Ever wondered how to make counting down to Christmas Day extra fun?

Let's explore the wacky and wonderful world of Advent calendars, where chocolate and paper doors are now as old school as, well, Old St. Nick himself.

So, buckle up in your one-horse open sleigh as we dive into the magical realm of calendars that truly fill our hearts with festive jingles.

What are Advent Calendars?

The holidays are known for fun traditions, and Advent calendars are one for the ages.

With roots in the 19th century, these nifty calendars were born to help us count down the days until Christmas like overexcited kids hopped up on hot cocoa and candy canes.

Historically and religiously linked to the Christian season of Advent, these calendars have transcended their original purpose to become a universal symbol of yuletide joy.

Now, without further ado, let's get into the menagerie of Advent calendars that you, your family, and even your pets can enjoy!

How We Choose

Our selection process is rigorous and carefully curated. We begin by paying close attention to customer reviews and ratings. Additionally, we consider variety, so there is something for everyone on this list.

From LEGO to Disney to adults, we've got every unique taste covered. Need a pre-filled Advent Calendar? We have some of those too - even some for your furry kids!

So, build up the festive anticipation in the most delightful way and sprinkle some additional magic to your holiday season.

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Best LEGO Advent Calendars

Giving "building anticipation" a whole new meaning, LEGO Advent calendars have become the "it" thing for those looking to play their way to Christmas.

Break tradition, and dare we say, "brick tradition," with LEGO Advent Calendar sets that cater to aficionados of all things LEGO, be it Star Wars or City.

Be warned, though, that these LEGO Advent Calendars might lose their fun factor faster than you can say "Owww, I stepped on a rogue LEGO brick!"

So, for families with younger kids, you may want to pre-assemble the kits beforehand to save tears and time.

Pros: Fun builds that keep you entertained and rarely require a trip to the LEGO store for missing pieces.

Cons: Time-consuming build-ups may cause impatient gift receivers to turn into little Grinches.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2023 (75366) with 9 Star Wars Mini LEGO Figures

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar! These LEGO Advent calendars 2023 feature 9 collectible mini figurines including LEGO Star Wars characters Emperor Palpatine, a Gonk Droid dressed as a reindeer, an Ewok in holiday gear, and Princess Leia. This LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar also has 10 mini-build models of vehicles including the Imperial Star Destroyer! It also comes with 5 other LEGO mini builds.

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LEGO City - LEGO Advent Calendars 2023 (60381)

This LEGO Advent Calendar is filled with loads of seasonal fun! The daily surprises include LEGO mini figures of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, an ice hockey player, an ice sculptor, and other mini builds like the snowman and reindeer, a tree, and a LEGO foldout playmat!

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Disney Advent Calendars

Are you ready to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your way into Christmas?

Disney Advent calendars provide a daily dose of all your favorite characters, from the classic princesses to the newer superheroes and villains.

A hit among youngsters (and the young at heart), these calendars come in various forms such as figurine sets, storybook calendars, and even socks!

However, beware of too much Disney magic sparking never-ending renditions of "Let it Go" or "You've Got a Friend in Me."

Pros: Unrivaled in cuteness and perfect for Disney maniacs.

Cons: May become a catalyst for spontaneous Disney sing-a-longs.

Minis Brands Disney Minis by ZURU Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Contains 24 Disney minis which includes 4 never-before-seen Disney Minis exclusive to the Advent Calendar! Each is an exact replica of your favorite characters!

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Funko Pop! Disney: Calendar for Advent

This calendar brings extra magic! Countdown to Christmas with Mickey Mouse and friends! The tiny doors will reveal 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops! featuring Mickey and friends dressed for the holiday.

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DIY Advent Calendars

For the crafty souls looking to put the "art" in "celebratory anticipation," DIY Advent calendars could be your new best friend.

With endless online ideas, you can mix and match different materials, hide treats, and more.

Pros: Unleash your creativity and handpick your treats.

Cons: Crafting curse: you may find yourself drowning in glitter, glue, and a new-found addiction to craft stores.

HYGGEHAUS DIY Reusable Wooden Calendar Boxes for Advent

This unique wooden calendar can serve quite nicely for Advent or be used as storage for your tiny craft supplies! With 6 different-sized drawers, you can fill it with little items, candy, or even lipstick!

