Hello Kitty Squishmallows are the perfect way to bring joy and comfort into your home.

Whether you’re a kid, teen, or adult, these cuddly plushies have something for everyone.

Not only are they incredibly soft and huggable, but they also come in a variety of fun and unique designs. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of these plushies to help you decide which one to get.

So, let's get started!

If you’re looking for a special companion to brighten up your day, look no further than Hello Kitty Squishmallows!

These marshmallow-textured plushies provide comfort and joy to kids ages 3+ and adults alike with their unique designs and super soft fabric these cuddly stuffed animals are sure to fill your heart with love.

Product Quality

They are made with high-quality materials - a polyester stuffing that has a super soft marshmallow texture, making them perfect for cuddling and hugging.

Features & Benefits

Not only are these plushies incredibly soft and huggable, but they also come with specially designed features that cater to all ages:

  • Like bright colors, bows, hearts, and stars making them fun for kids of all ages
  • Durable polyester stuffing - soft material with a squishy feel
  • The marshmallow-like texture of the high-quality materials offers the perfect amount of cushioning and support for cuddling or snuggling up with a book, or for movie nights
  • Easy care instructions for washing, and tumble dry or air dry, or spot clean

Overall, these plushies are sure to be a hit with everyone who gets their hands on them!


If you're looking for the perfect cuddly companion, then these Hello Kitty Squad squishies are a great option to consider. While there are many different brands of plushies available on the market, these stand out from the rest due to their unique design and features.

Take a look at Some Customer Experiences

Many customers have left a comment and shared their positive reviews with a Hello Kitty Squishmallow. One customer's comment was that they:

“love how soft and cuddly these plushies are! They're perfect for snuggling up or just displaying on your shelf.”

Another customer commented that the unique designs make them stand out from other brands:

“these are so much more fun than regular stuffed animals!”

Further, customers have also written reviews praising the durability of Hello Kitty Squishmallows. One customer said:

“my little one has dragged these around for months and they still look great - no signs of wear and tear or anything.”

In other customer reviews: One comment was that their plushies are:

“So easy to clean - a quick hand wash or spot clean and they're good as new.”

So, if you're looking for a cuddly companion that's both huggable and durable, then look no further!

How We Choose

So, if you're looking for a cuddly companion that's unique, huggable, and affordable, then you should definitely check out Hello Kitty Squishies! We read the reviews to bring you this list of the current Hello Kitty Plushies that are currently in stock on Amazon.

So don't wait - treat yourself or a loved one today!

Whether you're looking for a huggable companion or just need something extra to brighten up your day, these plushies are sure to do the trick. Bring some extra hugs and love into your home!

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! Each product was independently selected by us, and all opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI - we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business and we thank you). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Enjoy the Best Hello Kitty Squishmallows!

Listed by the inch for your convenience.

5 Inch

Squishmallows Sanrio Squad Hello Kitty Cupcake

Kids here is the cupcake Hello Kitty Unicorn squishy you've been waiting for!

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6.5 Inch Characters

Squishmallow Heart Sunglasses Hello Kitty Squishmallow

Adorable Hello Kitty Squishmallow with her signature red bow!

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Squishmallow Squishy Pompompurin, Hello Kitty Squishmallow

These lovable, huggable plushies are perfect for adult toy lovers and long car rides!

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Squishmallow Hello Kitty Squishmallow Sailor Blue

This limited-edition Hello Kitty Squishmallow is a must-have for any Hello Kitty fan!

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Squishmallows Hello Kitty Mermaid

Have you been looking to add a Mermaid to your Squishmallows Squad?

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Squishmallow Hello Kitty, Squishmallow Tuxedosam

This boy penguin is super cute and a great addition to Kitty fans the world over! He's listed here in other options with certain features too good to miss!

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8 Inch Characters

Squishmallows Hello Kitty Kaiju Style My Melody Toy

Why be a rabbit when you can be an ice cream cone with sprinkles? I think she's one of my favorites!

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Squishmallows Hello Kitty Pineapple Toy

You'll get lots of comforting cuddles Island style! 

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Squishmallow Sanrio Squishmallows Squad Hello Kitty, Plaid Bunny

This adorable bunny is just so cute! And the perfect size to carry around with you.

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Squishmallow Huggable Toys, Hello Kitty with Boba

Here she is again wearing her super cute signature red bow!

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Squishmallow Halloween Squishy, Franken Kitty

If you know us at all, you know we love Halloween! And this adorable and sweet Franken Kitty is the cutest! And not very scary.

