Have you been feeling like everything is going wrong? Are you trying to find a way to make things go your way for once?

If that's the case, good luck charms might be something worth looking into! No matter your reasoning, everyone could use a little extra positivity in their life.

World-Wide Appeal

Good luck charms and symbols are prominent in many cultures globally. They've evolved and assimilated as different cultures have come into contact with each other. And several countries share the same lucky charms.

People have been relying on good lucky charms for centuries to bring them good fortune (or lady luck). Though you may not believe in their powers, carrying a good luck charm can be fun and help you stay positive. And sometimes, all it takes to get lucky is having the right attitude.

How We Chose

Many people believe that Lucky Charms have the power to bring good luck into your life. So, if you are looking for a little extra luck in your life, read on to discover some of the most powerful lucky charms from around the world that you can buy. But first...

...What are Lucky Charms?

Lucky charms come in many different forms like jewelry, keychains, and trinkets. And they're known by several different terms like charms, amulets, and talismans. And though they each have subtle differences; each is used for a different purpose.

For example:

  • For good luck wear a charm.
  • For protection (like from danger) wear an amulet.
  • For attracting a specific benefit use a talisman.

Confused? Yeah well, I was too, so read on!

If you can't see something with the naked eye, then it can't exist, right? Could the act of simply carrying around a good luck charm really deflect negativity and only bring in positive energy? Or do you think these supposed good-luck trinkets are just for show? Or maybe, just maybe, could they actually be doing something psychologically to benefit those who carry them around with them day in and day out?

I wouldn't risk it if I were you! I sure don't!

If you're looking for ways to manifest more good luck and wealth, consider adding these charms to your daily routine. Some can easily fit into your pocket or handbag. I have one in my car, and one in my purse.

So, we read thousands of reviews to bring you the best good luck charms that have been used for centuries from around the world. Millions of people can't be wrong!

We hope you find unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any day from the list below! Each product was independently selected by us, and all opinions are our own. Oh, and FYI — StrangeReviewers may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business and we thank you). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Brazil, Peru, and Italy

Best Goldstone Figa

Best Amulets Good Luck Talisman Goldstone Figa Gemstone Carving

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Why We Picked It

The Figa is a lucky amulet.

The word "mano" means hand, and "Figa" is a slang term for femininity. In ancient times, people wore Figa jewelry as an incantation to The Goddess—calling for fertility, virility, and good fortune. They are also commonly worn throughout South America as a symbol of protection from the evil eye.

This Gemstone Figa Carving is hand carved from genuine and natural goldstone. Goldstone is thought to be a stone of ambition, helping people achieve their goals for a bright future. It is also considered a symbol of hopes, ingenuity, and drive. Goldstone is believed to reduce tension and revitalize the wearer, promoting a positive attitude.

Goldstone helps to remove or repel negative energy from your environment and is known as a protection stone. It is also the gemstone of wisdom and discernment, teaching us to remember the light even in darkness and reach for our goals.


Best Money Frog

Wschic Feng Shui Money Frog, Lucky Money Toad Decorations

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Why We Picked It

We think this is a good luck charm.

Money frogs are said to symbolize the flow of money, it is said that these fabulous creatures holding feng shui coins or i ching coins in its mouth appear during a full moon near houses or businesses about to receive good news--usually related to wealth. Feng Shui's belief is that they help protect and attract wealth in addition to preventing bad luck.


Best Black Scarab

Summit Store Egyptian Black Scarab Collectible Figurine

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Why We Picked It

The ancient Egypt black Scarab is an amulet used as a lucky charm. Clear as mud?

What is clear is that since the ancient Egyptians, Modern Egyptians have had a deep-rooted history using a Black Scarab as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This collectible lucky charm figurine has fine details but seems to be a bit smaller in size than it appears.


Best Acorn Pendant

Joji Boutique: Golden Amber Glass Lucky Acorn Pendant 

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Why We Picked It

An acorn is a good luck charm.

Many cultures believe that acorns possess the power to heal. Carrying an acorn is thought to safeguard against various illnesses, discomforts, and pains. It is also said that if you are already ill, an acorn carried on your person will speed up the healing process and ease any pain you may be experiencing.

