It can be tough to stay jolly around the holiday season when you’re constantly on the lookout for Krampus.

After all, if you don’t want to end up in his sack and on the naughty list, it pays to take precautions.

Survival at all Costs!

The key to surviving an ambush by Krampus is being prepared.

Before heading out into the night, here are some tips in case you come face-to-face with that grumpy holiday monster:

1. Bring along a stocking full of presents. This way if Krampus catches up with you, you can bribe him with gifts.

2. If bribery doesn’t work, creativity will! Have an “emergency snowball fight kit” handy so you can distract him and make a run for it. Just remember to collect as many gifts from his sleigh as possible while he isn’t looking!

3. It might sound silly but baking cookies is also a great way to avoid getting caught by Krampus! If he takes one bite of your delicious treats, he may forget why he was even after you in the first place!

4. Finally, being able to talk your way out of trouble can be a huge benefit here! Show off your wit and make sure that even though Krampus may be grumpy this time of year, your charm and holiday spirit will warm his heart and get him off your trail (hopefully).

So, There You Have It!

From preparation to creative thinking, there are many techniques that can help keep Krampus away this holiday season and help ensure that Santa Claus will only bring good cheer!

So go forth with these tips and have a safe and plentiful holiday season full of joyous tidings - without any unwelcome surprises from Krampus or anyone else!

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