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Squishmallow Hello Kitty Angry Aggretsuko

The expression on this angry Hello Kitty's face cracked me up - I laughed out loud! She's a cute little angry girl. Maybe she needs a cuddle or two to become happy again.

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12 Inch Collectible Sanrio Squad Characters

Squishmallows Hello Kitty Rainbow

Don't you just love the look of pride she's got wearing those fashionable shades and pink hair bow? She's the perfect addition to your collection.

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SQUISHMALLOW Officially Licensed Sanrio® Hello Kitty® Friends Tuxedo Sam

This clumsy little guy loves to eat, but somehow it looks like he became the sundae! This little guy is sure to delight anyone as he is the perfect size for cuddles.

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Squishmallows Sanrio Hello Kitty Cupcake

Say hello Kitty to the cupcake Unicorn in a larger size! Same as the one in 8 inches above.

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SQUISHMALLOW KellyToys Sanrio® Hello Kitty® Milk Shake TuxedoSam™ Toy Gift

I can confirm this little character gets around! Here he is again, but this time as a milkshake - and who doesn't love a milkshake?

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SQUISHMALLOW KellyToys Sanrio® Hello Kitty® Pineapple Hellokitty® Soft Toy Gift

Here is an even larger pineapple! 

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SQUISHMALLOW KellyToys Hello Kitty Pink My Melody

This wonderful little rabbit is definitely one to collect! She's sure to give quality hugs to kids of all ages - from 3 to 103!

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14 Inch Characters

SQUISHMALLOW KellyToys Hello Kitty® Pink Hellokitty® Gift

Kitty looks very pretty in pink with her matching hair bow and dress.

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Squishmallows Hello Kitty with Red Glasses Sanrio Toy

Here she is - say Hello Kitty - to this fabulous superstar! Listed in 6.5 inches above.

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20 Inch Characters

Original Squishmallows Sunglasses Hello Kitty

Here she is stylin' a bigger size! She is listed in the 12-inch size above.

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Looking for Hello Kitty Giraffe, Zebra, and Tiger?

Costco released three new exclusive Kitty Plush squishies in February 2022. These Squishmallows showcase Hello Kitty dressed up as various animals found in savanna/grassland regions.

The collection includes - Hello Kitty Giraffe, Hello Kitty Zebra, and Hello Kitty Tiger - and only in the 20-inch size.

I have never seen them at my local Costco. And we're not sure if Costco will continue to carry them but on Amazon, we were able to find Hello Kitty Tiger - as of this writing. We look forward to finding Hello Kitty Giraffe and Hello Kitty Zebra someday soon - or keep your eyes open next time you're at Costco!

Squishmallow Soft Plush Hello Kitty Tiger, 20"

Is this official Kellytoy so stinkin' cute or what?

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You May Have Some Questions…So, We Have Some Answers

1. What do people use Squishmallows for?

People of all ages find stuffed toys attractive because they are soft, cuddable creatures and come in a variety of designs. Stuffed toys can serve multiple purposes including being used as decorative items, pillows, and stress relievers, which makes them very versatile.

2. Am I too old for a Squishmallow?

Absolutely not! People of all ages love them!

3. Does sleeping with a stuffed animal help anxiety?

According to studies, stuffed toys can help adults reduce stress just like they do with children. Having a stuffed toy to sleep with can ease anxiety and calm down excessive thoughts that occur at night. If you need advice on managing anxiety and stress, this could be a helpful solution.

4. How Did Squishmallows Become a Thing?

From Wikipedia - Kelly Toys Holdings, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 1986 by Jonathan Kelly. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Kelly stated that he came up with the idea for a Squishmallow when he went to Japan and saw a variety of appealing toy products, including plush toys. Kelly and his team then spent several months creating a toy that emulated the “soft, cute, and kawaii” look of the Japanese plush toys. After collaborating for one year, Kelly Toys Holdings was acquired by Jazwares Inc, a privately owned company, in 2018. Thus, Kelly Toys Holdings expanded its position in the market for toys and obtained opportunities to get further licenses for the brand.

And That's It!

If you're looking for a fun home-huggable and stylish companion to brighten your day, look no further than Hello Kitty Squishmallows!

These plushies are the perfect way to express yourself and show off your unique style.

So why not purchase one of these huggable companions today? Go ahead - show yourself some love and grab your own Hello Kitty Squishmallow now!

You can shop for your favorite Squishmallows with Amazon Prime and get a free two-day shipping delivery date, making it easy to have one of these huggable loveables delivered directly to your door.

And if you have any questions, most sellers offer e mail services.

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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