Join us as we dive into the world and the mystical realm of witches and explore their most important tool - the spell book!

As a seasoned occult blogger, I've been called upon by covens and solitary witches alike to provide insight into the mysteries of spell slingers and potion masters (NOT really 😁).

So, if you're a budding witch or simply spellbound by the how's and whys of witchcraft, read on, my fellow hex aficionados.

Spell Books for New Witches:

Getting Started with Your Book of Spells

As any fledgling witch will tell you, a proper spell book is an essential accessory for any want-to-be witch honing your craft. Bursting at the seams with enchantments, incantations, and subtle rituals, the Book of Spells is an enchanted library, a witch's best friend, and a constant work in progress.

While all witches should have a spell book, it's important to remember that not all spell books are digital in the Age of the Internet. In fact, some might argue that a true witch would never use a digital book now, would they?

When it comes to witchcraft, a hard-covered book is a time-honored tradition not to be trifled with.

Protecting Your Magical Secrets:

Why Hard-Covered Books Are a Witch's Best Friend!

A hard-covered book is more than just a vessel for your otherworldly wisdom – it's a veritable Fort Knox for your magical secrets. The hardcover ensures that your enchantments remain intact, keeping them safe from the elements, pesky mortals, and the prying eyes of nosy non-witches.

When it comes to building your spell book, quality is everything.

A flimsy, spiral-bound notebook simply won't do. Your Book of Spells should be a sturdy, dependable companion, able to withstand the tests of time and the trials of fire, water, and whatever else mortal or magical forces might throw at you.

Are You Bewitched Yet?

Top Dark Magic Spell Books for the Daring Witch

Now, for those who like to dive into the world of the darkest of magical arts, there exists a more sinister collection of spell books: Dark Magic Spell Books.

I wouldn't recommend dipping a toe into these diabolical tomes unless you're absolutely prepared for the intense (and potentially perilous) magic lying within. These dangerous volumes hold enchantments and incantations designed to test even the most experienced witches and may pale the contents of a humble spell in comparison.

As a wise witch once said, β€œWhen wielding dark magic, one must be cautious, for the power can be both a perfect gift and a curse.”

How We Choose

It's a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

So, my dear witchy compatriots, remember that the physical world, with its blend of light and shadow, is mirrored by the spectrum of magics you'll find in your spell book.

So, we trod softly, respected the hard_cover_edge_, read reviews, and now bring you this wonderfully wicked list wh-itch (get it?) includes Disney's Hocus Pocus, which is an annual Halloween favorite and on the New York Times bestsellers list, to books for brand new Witches with spells, potions, witch history, and more. ... insert wicked cackle. πŸ§™πŸ˜Ÿ

The below Amazon affiliate links mean we may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

Enjoy this List - Which is More Than Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

But...with Hocus Pocus is where we start.

Tap Here for... exactly what is a bunch of Hocus Pocus?

Hocus-pocus is a reference to the actions of magicians, often as the stereotypical magic words spoken when bringing about some sort of change. Hocus Pocus was once a common term used by a magician, juggler, or other similar entertainers. Wikipedia

The Oxford Dictionary says:

Hocus Pocus is meaningless talk or activity, often designed to draw attention away from and disguise what is actually happening.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has a couple of different definitions, and one says:

Hocus Pocus is: 1. : to perpetrate a trick or hoax on: deceive.

So, basically when you say mumbo jumbo or gobbly gook - these words all mean it's just a bunch of hocus pocus!

Best Hocus Pocus Spell Book for Fans of Hocus Pocus

The Best Hocus Pocus Spell Book Hardcover for Hocus Pocus Fans, August 30, 2022, by Eric Geron

Check Price on Amazon!

Hey, fans of the annual Halloween favorite! Get your hocus pocus on with the...

...#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS Hocus Pocus Spell Book by Eric Geron (pronounced: jur-ON)!

Dive into the world of spellbinding hocus pocus stories with this stunning Disney's Hocus Pocus spell book!

It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus inside this gorgeous Disney's Hocus Pocus Spell Book. Fans of the annual Halloween favorite, Hocus Pocus, will love this enchanting title featuring spells potions witch history, and more!

You will find that the hocus pocus inside this gorgeous Hocus Pocus Spell Book includes lots of illustrations and comments from the Sanderson sisters Winnie, Mary, and Sarah, and more. This beautiful Hocus Pocus Spell Book is not just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. This Hocus Pocus Spellbook is a must-have accessory for any want-to-be Sanderson sister and is the perfect gift for any Hocus Pocus fan of any age.

