May 2024 be filled with love, health, happiness, and many small miracles.

The small miracle we wished for 2023 was for the kids to take out the trash without being asked - that never happened 😏

But throughout 2023:

  • the kiddos are all doing well in school – some days they enjoy it too.
  • they do their homework.
  • say please and thank you.
  • gave me lots of hugs - and Reba gets them from her kids too.
  • they told me they love me when I least expected it - which filled my heart with joy.
  • my husband spoiled me on my birthday and on our anniversary.
  • he works really hard so I can do this Blog and he got promoted.
  • Everyone is healthy and thriving.
  • I am still COVID free – Reba has now had it TWICE!

And as Reba and I think back to the events of 2023, besides the COVID that continues to change our lives, we realized these are all the small miracles we all live with every day - and for these - the little things - we are truly grateful.

We wish you a wonderful 2024!

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