Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting time in a person's life.

It’s a time when they can start planning and dreaming about their big day.

The average engagement typically lasts between 12 and 18 months. This period allows couples to plan their wedding, save money, and ensure everything is perfect for their special day.

However, not all couples want to wait that long to tie the knot.

In fact, according to recent studies, about 17% of couples plan their wedding in six months or less. This can seem like a daunting task, but with the right planning and organization, it’s definitely doable.

Planning a wedding in a shorter time frame requires more decisiveness and being able to make quick decisions.

"The worst decision is indecision." ~ Ryan Harwood

It's important to prioritize which decisions need to be made first, and which can be pushed back. One way to manage this is to create and stick closely to a wedding planning timeline.

Another way to make this work is to communicate clearly between both parties, delegate tasks, and hire a reputable wedding planner. Working with a wedding planner can alleviate a lot of stress, as they can utilize their knowledge and industry contacts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

At the end of the day, the length of an engagement and wedding planning timeline is ultimately up to each individual couple.

Whether it's a long engagement with a more drawn-out planning process or a shorter engagement with a fast-paced planning strategy, every couple has their own preferences and priorities.

Let's take a look at the planning for each timeline.

Wedding is in T-minus 6 Months (with a Destination Twist)!!!

This planning schedule works for weddings in a different country, state, or at home.

You've got 6 months to plan the wedding of the century and you're ready to buckle up for a wild ride.

Introducing a destination wedding twist, it's time to infuse humor and chuckles into your wedding planning journey!

Follow my hilarious and informative guide on how to create memorable "I do" moments in just six short months.

This is what I call a marriage made in comedy heaven!

1. Running Gags and Dynamic Decisions

While traditional weddings have charm, why not stand out by adding running gags throughout your big day?

Imagine a cake topper that features your clumsy first meeting, or custom fortune cookies that give your guests a good laugh. You could even challenge your bridal party to learn a surprise dance routine that they'll perform for an unforgettable entrance that rivals any rom-com!

The key to success: putting everything into motion early on.

From securing your dream destination to finding local vendors, a sense of humor and a determination to make your day uniquely yours is all you need.

2. Half-Year Hysterics: Your 6-Month Plan

The benefits of a 6-month wedding planning timeline include potentially saving money (as many vendors and venues offer off-season deals) and avoiding unnecessary stress.

In my experience, procrastination is simply not an option, which means you'll be laser-focused on getting things done!

"Focus like a laser, not a flashlight."~ Michael Jordan

Start with a detailed timeline that breaks down wedding planning tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces:

  • Tackle invitations
  • and the guest list
  • and choose the perfect destination with equal parts enthusiasm and humor!

Remember, laughter is the best instrument to ease the stress of planning!

3. The Destination Wedding Hangover

Leaving your comfort zone sets the stage for misadventures, and there's no better place than at your destination wedding!

However, not everything has to be a joke.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable event, consider the following:

  • Hire a local wedding planner who can help navigate the ever-so-important logistics of throwing a destination bash.
  • Carefully curate your guest list, keeping in mind your destination's accessibility and lodgings. Trust me, you don't want your great-aunt Mildred to scale a mountain in heels!
  • Work with local vendors to infuse your wedding with the region's unique charm. Embrace your destination's cuisine, culture, and quirks for an unforgettable experience.
  • Prepare for the unexpected: pack an emergency kit with everything from safety pins to a sewing kit (and perhaps a rubber chicken or two, just for laughs).

As you embark on this hilarious 6-month wedding planning sprint, embrace the destination wedding excitement and share the never-ending laughs with your loved ones. After all, it's a lifetime memory that deserves a special, comical twist!

But seriously...

...most people don't plan a wedding in 6 months.

While planning a wedding in six months is doable as we saw in the example above, there are several reasons why most couples choose to take their time with the planning process.

One main reason is that weddings often require a lot of planning and logistics, including finding the perfect venue, booking vendors, creating a guest list, and sending out invitations. With only six months to plan, some couples may feel overwhelmed with the amount of work they need to accomplish in a short period of time.

Many couples also choose to take longer engagement periods in order to save up enough money to pay for their big day without accumulating too much debt.

With a longer timeline, couples can be more strategic in their saving, and avoid feeling financially overwhelmed.

Additionally, taking more time for planning can also offer more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Couples can work around the schedules of their preferred vendors, wedding party members, and family members who may be traveling from abroad for the wedding.