About New York Times bestselling author, Eric Geron πŸ‘‡

Besides the Hocus Pocus Spell Book, Eric Geron (pronounced: jur-ON) is the author of Poultrygeist, illustrated by Pete Oswald (Pete Oswald is a Number ONE New York Times bestselling illustrator), and Bye Bye, Binary, illustrated by Charlene Chua.

Eric Geron also wrote the young adult novel entitled, A Tale of Two Princes. Two Princes is a story about a closeted crown prince and an out-and-proud cowboy who discover they were separated at birth. Check it out here! Maybe he will soon have another forthcoming young adult novel!

Eric Earned New York Times Bestselling Books Title!

Eric Geron, under his pseudonym Rico Green, wrote Disney Descendants novelization for which (as Rico Green) author Eric earned once again the title of, and position on, the New York Times bestsellers list.

Eric Geron is originally from Summit, New Jersey, and he earned a creative writing degree from the University of Miami. Eric Geron worked for many years as a children's book editor before pursuing his passion for writing full-time. Fans of author Eric Geron are thrilled he is now writing full-time and is no longer a children's book editor. Fans of Rico Green are also happy to know his children's book editor days are long gone.

Author Eric Geron now lives in New York City. Learn more about him at and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @EricGeron.

For more spellbinding Hocus Pocus stories, check out these magical titles:

  • Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel
  • Art of Coloring: Hocus Pocus
  • Hocus Pocus: The Illustrated Novelization

This beautiful book is also available on Kindle. But really, that's a bunch of hocus pocus because what's the sense of a Hocus Pocus Spell Book if you don't have a physical Hocus Pocus Spell Book to write your notes in while standing at your altar?

So, fans of the annual World of Disney's Hocus Pocus movie - get your very own gorgeous Hocus Pocus Spell Book today!

This World of Disney's Hocus Pocus book is a great Christmas gift and a perfect gift for a new Hocus Pocus fan and fans of any age!

Winnie, Mary, and Sarah may know this book ☝ is just a bunch of hocus pocus and not a real Witch Book of Spells.

But these πŸ‘‡ are. There IS more than just a bunch of hocus pocus in these books. Enter the realm of witchy Witch Books ... if you dare!

Best Book of Spells for New Witches

The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Magics to Change Your Life Hardcover Spell Book – September 14, 2021, by Ambrosia Hawthorn

Check Price on Amazon!

Hey new Witches! Open up your magical abilities using simple recipes with this enchanting title featuring spells for new witches.

Create your own hocus pocus with this stunning spell book that will guide you on accessing and channeling your power. Dive into the world of creating and casting enchantments, the central philosophies of witch history, and how spell work can help you feel more powerful and connected.

This beautiful book (an enchanting title featuring spells) is filled with sage advice used for many years, written in a cookbook-style format making it easier for new Witches to develop their craft as they try out 130 recipes for adding love, prosperity, and healing to their lives.

Reviewers recommend this must-have accessory as important for new witches as they dive into the world of magic (as well as for intermediate witches and full-time ones too), and this spell book breaks the mysteries of witchcraft down to the basics when you're just learning.

For feeling more powerful and connected, you can choose to enjoy this beautiful spell book in Kindle format, Audible audiobook, and paperback, but why would you when you can hold a hardcover spell book in the power of your hands?

There is not just a bunch of hocus pocus inside the pages of these real spells - Winnie, Mary, and Sarah... kindly step aside.

Best Wicked Witch Book of Spells

The Spell Book of a Wicked Witch: Magic to Curse Your Enemies, Hex Your Ex, And Jinx the Jerks in Your Life - Hardcover Spell Book – February 7, 2021, by Thalia Thorne

Check Price on Amazon!

Sometimes being positive just doesn't quite cut it and it may become necessary to you know,... take matters into your own hands - know what I mean?

This spell book is different. This stunning spell book is wicked (insert puff of smoke and a slight... poof!). I guess you can say it's filled with just a bunch of real hocus pocus.

We love this enchanting title featuring spells and potions "witch" will bring out your inner Wicked Witch, is unlike any other spell book on this list as it brings in negative energy.

However, many modern witches still believe in using magic solely for positive purposes.

This spell book isn't that 😬 we caution you.

