LEGO sets are model toys loved the world over.

LEGOs have been around for decades and show no signs of going away.

The simple design, bright colors, and ability to stack LEGO bricks to build structures of all shapes and sizes make it a favorite among children and adults alike.

LEGO pieces can be used to create buildings, vehicles, animals, characters from favorite movies or TV shows - the possibilities are endless. To take the fun one step further, you can also purchase LEGO Botanicals which are LEGO kits that include specialty pieces designed specifically for creating flowers! Pretty Cool, eh?

Flower LEGO sets to me are the best LEGO sets!

These LEGO Botanicals, inspired by real plants, allow grown-ups to add color and beauty to their creations while practicing fine motor skills as they carefully put each piece together.

LEGO flowers come in a variety of styles with unique features. Some have flat bases while others are three-dimensional with stems that stick into other blocks.

How We Choose

We've looked at all the LEGO Flowers currently available on Amazon and read the reviews and found great choices you can make on your own...okay, the kids can help too...maybe. We'll walk you through our top picks so you can find the perfect flower for your project.

Whether you're shopping for Mother's Day, a birthday, or any occasion, remember to treat yourself to a LEGO Flower Bouquet too!

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! Each product was independently selected by us, and all opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI — StrangeReviewers may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business and we thank you). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

The flowers in this review do not include a vase - except for the Bird of Paradise that comes in a pot.

Read on to see the Best LEGO Flowers from the BEST LEGO Botanical Sets!


Best LEGO Sunflower

LEGO Sunflower Plastic Fake Plants for Adult and Kids, 191 pcs

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Why We Picked It

If you're looking for a simple and affordable way to show someone how special they are, this LEGO Sunflower set is perfect.

It makes the perfect gift for any occasion, such as Mother's Day or just because.

LEGO's Sunflower set comes with two buildable Sunflowers with adjustable green leaves and stems that can be arranged in different ways to create the look of real Sunflowers!

At just 191 LEGO pieces, this is a great starter set if you've never built anything out of LEGOS before. It's easy to put together and only requires some basic building skills.

Real Sunflowers, and Daisies, are happy flowers - don't you think?

And these LEGO Sunflowers are no exception - they will cheer up any space and they are super satisfying to build.

Pop them in a vase for display and these sunny yellow year-round blooms will give your live house plants a run for their money.

Best Wildflower LEGO Bouquet 

LEGO Botanical Collection Lego Flower Bouquet for Adult, 939 Pieces

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Why We Picked It

The wonderful world of LEGO designers has wonderful LEGO ideas and definitely outdid themselves on this LEGO flower bouquet!

Made me a LEGO fan!

Just Kidding...I already was a fan!

This fun and functional Wildflower LEGO Bouquet that can be built by anyone!

The set comes with over 8 wildflower species blooms inspired by real flowers! Such as cornflowers, lavender, California Poppy (that looks like a Buttercup Flower), cow parsley, leatherleaf ferns, gerbera daisies, larkspur and lupins. And each comes with their own unique stem design for easy display.

This means that you can customize a large bouquet display or create and display two different smaller bouquets. There are also 16 stems for adjusting to tailor the height of your flower display, so you can mix and experiment with different arrangements to match your style.

The flower arranging is an immersive building project for adults that will allow you to get creative with your arrangement of flowers. If you're looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion or want to send flowers as a gift, this set is perfect!

Forget the plant - get this LEGO set!

Best Dried Flower Arrangements

LEGO Botanical Collection Lego Flower Bouquet Centerpiece Set for Adult, 812 Pieces

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Why We Picked It

The LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece is a great way to add some color and flowers to any table. This set comes with the colors of fall and includes a gerbera daisy and rose as its focal point.

Makes a great centerpiece you can start building right away.

The model has a split design so it's easy for two people to build together, providing an opportunity to relax and get creative with your loved ones. The flowers are made from sustainably sourced sugarcane, which is made from plants instead of petroleum-based plastic.

It would be funny to mix this bouquet with a live plant or flowers and watch if anyone notices!

Best LEGO Bird of Paradise

LEGO Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise Plant, 1173 pcs

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Why We Picked It

The Bird of Paradise is a truly unique plant that stands out from the crowd.

It's not just tall – it has flowers that resembles a bird in flight. You can cut the flowers and place them in a flower bouquet for a pop of color - but then they die...sadly.

