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Reba Sue

Bob Ross and the Allure of Coloring

In a world that is increasingly digital, there is something appealing about going back to basics. That might be one reason why people are fascinated by Bob Ross, the public television personality who taught a generation of Americans how to paint "happy little trees." Ross's amiable...

Reba Sue

How Did Bob Ross Die?

If you’re like the thousands of people who watched Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting in the 1980s and 1990s, you might be wondering how did Bob Ross die? After all, he was one of the most beloved television personalities. Well, if you’re curious, we have the answers....

Matilda Rose

Bob Ross Christmas Ornaments!

Bring some holiday cheer into your home with Bob Ross Christmas Ornaments! Commemorate the creator of "Happy Little Trees" Bob Ross by hanging Bob Ross Christmas Ornaments on this year's tree! Happy Little Ornaments Christmas is almost here, and with Bob Ross Christmas ornaments hanging from...

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