There will be times when someone you love will be mean-spirited and hurt you, someone you trust will betray you, and someone you thought was your friend will malign you.

This enchanting spell book featuring spells potions "witch" will teach you the necessary hocus pocus to make your own justice! Stand up for yourself and learn how to take your power back!

For example, you'll find:

  • Agony of Acne Curse - to give someone a pimple - ewwww
  • Sour Break Up Spell - to end a relationship - painlessly.
  • Banish Your Ex Hex - to drive them away forever - wouldn't that be nice?
  • Business Butcher Curse - to destroy a business - take that you (insert explicative)
  • Liar's Lamentation - to find out who has been spreading lies - and make them pay for it 😏
  • And 50 other incantations that use simple ingredients with step-by-step directions.

The next time someone wrongs you, will you turn the other cheek, or will you just look at that person, raise one eyebrow, and think... Game On?

Several reviewers recommend this stunning spell book with its enchanting title and numerous positive reviews, as a perfect gift and a must-have accessory for your "witchy" arsenal!

Dive into the world of retaliation today! You'll have Winnie, Mary, and Sarah running for the hills!

Best Wiccans Book of Spells

Book Of Shadows - Spell Book with 150 Spells, Charms, Potions, and Enchantments for Wiccans: Witches Spell Book - Perfect Spell Book for both practicing Witches and Beginners. Paperback – March 26, 2018, by Shadow Books, Author

Check Price on Amazon!

If you're a practicing Witch or a starting Wiccan, you'll find the Book of Shadows to be a great resource.

This stunning spell book features over 150 enchantments, spells, potions, charms from all around the globe, and witch history spanning many years.

Create your own hocus pocus in various categories such as harmony, love, prosperity, protection, healing, success, fertility, and more. Additionally, this enchanting title offers around 20 empty pages at the end of the book for you to use as your very own spell book and write down your notes of hocus pocus inside or enchantment recipes.

We read the reviews and learned this stunning spell book is written in cursive. But this book will not just be an annual Halloween favorite, it's a perfect gift and a must-have accessory as your daily go-to.

And BTW, this spell book is not suitable for the Sanderson sisters as there isn't just a bunch of silly hocus pocus inside the pages of these real spells.

Best Witchcraft Books

Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spell and Potions (Volume 1) (Mystical Handbook, 1) Hardcover – Illustrated, May 15, 2016, by Anastasia Greywolf

Check Price on Amazon!

We love this enchanting title featuring spells is an illustrated spell book containing information on ancient spells, potions, witch history, chants, rituals, and incantations from various parts of the world.

This stunning spell book will teach you how to create a spirit circle with your coven members. You'll also learn about the instruments needed for your craft, specific conjurations, and numerous enchantments and elixirs for gaining control.

Witches will love this enchanting title featuring spells and conjurations categorized by purpose such as safekeeping, healing, protection against enemies, luck, love, weather, casting on animals, power, and communing with spirits.

You will love this enchanting title which is a comprehensive guide full of surprises. It should be kept safe from enemies!

It's a perfect gift for Hocus Pocus fans though Winnie, Mary, and Sarah might find this book a bit scary.

Best Witchcraft Works Spell Jars

The Jar Spell Compendium Spell Book: Unleash Your Magic and Enhance Your Craft With 100 Witch Bottles Recipes for Protection, Abundance, Love, Healing, and More, Hardcover Spell Book – October 8, 2022, by Avril le Roux

Check Price on Amazon!

This compendium is the ultimate must-have accessory for anyone looking to explore jar spells.

We love this enchanting title featuring spells and 100 witch bottle recipes. You'll discover the power of spell jars while understanding the witch history of jar spells and owning your magic.

Whether you're a beginner or a Witch acquiring numerous experiences, this beautiful book has something for everyone looking to enhance their craft. Rooted in ancient folk magic traditions, modern witches now utilize magical jar conjurations to balance energies, attract prosperity and abundance, and even deepen their spiritual practice.

From protection, to love, to healing, you'll find all the recipes you need to unleash your magic and enhance your overall well-being!

This book is ideal for beginners who want to create their own hocus pocus with this stunning spell book and start their journey in witchcraft. It's a perfect gift for those new to magic.

But buyer beware - there is not just a bunch of hocus pocus inside the pages of these real spells... da, dan, dan dahhnn (said ominously). Sorry, Winnie, Mary, and Sarah - this is way above your pay grade.