The acorn also symbolizes growth and potential. It possesses the "oak knowledge" - or everything it needs to become a mighty oak tree. The acorn teaches us about our own potential - how we can grow and achieve more than we could have ever imagined.


Best Little Pig 

Enesco Hoots 'N Howlers Good Luck Pig Token Figurine

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Why We Picked It

A pig is considered lucky! Such a nice little good luck charm!

Pigs in Chinese and European cultures are considered lucky. They are seen as a symbol of wealth, and prosperity, they attract success and fortune!

I guess this small German pig figurine has power - but not mystical power like Wonder Woman's bracelets because this tiny pig is not made of Amazonium. And we're pretty sure this little pig won't protect you from bullets - but it will bring you more luck!


Best Worry Doll 12-Pack 

5Ă´2 - 12 Super Cute Lucky Worry Dolls

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Why We Picked It

Worry dolls are good luck charms and here you get 12 Worry Dolls in 1 bag!

Originating in South America, worry dolls have since been used globally to aid children with managing their anxiousness and stress. These dolls are not a part of any superstitious practices, such as voodoo or bad luck; rather they serve only as helpful tools for kids who struggle with worrying too much.

At first glance, these little ladies don't look like they can do very much but they are also used by adults! And according to an ancient legend in Guatemala, you can unburden all your worries upon a set of worry dolls and place them beneath your pillow before bed. Upon waking in the morning, these Guatemalan dolls have worked their magic so that you no longer feel burdened by anxiety!

They should even work for when you want to lash out at someone but really can't, right? Like my crazy neighbor? She probably thinks I'm the crazy one...and she may be right...just ask my husband and kiddos!

Best Individual Worry Dolls

NOVICA Handmade Worry Dolls with Painted Wood Storage Boxes, Set of 6

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Why We Picked It

We love Worry Dolls and this set of six handmade worry dolls, donning head scarves and colorful dresses make the perfect gift for anyone needing good luck charms.

Each doll is accompanied by a vibrant hand-painted pinewood case to store them in safely. Put one under your pillow at night and let the magic work - when you wake up, the problem will have been reduced or perhaps even solved!

India and Thailand

Best Rose Quartz Elephant

mookaitedecor Rose Quartz Lucky Elephant Crystal Sculpture

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Why We Picked It

Elephants are good luck charms and are a symbol of luck and abundance across Asia, especially in India and Thailand.

Their majestic presence is believed to bring strength, power, stability, and wisdom into the home or workplace. Many good business owners place elephants at their shop entrances for good fortune!

The trunk must also be held high; pointing upwards indicates an auspicious fate awaiting you. With this thought in mind, why not invite these gentle giants into your life today?

Best Bronze Colored Elephant

JFSM Good Lucky Elephant with Raised Trunk

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Why We Picked It

This Elephant lucky charm is super cute!

This cute little guy is a great bronze color addition to your lucky charm collection. It's easy to see why elephants are good luck charms. Plus they have great memories and will always remember to attract luck your way!

Best Laughing Buddha

rockcloud Healing Crystal Carved Lucky Laughing Happy Buddha

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Why We Picked It

The Laughing Buddha is a good luck charm.

In Chinese culture, the Laughing Buddha is known as Hotei and is believed to bring luck and fortune.

Generally placed near entrance doors, his large belly symbolizes joy, the abundance of wealth, and affluence. It's also said that rubbing its protruding abdomen can be a source of good luck! But you have to rub his belly daily! He's small enough to easily carry in your pocket or handbag.


Best Clover Stone

AngelStar Lucky Clover Stone

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Why We Picked It

Four-Leaf Clovers are good luck charms.

Bring yourself the luck of Ireland with this unique ancient Irish symbol that features a genuine Four-Leaf Clover in its center. Every stone comes complete with an 'Irish Blessing' printed envelope - the perfect gift for any occasion!

Best Clover Pendant 

iSTONE Four Leaf Clover Necklace Green Aventurine Gemstone

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Why We Picked It

A Four-Leaf Clover is a good luck charm and what better way is there to display this ancient symbol?

The four-leaf clover is a sign of fortune, brings prosperity, and the leaves represent faith, hopes, love, and luck. This particular piece is crafted from the green Aventurine gemstone which is an emblem of health and serenity.

