the definitive guide (and video instructions below) on how to catch a leprechaun and what to do with him once you finally nab one.

Ambushing a Leprechaun:

The first step in catching a leprechaun is finding one. This can be rather challenging, as they are notoriously clever and fast-moving and don’t take kindly to being hunted.

Leprechauns have been known to be rather tricky little creatures, so it might take a bit of effort and patience on your part if you want to catch one. Here are some tips that should help in your pursuit - it might take a few tries, but eventually you should get your leprechaun.

  1. Prepare your trap carefully – make sure it looks like an ordinary object such as a hat or a shoe (do not use an ordinary spring trap) so that it blends in with its surroundings. Leprechauns can spot traps from miles away, so yours needs to look like an everyday item.
  2. Bait your trap with something shiny – this is key when trying to lure a leprechaun into your trap as they are very attracted to anything shiny (and who isn’t?). Try using coins or jewelry for this purpose. If that doesn't work, then lure them in with some delicious food or beer.
  3. Stay quiet - When ambushing any creature, silence is key; especially when dealing with leprechauns who have exceptional hearing abilities. Make sure not to move too much or make any loud noises during your mission as this may alert the leprechaun of your presence before you even get close enough for an ambush!
  4. Wait patiently - Patience is essential when trapping any creature but especially important when dealing with highly intelligent and cunning ones such as the leprechauns. Once you have set up your trap, make sure not to move around too much or fidget in order not to scare away potential prey!

Now...What to Do with a Caught Leprechaun:

Now that you’ve caught yourself a leprechaun, what should you do?

Well…it depends entirely on why you caught him in the first place!

If it was purely out of curiosity, then let him go after giving him some food and shelter for the night (they love potatoes!).

However, if he was caught in pursuit of his legendary pot o’ gold then things get more interesting…just remember, cursing at them is never ok! Here are some ideas on what could be done next:                   

1. Ask politely - Believe it or not, simply asking politely can often yield good results when dealing with mischievous creatures such as these! Just remember; always keep calm and use proper manners during negotiations as rudeness will only make them angry (and no one wants an angry leprechaun).  

2. Offer a trade – If asking doesn't work then perhaps offering something in exchange will do the trick? Maybe try trading something shiny or rare (like an old coin) instead of money? They love shiny objects after all!  

3. Use charm – Charm always works well! Crack a joke or two (but don’t overdo it!) which may just soften their hearts enough for them to give up the pot o' gold without much fuss (or maybe even give it away willingly!).  

4. Negotiate - If none of those work then try negotiating; they are usually willing to come up with creative solutions if they feel they won't be able to escape otherwise! Just remember; no matter what happens don't ever threaten or hurt them because that could end badly for both parties involved…we wouldn't want any curses now would we?! ;)

Time to Cash in on Your Winnings!

Finally, it’s time to cash in on all that hard work!

Take your pot of gold and go wild - buy yourself something nice or invest it wisely for sustainable wealth over time.

Or why not give some away? After all, You Took It!

You could donate some money anonymously or even use it as seed money for a charity event - the possibilities are endless! Just remember not to tell anyone where you got it from - or else those pesky leprechauns will come after you again!

All jokes aside catching a leprechaun can be quite tricky...

...but definitely possible if done correctly! Whether you were just curious about these mysterious creatures or wanted their legendary pot o' gold there are many ways in which one can successfully ambush them and negotiate afterwards depending on why they were caught in the first place!  

So now that we’ve given you the lowdown on how to catch a leprechaun and get your hands on his prized pot of gold - happy hunting everyone!

Just remember - if things don't quite go according to plan - don't say we didn't warn ya' about the whole Irish curse thing...so, good luck ou there!

Be safe and have fun trying out this age-old ritual made famous by Irish folklore - just make sure not to overdo it - unless of course you enjoy waking up with green hair… Cheers! 🍀🤑😉

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