Best Book of Spells for Wiccans

Wicca Book of Spells: A Book of Shadows Spell Book for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Magic, Paperback – July 15, 2016, by bestselling author Lisa Chamberlain

Check Price on Amazon!

This Wiccan Book is a must-have for anyone who practices Wiccan magic, whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner acquiring numerous skills over many years.

With over 100 conjurations, witch history, and rituals included, this book is your complete guide to the magic of Wicca. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, this beautiful book is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their connection with the earth and the divine.

Whether you're looking to attract love, improve your finances, or protect yourself from negative energies, this Wicca Book has everything you need to enhance your life and your magic.

This stunning spell book makes a perfect gift for yourself, so get your copy today and start casting your own magic!

And please, don't let Winnie, Mary, and Sarah take a look.

Best Green Witch Book of Spells

The Green Witch Spell Book: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More (Green Witch Witchcraft Series) Hardcover Spell Book – September 19, 2017, by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Check Price on Amazon!

Have you always wanted to know more about the plants you choose to surround yourself with?

Personally, I love this enchanting title - The Green Witch - it resonates best with me.

This is a must-have for anyone wanting to explore the magic of green witchcraft. This book is a comprehensive guide to natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils.

Like Claire on Outlander!

This spell book has over 200 easy-to-follow instructions and recipes on how to use natural ingredients in conjurations and rituals to improve your health, wealth, and happiness.

You'll learn how to create powerful potions, salves, teas, and oils that will enhance your spiritual practice and help you connect with the earth and its natural energies.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced witch, this book with its Green Witch history has something for everyone looking to deepen their connection with nature and harness its power.

Dive into the world of green witchcraft! This must-have accessory is a complete guide to the natural magic of the green witch.

This book is not just a bunch of Hocus Pocus, and not a gift for Witches Winnie, Mary, or Sarah - because you know... they eat tasty little children.

But it is a perfect gift for any gardening lover you know who will love this enchanting title. So, don't go to other retailers when you can get your own copy right here - just add to cart, buy today!

Best Grimoire Book

The Complete Grimoire: Magickal Practices and Spells for Awakening Your Inner Witch - Paperback Spell Book – September 1, 2020, by Lidia Pradas

Check Price on Amazon!

Do you love acquiring old textbooks?

This enchanting title featuring spells for Awakening Your Inner Witch is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to explore the mysteries of witchcraft - and one you'll keep forever.

This book is a beautifully illustrated beginner's guide to witch history, witchcraft practices, and knowledge.

The hocus pocus inside this book features over 200 conjurations and rituals, and you'll discover the power of magic practices while understanding and owning your magic.

Modern witches now utilize magic spellcasting to balance energies, attract prosperity and abundance, and even deepen their spiritual practice.

The Complete Grimoire is an informative, must-have accessory that both newly initiated and experienced witches (NOT Winnie, Mary, and Sarah) alike can use in their daily practice.

Get your copy today!

Best Encyclopedia Book of Spells

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells Hardcover Spell Book – Illustrated, March 31, 2009, by Judika Illes

Check Price on Amazon!

This Encyclopedia is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to learn more about conjurations.

With over 1,000 pages and 5,000 spells included, this book is your complete guide to witch history and the magic arts.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced witch, this book has no hocus pocus inside these real pages that modern-day witches utilize for magic spellcasting to balance energies, attract prosperity and abundance, and even deepen their spiritual practice.

With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips, even beginners can dive into the world of creating powerful spells that will manifest positive change in their lives. Discover the power of spells and rituals spanning over 5,000 years from all over the world.

This beautiful book is a comprehensive reference for anyone interested in witchery arts and a definite must-have accessory.

Can you really go another day without your very own copy?

And That's it!

Whether you are a fan of the annual Halloween favorite, World of Disney's Hocus Pocus movie, a seasoned Witch, a brand-new Witch, a Sanderson Sister, a children's book editor, writing a forthcoming young adult novel under the pseudonym Rico Green, or on the New York Times bestsellers list, there is something in these magical titles for everyone.

The Hocus Pocus Spell Book makes a perfect gift for World of Disney's fans. While acquiring numerous spell books to build your library for Witches especially is a great idea - but not for a Sanderson sister... nuh-uh.

If you're still not a fan of hardcover books filled with rich witch history and want to sign up for Audible you can do that here:

Thanks for reading and Happy Conjuring!

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