If you're a LEGO Ninjago fan, it's hard to imagine Easter without some of your favorite characters with you at the "kids" table.

Like, who's gonna eat your peas if you can't sneak some over to your favorite ninja?

Lego has produced many sets and minifigures over the years, but as with any popular toy line, they sell out quickly.

This means that if you want a particular character or set for this year, it's wise to act early - before it's too late.

Legos in the spotlight!

Thanks to the popular reality show, Lego Masters, the Legoland theme parks around the globe (including Canada), and the fact that this iconic brand is about to turn 90 - LEGOS are hotter than ever!

LEGO Bricks are not Just for Kiddos!

It's evident that not just kids are passionate about playing with Lego blocks, which is why the company has been producing more sets specifically for adults who appreciate this hobby.

How We Choose

We reviewed LEGO Ninjago Crystalized Easter toys available on Amazon to help you find the perfect gift for your kids and tweens alike.

The below Amazon affiliate links mean we may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

But first, just so we're clear - here are Some Things to Consider Before Buying - Tap Here!

  • Some parts are not suitable for itty bitty kiddos under age 6 - potential for choke hazard.
  • Adult supervision is required on sets with small parts for younger children.
  • Some pieces are difficult for younger children to pickup.
  • Some sets include clever engineering that allows certain parts to spin freely.
  • Some sets include weapons - which are pretty cool - and can be used to shoot projectiles or fire studs at your opponent.
  • Instruct your kiddos to pay close attention to parts that jet out or fire and spin.
  • This craft can enhance motor skills and results in increased self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment - so celebrate on the day the builds are complete!

Check out these Ninjago Crystallized Easter LEGOs!

LEGO NINJAGO Crystalized Minifigure - Zane (Golden Dragon) with Wings and Sword

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Why We Picked It

The LEGO NINJAGO product line is one of the most popular and successful toy brands in recent history.

This is largely due to its ability to appeal to children of a wide variety of ages and interests, while also providing fun and challenging activities.

The Zane Golden Dragon Minifigure set is no exception. It provides hours of entertainment for fans of the popular TV show, as well as those who are simply looking for a good time spent playing with favorite characters they love.

Add it to your cart and pay for it today!

LEGO NINJAGO Crystalized Minifigure - Kai (Golden Dragon) with Wings and Gold Fire Sword

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Why We Picked It

The Kai Golden Dragon is a must-have for any fan of the NINJAGO series.

The Kai Golden Dragon features authentic LEGO parts, and it's small enough to fit in your hand or on your desk.

It comes in loose pieces, has a bright gold and orange color, and measures 2 inches tall, making it perfect for kids older than 6 years old to play with.

Order it today!

LEGO Ninjago - The GOLD Ninja with 3 Weapons

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Why We Picked It

The Lego Ninjago Movie Lloyd Garmadon Figure is a great choice for any fan of the popular TV series.

Check out the accessories!

This item comes with a weapon and two gold swords, so your little one can become even more immersed in the world of Lego Nindjago!

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LEGO NINJAGO The Crystal King 71772 Ninja Villain Set for Boys, Girls, Age 9+ (722 Pieces) Standard Packaging

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Why We Picked It

Choosing a Ninjago set can be tough, but the Lego Ninjago Crystal King set is an easy pick.

This 722-piece LEGO Crystal King set has fantastic detail and comes with five different LEGO minifigures and an exclusive character, Lloyd.

There's also a Centaur creature that can be used as a base for your own ninja figure to ride on.

Order your Crystal King LEGO box today!

LEGO NINJAGO Lloyd’s Mech Battle EVO 71781, 2 Action Figures Set with Upgradable Figure, Age 6 Plus with Bone Warrior and Golden Lloyd Minifigure

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Why We Picked It

The NINJAGO franchise is known for its imaginative and unique take on the world of superheroes.

The brand has a strong following among children, and it's no surprise. Their toys are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, not just replicas of the characters.

This LEGO set offers several play options and features that make it stand out from other similar sets. Like gold mecha has revealed his giant sword and Bone Warrior’s hat! AND you can add Jay Lightning's Jet as well as other sets!

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LEGO NINJAGO NYA’s Samurai X MECH 71775 Ninja Building Toy Set for Kids Ages 10+ (1,003 Pieces) FrustrationFree Packaging

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Why We Picked It

This Samurai X Mech LEGO set is packed with action-packed play features and includes 8 minifigures.

This 1,003-piece LEGO set comes with an impressive mech with posable knees, arms, legs, and hips, 2 swords, a cockpit for Nya to sit in, and an interactive digital building instructions app so you can visualize the model as you build it.

The price point on this item is pretty high but with its 5-star rating, it's worth it for hours of enjoyable playtime!

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LEGO NINJAGO Jay’s Titan Mech 71785, Large Action Figure Set, Battle Toy for Kids, with 5 Minifigure & Stud-Shooting Crossbow Playset Frustration-Free Packaging

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Why We Picked It

This LEGO Ninjago set comes with five characters - each with their own weapons and abilities!

The figures are all highly detailed and poseable which makes them perfect for battle scenes.

All in all, this is a great set that offers lots of playability at an affordable pay point.

So, break out the cookies and a glass of milk - add it to your cart and get building!

LEGO Ninjago Ninja Ultra Combo Mech 71765 Building Toy Set for Kids Age 9+ (1,104 Pieces) Frustration-Free Packaging

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Why We Picked It

It's got a lot of cool features, it's easy to assemble, and has a cool jet!

This set comes with 1,104 pieces, so you're getting quite a bit of bang for your buck here. There are four different vehicles that can be detached from the main mech and each one has its own unique play feature. The car, tank, jet, and mech all have working parts too so there are plenty of good times to be had with this set.

This is an affordable option for those looking to get into Nindragons without breaking the bank - making it ideal for younger kids who want to experience some ninja action but don't necessarily need every single piece of a full set yet.

Add it to your cart - for early delivery - so your child can open it for Easter!

LEGO Ninjago Zane's Titan Mech Battle 71738 Building Toy Set for Kiddos, Ages 9+ (840 Pieces) Frustration-Free Packaging

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Why We Picked It

The Lego Ninjago Zane Titan Mech Battle set is a great choice for fans of the TV show who want to recreate epic battles.

This giant mecha comes with four minifigures, including Jay and Zane from season 5 of the TV show, as well as two new characters, Ghoultar and Soul Archer.

With other sets that can be added later - this set is a great starting point!

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LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech 71720 Building Kit Featuring Ninja Mech (968 Pieces) Frustration-Free Packaging

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Why We Picked It

This set comes with a Fire Stone ninja mecha and five minifigure Ninjas, including Nya, Kai, Cole, Murt, and Moe.

The build is enjoyable and engaging, with lots of cool details such as the mecha can fire studs from shooters at villains!

This isn't super cheap, but it is well-made and results in lasting memories of years of your child's imaginative play.

And That's It!

Easter is a time for family, friends, and fun!

There are so many different options when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. But with all the different brands and products out there, it can be tough knowing where to start!

If your child loves LEGO Ninjango, don't make them wait for Santa! Get them some new LEGO Ninjago-themed bricks for Easter!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start shopping today!

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