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Other Advent Calendars

Harry Potter Advent Calendar: Holiday Magic

Celebrate with Harry Potter and Wizards and delightful creatures in this magical calendar and book filled with more than 25 surprises! Included are exclusive surprises, keepsakes, and collectibles featuring the creatures you love. Will Hermione Granger appear? How about all the best friends of Harry Potter at the Broomsticks Inn?

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ZURU Minis Brands LIMITED EDITION Calendar for Advent

This LIMITED-EDITION set comes with 4 Exclusive never-before-seen Minis! Complete your collection. Add them to your village mini grocery store!

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Bluey Advent Season Calendar | 24 Pieces

Countdown with Bluey! The festive season will get brighter with a Bluey and Bingo toy figure to find. Dressed in their Christmas outfits there are 16 accessories, 6 stickers, and a Christmas Tree to discover as well.

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Yuzhangtong Christmas Die Hard Hans Gruber Fell Off Nakatomi Countdown Calendar for Advent

See?! We told you Die Hard is a Christmas movie! This calendar will make it seem like it's getting closer and closer every day as you watch Hans Gruber fall off the Nakatomi Tower! Too funny!

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Gemstone Calendar for Advent

Become a Geologist in time to show your gemstones to Santa! Comes with a handy dandy pouch to keep all 24 gems safe - agate, green aventurine, hematite, sodalite, tiger's eye, blue calcite, and more!

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Science Calendar for Advent

Get ready for 24 days of science experiments! 🎄🔬 Each day as Xmas approaches, kids will unwrap an awesome science experiment from this excellent science kit. They can also discover a cool gemstone or fossil to add to their collection! Let the scientific adventure begin!

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Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Magnetic Tree Calendar

This super cute Christmas countdown tree includes a magnetized wooden tree, 24 magnetic ornaments, and a star topper! It also comes with an attached wooden box to keep all the ornaments together.

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Green Hills Christmas Countdown to Advent with 28 Ornaments

This adorable wooden tabletop tree set includes 28 Christmas ornaments, a base, and a star. Which little ornament will you hang next? I want the snowman!

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Byers' Choice Tree Calendar for Advent

Designed by Joyce Byers, this wooden Calendar for Advent comes with 24 numbered doors with plenty of space for you to fill. Which door will be opened first?

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Bonne et Filou Dog Monthly Dog Treats Calendar

This LIMITED-EDITION calendar comes filled with handmade treats for your doggo! Included are 4 gourmet macarons, 12 bone treats, and 8 delicious dog truffle treats.

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Larchio Cat Christmas Calendar for Advent

Include your cat in this special calendar tradition for Advent! This calendar comes filled with toys only a cat would love - crinkle balls, mice toys, balls, and more.

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Wowok Christmas Cottage Holiday Puzzle Calendar for Advent for Adults, 1008 pieces

Designed to reveal the winter wonderland scene one day at a time, 24 small boxes with 48 puzzle pieces per box, combine daily revealing the entire 1008-piece jigsaw puzzle. So fun!

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Keurig Advent Variety Pack Calendar, Single Serve K-Cup Pods

A variety of 24 yummy coffee, artificially flavored coffee, Cocoa, and Latte Mix... mmm ☕

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Pukka Herbs Herbal Tea Calendar for Advent

24 different bags of expertly blended organic blends. Discover a delicious flavor every day.

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McCrea’s Gourmet Caramel Calendar for Advent

24 yum-filled doors to open of award-winning caramel treats! Need we say more except, "Get yours today on Amazon!"?

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Holiday Calendar for Spirits for Advent - Alcohol NOT Included

This Adult DIY Calendar gift is completely customizable! Order up to a pack of 5 Advent boxes for Spirits or for Wine and fill it with a variety of Bourbon, Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, various Wine, or Champagne.

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KESOTE 24 Empty Christmas Advent Boxes

24 fillable boxes in different cute designs! Advent number stickers are included but you can also use these as gift boxes instead (sans stickers). Fill them with baked goods, small stuffers, toys, candy, chocolate and so much more!

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Yinder Empty Advent Fill Yourself Boxes

These little boxes are the perfect size for daily Advent Gift boxes. Can fit gifts such as chocolate, candy, coins, trinkets, or baked goods.

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HOMCOM Wooden Calendar Advent House

With an orange roof, little windows, and a door this Advent house has battery-powered LED lights! It also makes great festive decor.

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