Using horseshoes as a lucky charm is an old-world tradition that still stands the test of time.

But how can you make sure you get the most out of this simple lucky charm? Here’s how you can use horseshoe luck in your everyday life.

Take it With You

The first thing to do if you want to be lucky is to have your horseshoe lucky charm with you always. This way, it will be close by and remind you that it's protecting you from bad luck and you will have good luck spill your way!

Hang It Up

Hanging a horseshoe up on your front door is a great way to stop evil and bring good luck into your home. According to superstition, horseshoes should be hung with their open end facing up so that the stored luck does not escape.

According to Feng Shui, hanging horseshoes at the main entrance brings prosperity and attracts spiritual energy.

Make A Wish

Another great way to use lucky horseshoes is to make a wish on them! Simply take the horseshoe in your hands and think of something that would bring you good luck.

But First...You MUST Believe

Many people don't realize that good luck symbols won't work if you don't believe in them. If you don't believe that something will bring you good fortune, then it won't have any powerful energies to do so.

Taking Action Is Necessary

Good luck symbols may bring some kind of positive energy, but they can never be a substitute for taking action. For example, if someone gives you a horseshoe and tells you that it will bring you success, that won't matter unless you get out there and put in the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

The Magical Powers of Positive Thinking

Most importantly, nothing can replace the power of positive thinking when it comes to manifesting your desires. Believing in yourself and focusing on the outcome that you want can be incredibly empowering and help move mountains - literally!

That's all there is to it!

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy all the protection and fortune that comes with having a horseshoe nearby. So why not give it a try and see what kind of lucky streak awaits?

So, we read thousands of reviews to bring you a list of the best horseshoes for luck that you can hold or touch to make a wish.

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Read below for more superstitions and origin theories.

Like this one from the Kentucky Derby Museum - Horseshoes have been symbols of luck for centuries, thanks to the beliefs of eighth-century Chaldeans. They believed that its crescent shape represented various moon goddesses and shielded them against bad luck or curses from the evil eye.

Best Bulk Horseshoe Charms

OurWarm Good Lucky Horseshoe Favors with Kraft Tags, 10 pcs

Why We Picked It

Are you planning a western themed party or event?

Millions of people across seven continents believe that iron horseshoes are not only considered lucky for the holder, but they believe it is good luck to gift them as well to ward off evil spirits.

These iron mini-Horseshoes are the ideal size for hanging as ornaments.

Best Horseshoe Charms for Necklaces

LANG XUAN Good Luck Horseshoe Pendant Necklace

Why We Picked It

Would you like to wear a lucky charm to get all the good luck coming your way?

Then hang this Horseshoe necklace and kick that evil eye to the curb!

This necklace is made of "other metals" and can be used every day, but not in water.

Best Lucky Horseshoe With 5 Holes

YOOHUA Medium Sized Metal Horseshoe, 5 Holes, 2 Pack

Why We Picked It

Enjoy the timelessness and durability of a classic style with Cast Iron and get ready to bring good luck to any room!

Irish legend states that hanging an upright horseshoe is believed to bring good luck and therefore has been used as a symbol of protection. People would often bury a lucky horseshoe under the cornerstone of any new building or house to attract success to it.

Best Lucky Horseshoe With 11 Holes

D-Doner Cast Iron Medium Sized Horseshoe, 11 Holes, 2 Pack

Why We Picked It

Who doesn't like options?

Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to recognize that Horseshoes were necessary for the protection of the hoof.

Horseshoes being good luck appears in a different legend that occurred in England centuries ago. This legend is about a blacksmith named Dunstan and his encounter with the devil!

Dunstan worked shoeing horses when the devil barged his way into his iron workshop demanding a new horseshoe nailed onto his hoof, replacing his broken shoe. Dunstan took advantage of this opportunity and nailed a fire-hot horseshoe firmly onto the Devil's hooves causing as much pain as he could during the process. Despite the Devil begging to have the red-hot shoes removed, Dunstan chained him, until he promised never again to enter any place where an inverted horseshoe hung above the main door. Dunstan became the Archbishop of Canterbury in 959 AD and is known as Saint Dunstan - a badass!

Best Horseshoe Charms

Basic Spirit Horseshoe/Good Luck Pocket Token

Why We Picked It

Do you know someone that can use a good luck charm right about now?

Cultures the world over carry good luck charms every day for daily affirmation.

The front side of this super cute pewter pocket lucky charm has the Horseshoe, and the back side says, "Good Luck".