Finally, taking more time to plan allows couples to really think about their vision for the ceremony and reception.

For some, wedding planning is its own exciting endeavor.

It’s an opportunity to explore and come up with unique ideas for every aspect of the day, from the decor to the menu, and all the way down to the little details.

If you're planning an at-home or destination wedding in 12 to 18 months from engagement, follow these timelines!

At-Home Wedding Planning Timeline

12-18 Months Before the Wedding

  • Create a wedding budget
  • Start assembling your wedding team including vendors and service providers
  • Book your venue
  • Create a guest list
  • Hire a wedding planner, if desired
  • Start shopping for your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses
  • Reserve hotel room blocks for out-of-town guests, if needed
  • Research and book catering, florists, musicians, and photographers
  • Create a wedding website

6-12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Choose and order invitations and save-the-dates
  • Begin planning your wedding menu
  • Select and order wedding bands
  • Start planning the honeymoon
  • Create a registry
  • Choose bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Hire a calligrapher, if desired
  • Order wedding favors and table decorations
  • Book your hair and makeup artists
  • Start planning your transportation

2-6 Months Before the Wedding

  • Have your engagement photos taken
  • Create a day-of timeline
  • Purchase wedding accessories
  • Write your vows
  • Have dress alterations made
  • Choose wedding ceremony readings and music
  • Finalize your wedding menu
  • Book your honeymoon travels
  • Order your wedding cake
  • Apply for your marriage license
  • Attend a food tasting

1 Month Before the Wedding

  • Confirm final details with all vendors and service providers
  • Schedule your final dress fitting
  • Get your hair and makeup trails
  • Create the seating chart
  • Write thank you notes for any wedding gifts received
  • Confirm transportation arrangements
  • Break in your wedding shoes

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • Confirm flight times and accommodations for your honeymoon
  • Confirm the timeline with all vendors
  • Pick up your wedding dress and other wedding attire
  • Submit the final guest count to your vendors
  • Get your pre-wedding haircut and color
  • Pack your wedding day emergency kit

On the Day of the Wedding

  • Enjoy your wedding day!
  • Give each other wedding-day gifts
  • Get dressed and take wedding-day photos
  • Exchange vows and rings
  • Celebrate with family and friends
  • Cut the cake and have your first dance!
  • Leave for your honeymoon

Destination Wedding Planning Timeline

12-18 Months Before the Wedding

  • Create a destination wedding budget
  • Choose a destination and research legal requirements for getting married there
  • Find a wedding planner who is familiar with local vendors and customs
  • Book your travel and accommodations
  • Create a guest list
  • Hire a wedding photographer and videographer

6-12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Confirm travel details and passports
  • Design and send save-the-dates to guests
  • Choose a venue and reserve the date
  • Secure vendors, including catering, music, flowers, transportation, and any rentals
  • Book your flight and any excursions
  • Research marriage license requirements and prepare any necessary documents
  • Find and order your dress, shoes and accessories

2-6 Months Before the Wedding

  • Finalize contracts with vendors
  • Plan out the wedding day timeline
  • Plan out menus and food tastings, make necessary adjustments
  • Send invitations to guests
  • Purchase wedding decor items and favors
  • Write vows or select ceremony readings

1 Month Before the Wedding

  • Finalize guest count and menu items with venue
  • Confirm transport logistics for guests, vendors and, bridal party
  • Create an emergency kit
  • Final fitting - make sure you’ve packed your dress and groom’s attire safely
  • Confirm a pre-wedding day spa or hair appointment

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Confirm wedding timeline and details with vendors and wedding planner
  • Pack bags for yourself, the groom, and any bridal party members
  • Send any last-minute reminders to the guests
  • Attend spa appointments and finalize styling arrangements

On the Day of the Wedding

  • Enjoy your wedding day!
  • Get ready alongside your bridal party
  • Meet the photographer for early photos sessions
  • Cut the cake and toast to your union
  • Celebrate with family and friends
  • Attend any after-parties or events planned
  • Leave for your honeymoon and enjoy the trip!

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to approach wedding planning.

Whether you choose to take your time or dive right in, it’s important to remember that all that matters, in the end, is celebrating your love with family and friends.

So, here's to laughter, love, and an unforgettable destination wedding adventure. Cheers!

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