As 2023 comes to an end there are many things to be grateful for.

  1. I still haven't gotten COVID! I think I may be too stubborn to catch it - though I can't say the same about Reba.
  2. Everyone is happy, healthy, and wise.
  3. All the kids are fantastic and they're the best kids in the world!
  4. All the dogs are healthy.
  5. The one dog stopped eating poop - that's something to be very grateful for, believe me!
  6. We both have great partners in life who support us and put up with our wacky ideas.
  7. And we have the best readers any content blogger could ask for!

And for all of the above, we are truly grateful!

Now we gotta stay awake 'til New Year's!

Be careful out there tonight, stay safe and we'll see YOU in 2024!

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