But these LEGO Bird of Paradise flower sets won't die!

That's the best part of this LEGO plant! You don't have to water this thing or worry about it dying because it doesn't need any attention at all! You can display them all year long!

It comes packed in many pieces - 1173 total - and includes little purple LEGO swords that were used to make the flower’s stamens.

It's a great gift for anyone who loves plants or wants to add some botanical flair to their home or office. You may just have to dust them off every now and then.

Best LEGO Flower Tiptoe Through the Tulips

LEGO Botanical Collection Lego Tulips, 111 pcs

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Why We Picked It

The LEGO tulips from the LEGO Botanical sets are a fun and interactive flower arrangement for any small container.

This LEGO set comes with three different colored tulips that have adjustable stems so you can place them in virtually any vase.

The flowers come in white, violet and yellow, and makes a perfect gift for any day or 'just because'. They make an ideal addition to any table setting and will add some color to your home decor.

They're also great to build together with family members and friends. Whether you're having a dinner party or just want to surprise your loved one with an unexpected bouquet - these tulips will surely impress!

Best Yellow Daffodil LEGO Flowers 

LEGO Botanical Collection Daffodils, 216 pcs

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Why We Picked It

The LEGO Daffodils Botanical Collection is a beautiful LEGO bouquet set that features flowers and leaves in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

This is a cool little plant for any budding botanist or gardener. The set comes with 216 pieces, which is more than enough to construct all of the plants, flower petals, and leaves featured in the collection. The only downside is that they're a little bit tiny.

If nature inspired LEGOs are your style, then this is a great choice.

Best LEGO Flowers - Red Roses

LEGO Iconic Lego Roses, 120 pcs

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Why We Picked It

LEGO Botanical sets are a great addition to any house. And these red roses are fabulous and look like real flowers!

This LEGO Roses set comes with 2 roses and each one measures over 26 cm (10.23 inches) long, so they're perfect for displaying in a vase or on a table. These roses also make great gifts for birthdays, Mama's Day, or just because.

Red roses are beautiful flowers that people give to someone they love. LEGO roses are special because they last forever and look great in a vase. They have adjustable stems, so you can put them wherever you want.

The petals are an amazing shade of red, and they stand out! It's impressive how much these blooms look like the real thing, even though they're made from plastic blocks.

You May Have Some Questions...So, We Have Some Answers

Are LEGO Flowers Difficult to Build?

Generally speaking, no. While you will find some extremely complex LEGO flowers online, many of the ones we found were quite simple to build. If you're looking for something that's easy to assemble but looks great once finished, look for a model that has fewer pieces and has a less complicated architecture.

Aside from the level of difficulty when building them, one thing we noticed about these models is that they are sturdy once they're assembled.

When Did LEGO Flowers Come Out?

LEGO flowers have been around since 2012.

Is It OK For an Adult to Build LEGOS?

Oh...yeah! While it's highly unlikely that any adult will feel like they're playing as a kid while they're building with LEGOS, there are some benefits to doing so. For one thing, grown-ups who build LEGOS often focus less on the finished product and more on the process of creating something new and unique. This can be a very rewarding way to play, especially if you have an artistic background or love solving puzzles - like me!

Also, since LEGOS are extremely versatile toys that span many different genres (science fiction, fantasy, construction), adults may find themselves playing in ways they never thought possible when they were younger. Finally, many people find that their creativity is stifled in everyday life because of stress or other factors; LEGO building gives them a fun way to combat this issue without feeling childish.

LEGOS Are Serious Business!

What is an Adult Who Likes LEGOS Called?

Technically, they are referred to as AFOLs which stands for Adult Fans of LEGO. Most people don't actually use this acronym, though. Technically, you're supposed to refer to a group of these folks as a brickbox but that's not something most people do in casual conversation.

And That's It!

So, forgo your local flower shops with flowers that wither away!

With so many different options and accessories it's fun to choose the perfect LEGO set or sets for the kiddos, or for an adult, or to add to your collection for your house or office.

LEGO flowers are a great hobby and additions to any collection. Not only do they look great, but they also offer hours of fun for both children and adult humans alike. They come in many different sizes and shapes so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Additionally, LEGO flower sets are extremely affordable so you can get as many as you want without breaking the bank. All this combined with their high quality makes them a must-have for anyone interested in building their own flower garden made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today and start building your very own paradise made from plastic bricks!

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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