It's been told that small four-leaf clover pendants made of marble were carried in World War II and looked very similar to this one.

Israel and Middle East

Best Hamsa Hand

LUCKBOOSTIUM Lucky Hamsa Hand Amulet for Evil Eye Protection

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Why We Picked It

The Hamsa Hand is an amulet.

With its centuries-old symbolism, the evil eye is a sign of protection against negative energy that cultures worldwide recognize and respect.

This Hand amulet further amplifies these blessings by inviting luck, fortune, health, and joy into your life. Together they become an even more powerful symbol – twofold good luck in one beautiful amulet!


Best Cornicello

Barzel 18K Gold Plated Flat Mariner Chain with Lucky Italian Cornicello

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Why We Picked It

The Cornicello is an amulet or talisman. For centuries, the Cornicello, or "Italian horn" has been used as an amulet against any malevolence.

It remains a treasured good luck symbol in Italy and is often worn by nursing mothers and expecting women for its protective powers.

Many believers have attributed this talisman to be a safeguard from the misfortune and bad energy that could potentially disrupt relationships or marriages - yet another testament to its remarkable power even today!

Best Cornicello Key Ring

Napoli Italian Luck Charm - Small (Small Lucky Hunchback)

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Why We Picked It

We love this Cornicello amulet - so cute! And he has double the luck carrying a little horseshoe!

From chili peppers to African eland horns, the inspiration behind Cornicello's unique shape has been drawn from a variety of sources. As time passes, it appears in more stylized forms which no longer resemble horns at all.


Best Maneki Neko Key Chains

EatingBiting Random Lucky Japanese Cat Maneki Neko, 12PCS

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Why We Picked It

The Maneki Neko cat is a good luck charm, and this package includes 12 keyrings chosen at random.

The Maneki Neko cat is a symbolic figure of Japan, meant to bring both wealth and fortune. Its iconic gesture features two raised paws - the left for luck and the right paw for prosperity. This exquisite keyring series celebrates that traditional sign of good luck by raising each paw in anticipation of utmost success!

But you may be wondering...is the Maneki Neko waving or beckoning?

The Maneki-Neko, which translates to "beckoning cat" in Japanese, is often mistaken for waving its paw. Although the waving paw motion appears to be...well, waving in Western cultures, according to Japanese culture, this gesture symbolizes beckoning someone over with palms facing forward and fingers pointing down.

The white color is for good luck and overall good fortune, while black is to ward off evil, red is for good health, yellow or gold is for wealth, and pink is for romance.

Best Black Maneki Neko

Kotobuki Lucky Maneki Neko Charm Yakuyoke-un, Black

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Why We Picked It

In Japan, black Maneki Neko are talismans for warding off bad spirits.

One of the most renowned stories surrounding Maneki Neko's beginnings concerns an impoverished shopkeeper and a homeless feline. Despite his financial struggles, this benevolent soul took in the famished stray cat—a gesture that would later change their lives forever.

The shop owner's charity was not taken for granted, as the cat then took it upon himself to sit outside the shop to invite customers into the shop. The sweet kitty, perched upright on its hind legs and gesturing with one paw became a symbol of luck that would eventually turn around the store proprietor's bad fortune.

Now, many business owners still have this common belief and place a black Maneki Neko at their shop front door.


Best Milagros

Mexican Crafters 50 Assorted Mexican Milagros, Silver Color

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Why We Picked It

Milagros are good luck charms.

Milagros, originating from the Spanish word for "miracle" and "surprise," have been used throughout history to bring good luck and protection to those that seek it.

Milagros are powerful symbols of hopes, health, and prosperity - encouraging us all to stay optimistic about our futures!

Milagros are used for requests for protection in one's life - such as well-being or a particular health issue. With this lot, you will receive a packet of 50 different Milagros of a nice variety of people, body parts, and animals. However, if you read the reviews, you will see one woman seemed thrilled to receive two sets of boobs! Now she can ward off breast cancer! Unfortunately, the seller does not provide close-up pictures of individual Milagro types.


Best Tumi Knife

Cedar Wood Lucky Tumi Knife

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Why We Picked It

A Tumi Knife is a good luck charm. The semi-circular bladed knife, known as a tumi, was employed in Incan animal ritual ceremonies like Inti Raymi where they sacrificed a black llama and used its organs to predict the future.

