Red is a classic when it comes to Christmas decorations, and for good reason too!

Red ornaments are known to evoke feelings of warmth and joy and bring festive energy. Much like the traditional red and green color scheme of the season, within red ornaments lies the spirit of Christmas - happiness, hope, and celebration.

Unless you're a grump - which then, it won't.

With numerous shapes and sizes to choose from, there is no shortage of delightful decorations that can be used to fill your tree and home with vibrant shades of red that make you smile.

Whether they are simple baubles or elegant glass designs coated in glittery accents, red ornaments create holiday cheer that is guaranteed to warm your home this Yuletide season.

The Anti-Scrooge Effect!

As the holidays roll around, many of us become eager to decorate our space. Traditional, new, or vintage ornaments that have been in the family for years fill us with fun memories and comfort during a time of year that is often busy and overwhelming.

Each one brings its own special meaning and memories and hopes of spending time with the ones we love (even some we don't so much...heck, they're family...get over it).

Red Christmas ornaments bring a warm, familiar cheer to any holiday home.

Except When You See Red...Which is Warmth, but Definitely Not Joy!

But I digress...

We read thousands of reviews to bring you a list of the best red Christmas ornaments and what each item features. Read below to see this best-seller ornament collection, by brand, that is currently on sale for the holidays this year. We're sure it will be easy to find a festive ornament that has the right amount of sparkle and style!

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Check these out - most sellers offer deals with items currently on sale!

KI Store - Red Christmas Balls, 34pcs

Made of shatterproof plastic - add these to your cart!

Check Price on Amazon!

Krebs - Christmas Tree Glass Ornaments Handmade, Set of 8

Red velvet colors are the perfect choice to add texture to your decor. Made with molten glass to create seamless globes.

Check Price on Amazon!

LONGWIN - Crystal Teardrop Ornaments, 20pcs

These are K9 crystal, ooohh prettee.

Check Price on Amazon!

Marketing totally works on me - can you tell?

....Which is why I'm no longer allowed to go to Costco. So now I shop on Amazon! 😃

Wironlst - Christmas Glitter Snowflake Ornaments, 40CT

Made of plastic, these Christmas ornaments are a great addition to your decorating collection.

Check Price on Amazon!

Blossomz - Red Hot Finial Drop Ornaments, 8pcs

Shatterproof ✔ shiny✔ matte✔ glitter-drenched✔ holographic glitter sparkle✔

Check Price on Amazon!

PartyBySam - Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

Super cute snowman! Maybe his name is Parson Brown? Get it? "In the meadow, we can build a snowman and pretend that he is"...

Check Price on Amazon!

ChrisWish - Christmas Ornaments, 12pcs

Sparkling pearls!

Check Price on Amazon!

Leitee - Christmas Star Ornaments, 12pcs

This holiday decor works well on wreaths, garlands, the tree...

Check Price on Amazon!

Kurt S. Adler Red with Holly Leaf Glass Ball, 6pcs

Made of glass - kiddos beware!

Check Price on Amazon!

Dilatata - Large Christmas Ornaments, Shatterproof, 2pcs

Onion ornament!

Check Price on Amazon!

AuldHome Small Glass Finial Ornaments, Set of 12

Made of glass like mercury glass was made long ago.

Check Price on Amazon!

KI Store Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments, Set of 8

Mercury Glass - hold it in your hand carefully - they've got some heft.

Check Price on Amazon!

ZHMTang Twisted Aluminum Icicles, 24pcs

A great addition to the holiday décor mix!

Midwest-CBK Cute Christmas Holiday Pastry Chef Bakers Apron

A baking Christmas ornament!

Check Price on Amazon!

TKYGU Finial Droplet Tree Decorations, 30pcs

Creativity at its finest!

Check Price on Amazon!

OLIKER Christmas Feather Ornament, 12pcs

Unique decorating idea!

Check Price on Amazon!

Ivenf Tomte Gnome Christmas Decorations, 8 Pack

Love them!

Check Price on Amazon!

Prextex Christmas Ornaments, 36pcs

Features 6 styles in 3 sizes of shatterproof ornaments.

Check Price on Amazon!

Ganz Merry Merlot Wine Glass Ornament

Funny Christmas ornament!

Check Price on Amazon!

Vickerman 62" Finial Christmas Shatterproof Materials

62 inches - Wow!

Check Price on Amazon!

Holyhom Lit Vintage Musical Red Truck Decor


Check Price on Amazon!

I think it's hilarious that the following (brand Alpurple, and brand Sanno) birds are listed as artificial.

And for that reason alone, I bought them!

I clipped them on my hair, clothes, and fingernails and ran around the house screaming...Freaked. The. Kids. Out!

I tried to clip one on my nose, but it hurt too much - so don't try that at home!

Alpurple - Red Cardinal Bird Clips for Christmas Tree, 12 PCS

Not a real bird.

Check Price on Amazon!

Sanno - Christmas Robin Clip-On Birds, 6 pcs

Also, artificial.

Check Price on Amazon!

Notice: All birds listed here, are in fact, artificial. No birds were injured in the making of these beautiful Christmas designs.

Old World Christmas Glass Blown Christmas Tree Ornaments

The following ornaments are from the Old World brand. They make beautifully unique ornaments from molten glass which are mouth-blown in age-old techniques. You know, like grandmas...almost.

You'll want to add an ornament or two to your collection this year - they have great deals and sale prices!


This ornament is also, not a real bird. Okay, I'll stop now.

Check Price on Amazon!

English Phonebooth

Check Price on Amazon!

Large Matte Red Heart

Check Price on Amazon!

Thanks for reading!

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