Its 1-inch size fits perfectly into a pocket or handbag!

Best Horseshoe Good Luck Friends

morniface Pinky Horseshoes Distance Bracelets

Why We Picked It

Do you have a friend that is moving away, or are you in a long-distance relationship?

Then these bracelets are for you!

These far-distance relationship bracelets are handmade using wax rope and stainless steel, so they won't tarnish easily and have an adjustable sliding knot closure.

Best Horseshoe Lucky Charm Keyring 

GYCharmingday Horseshoe Lucky Charm Keychain

Why We Picked It

Are you looking for a special gift for a loved one? Then look no further than this lucky charm Horseshoe Keychain!

Horseshoes are lucky because a blacksmith was once believed to bring luck. Furthermore, iron has withstood fire time and again, so it's considered magical due to its ability to be created using intense flames.

Have you observed that most horseshoes contain seven holes for seven nails? Well, this luck symbol is even luckier than you think! As fate would have it, seven is a lucky number cropping up in seven days in a week, seven seas, and seven continents. There are even seven colors in a rainbow!

As is the case with this high-quality gift with seven nail heads.

Best Hammered Lucky Horseshoe Charm 

Desert Studio Hammered Sterling Silver Horseshoe Necklace

Why We Picked It

Are you a city girl with a cowgirl's spirit and heart?

Well, then a simple hammered sterling silver horseshoe necklace to hang on your neck is perfect for you!

This gift is handmade sterling silver, has a sterling silver clasp, and comes in 16, 18, or 20-inch-long chains.

Best Horse Shoe Ring for Charms

TAOYATAO Horseshoe Buckle Sterling Silver Keychain

Why We Picked It

Do you know someone that likes to keep luck close? This very unique Horse Sterling Silver Keychain is a perfect size!

It's made of 100% Sterling Silver and is carefully polished, and the high-quality workmanship makes this a super nice, impressive gift!

Best Lucky Horseshoe Door Knocker

CharmingStuffS Cast Iron Rustic Horses Door Knocker

Why We Picked It

Do you want to be unique and have a door that stands out in the neighborhood?

Look no further!

The myth of the horseshoe was a product of fear-filled paranoia during the Middle Ages. In yet another legend, folks believed that witches were petrified of horses and their iron shoes, avoiding any doorway with a horseshoe above it in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. This legend took on more sinister proportions when nails were driven through horseshoes onto a witch's coffin - ensuring witches would never be resurrected again!

Best Horseshoe Décor for Luck

Foster & Rye Cast Iron Horseshoe Metal Wine Rack

Why We Picked It

Looking for the perfect gift for the horse or wine lover in the house?

Look no further than this wonderful cast iron rustic horseshoe wine rack!

It has a weathered vintage look that is sure to compliment any decor.

Best Horse Shoe Ring

Esquivel and Fees Sterling Silver Handmade Horse Shoe Ring

Why We Picked It

Don't you love it when something is handmade to order? It becomes a one-of-a-kind and is uniquely yours.

This Horseshoe ring has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and is handmade to your exact ring size in Sterling Silver once you place an order - it's worth the wait!

Best Horseshoe Good Luck Earrings

DAOCHONG Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Earrings

Why We Picked It

Don't you just love Sterling Silver jewelry? It can be casual and fun as well as sophisticated and classy.

And trendy horseshoe earrings are simply the best gift!

Make sure to store it in a lined jewelry box or pouch to avoid scratches. And wipe it down regularly to avoid tarnishing.

Best Lucky Horse Shoe Napkin Holder

The Heritage Forge Rustic Horse Shoe Napkin Holder

Why We Picked It

Handmade from new steel, this horse-shoe napkin holder comes with a clear coat to prevent rusting.

Many cultures believe that the first horse-shoe appeared in Western Europe in the late ninth or early 10th centuries.

Best Lucky Horseshoe

Wonder Care Authentic Used Real Horseshoe Good Luck Charm

Why We Picked It

Would you prefer an authentic real Horseshoe that was used? One that looks like it belongs in the Kentucky Derby museum?

Remember to hang a horse-shoe in an upward-facing "U" shape to repel evil and fortify the home with fortune for your family residing inside. On the contrary, if you hang it invertedly, luck may be hurriedly dissipating from your home.

This authentic horse-shoe comes with an authenticity certificate! Each unique piece is a worn horseshoe by an actual horse, so each horse-shoe will differ from the image above.

And That's It!

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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