Can you imagine? You'll never look at a steak or raw chicken the same way again. You'll cut it up and prepare to cook, but first, lay out the pieces and tell your kiddos that the meat or chicken parts predicted they will take out the trash and do the dishes! The look on their faces alone will be worth it.

The Paracas civilization utilized these knives for brain surgery too; doctors would open up the skull of someone suffering from mental disorders or cranial fractures so that the "disturbance" could bleed out before covering it with an ornamental gold plate. Even now Peruvians still revere this object by using it as good luck charms.


Best Dala Horse

EHG - Swedish Themed Wood Orange-Red 4" Lucky Dala Horse

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Why We Picked It

The Dala Horse is a good luck charm. The Dala Horse can be traced back to Pagan times and found in Viking graves, which then propelled this symbol of Swedish culture into a primary economic component.

As artisans carved and painted these ornate horses, they were exchanged for goods as a form of local currency. It is believed that the design of a horse will bring good fortune, with intricate patterns embodying either its creators’ hometown or their dreams and wishes.

Furthermore, it is thought that the amount of luck brought to an owner can be measured by how solidly built and artistically crafted their horse is—instilling them with power and gracefulness.


Best Blue Evil Eye

Erbulus Turkish Blue Evil Eye Wall Hanging Ornament

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Why We Picked It

The Turkish Evil Eye is an amulet.

The Nazar Boncuk, or Turkish evil eye lucky charm, was crafted by the Turkish people to protect against malicious spirits and ensure security from harm. This amulet does not bring happiness or good luck; instead, it offers protection from potential ill fortune.

Best Mandala Evil Eye

BCS Mandala Evil Eye Wall Hanging 5.1" Wooden Frame Glass Bead

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Why We Picked It

The Turkish Evil Eye is an amulet.

The classic nazar, or evil eye amulet has a rich history rooted in both Turkish and Greek cultures. Going as far back as 3300 BC to its origin, this distinctive charm is still crafted by expert artisans in Turkey who have kept the tradition alive since 1950.


Best Pysanka Egg on Holder

UA Creations Hand Painted Lucky Lacquered Pysanka Wooden Egg on Holder

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Why We Picked It

Pysanka (plural is Pysanky) are good luck charms.

For hundreds of years, Ukrainians have been adorning Easter eggs with beautiful and intricate designs through a wax-resist technique known as pysanka. These vibrantly colored symbols embody health, fertility, love, and wealth - all important components of life in Ukrainian culture.


Best Pink Dream Catcher

Nice Dream Pink Dream Catcher

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Why We Picked It

A Dream Catcher is a talisman.

Native American lore and legends say that a dream catcher has the power to separate good dreams from bad, only allowing pleasant visions of joy to pass through its center hole and flow down its feathers.

Those fortunate enough to sleep beneath this talisman are promised sweet escapades into the idyllic realm of dreams while any disturbing dreams, bad dreams, and nightmares will be forever ensnared in its web until sunup dispels them away.

Best Cast Iron Horseshoe

TG - Treasure Gurus Cast Iron Horseshoe

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Why We Picked It

A horseshoe is a good luck charm.

The horseshoe, a symbol of good luck both in the United States and across other cultures such as Islamic art and Egyptian iconography, is said to bring protection and success when hung above your door.

Though there are many superstitious tales about this age-old charm, opinions on how it should be displayed remain divided. While some argue that the horseshoe should be oriented upwards to capture and concentrate good luck, others contend that pointing it downwards allows for more of this fortune to shower on all who enter.

Best Rabbit Foot

Dangerous Threads Rabbit Foot Keychains White / Natural, 4 Pcs

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Why We Picked It

A Rabbit's foot is considered a good luck charm.

There are several theories and many legends as to the origin of a lucky rabbit's foot. One theory was that a particular tribe believed that they were of hare or rabbit lineage and as such, worshipped the animals.

They even wore pieces of them for luck; one noteworthy part was their foot, which had a double significance: it symbolized both prosperity and fertility while guaranteeing an abundant harvest.

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed reading this luck charm list and the beliefs held around the world.

Have you picked your next good luck charm yet?

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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