Remember that tattered old teddy bear you lugged around as a five-year-old?

Or perhaps, the cozy baby blanket that sat dutifully at the corner of your bed through your teens?

Yep, we're talking about those unforgettable transitional objects from our childhoods.

However, did you ever wonder how those precious "must-haves" evolved into adulthood? Join us as we dive into the journey of what goes from a blanky, to sometimes a 7 a.m. latte.

Examples and Ideas:

1. Stuffed Animals: Childhood might have been filled with cuddly lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). But adulthood brings its own crowd of less furry but equally snuggly companions, such as a memory foam pillow, or our cuddle-bug doggo, Sir Barkley. The emotional attachment remains, but the form evolves.

But don't use the family doggo as a transitional object because he'll just walk away if you hug him too hard.

2. Security Blanket: Remember tearing through your linen closet as a kid to rescue your snuggliest bedspread? And crying if your parents threw it in the wash? Well, adulthood's version comes in the form of a soft throw, perfect for movie night or that much-needed catnap after a long day at work.

3. Special Toys and Trinkets: As kids, we all had that one go-to toy that never left our side. As a child grows into an adult, this transitional object may transform into cycling gear, gaming consoles, or knitting needles (whatever floats your boat).

4. Collector's Items: If you were "that kid" who scoured flea markets for vintage comic books, chances are you've upgraded to collectibles like rare vinyl records, designer handbags, or action figure collectibles. Your wallet might protest, but hey, it's a passion!

Now Let's Give it a Mother's Day Gift Guide Twist:

This Mother's Day, why not take Mom on a nostalgic adventure?

Gift her an upgraded version of her favorite childhood transitional object!

Not sure what her favorite was? Here are some ideas:

1. Custom Teddy Bear: If Mom was a stuffed animal lover, surprise her with a custom bear – personalized with her favorite color and her name embroidered on its delicate paws.

2. Luxurious Throw Blanket: Swap her treasured childhood blanky with a high-quality, luxurious throw that's perfect for cuddling up on the couch.

3. DIY Sentimental Trinkets: If Mom was attached to favorite toys when she was a child, consider having one or two restored or create a DIY replica with your own unique spin.

4. Vintage Collector's Items: Curate a collection of vintage items that remind her of when she was a child like heirlooms or trinkets and tell her you're celebrating her youth.

Our transitional objects may have changed through the years, but our emotional attachment to them remains.

How We Choose a Transitional Object

Whether it's bears or fluffy pillows, there's no denying the power of these objects to carry us through difficult times. So, we read the reviews to bring you this fabulous list so that this Mother's Day, you can honor the bond between Mom and her favorite memory from when she was a kiddo with a thoughtful and nostalgic gift that's both sentimental and humorous.

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Enjoy Our Modern Take on Transition Objects!

Basically, huggable stuff we loved and were attached to as kids that still bring us comfort and joy.

Best Handmade Teddy Bear Transitional Objects

Leesa Jo Schenk Handmade, Personalized Teddy Bears, Namesake Gift, Originals

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Why We Picked It

Were you the type of child who found comfort in a soft toy and used them as security blankets?

I was that child!

As a younger child, every time I would worry or get anxious or needed emotional support or help falling asleep, I cuddled with a lovey.

Maybe your mom did too when she was a child?

This transitional object is the quintessential of all transitional objects because almost every person can relate to it in one way or another.

These transitional object bears are handmade from fabric scraps that gives them their unique appearance. Plus, they can be made personalized with your mom's name! And this seller goes above and beyond and includes the meaning of your mom's name on a tag that explains its origin.

How cool is that!

Get your mom this great transitional object today!

Best Weighted Bear Pillow Transitional Object

CSVBTRF 1.8lb Bear Weighted Stuffed Animal, Hugging Pillow Gift - BrownPlush Animals Bear Plush, 19"

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Why We Picked It

When you're just a kid the soft squishy stuff in your room is your emotional support system, especially when mom and dad are not around.

When a parent leaves a child for the workday, or any reason, the child tends to get anxious and feel "lost". Sometimes, it's not that different as you get older, just ask any military spouse, or aging parent about that.

Enter a weighted stuffy!

This is an especially soothing transitional object as it calms nerves and anxiety. Let's say your mother is now living alone and has some separation anxiety - this kind of transitional object can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and help her fall asleep.

Object NOT suitable for an infant.

Get your mom this great transitional object today!

Despite what some people think, transitional objects are not a sign of weakness or insecurity. -

Best Heat-able Stuffed Animal Transitional Object

Frog Warmies - Cozy Plush Heatable Lavender Scented Stuffed Animal for Adults

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Why We Picked It

Did you notice that the Warmies brand is the number one choice for reliable and trusted hot/cold therapy and spa gifts?

When you experience the aromatherapy of lavender you will notice how comfort and relaxation will start to wash over you and leave you in a wonderfully smelling cloud of warmth and calmness.

I'll explain...

...these transitional objects are filled with natural grain and French lavender. This transitional object is a perfect sleep buddy, travel companion & more!

Enjoy its soothing effects while decreasing anxiety levels in no time at all.

A transitional object is comforting when the mother is not around or at any other time. -

Best Comfy Throw Transitional Object

Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw - Fluffy Plush Lightweight Cozy with Sherpa for Couch Sofa Living Room Bedroom

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Why We Picked It

Did your heart break a little when as a child your mother threw out your thread bare security blanket?

Of course, it did!

Your thread bare blankets got that way because you loved it so much! It was important to your emotional development as a child.

But now you're all grown up...unless you're my man-child husband 🙄

So now you can get cozy and warm and find comfort with extremely luxurious, soft, and fluffy blankets - YaY adulthood!

Transitional objects that hug you all over!

Children will hold the transitional object, toss it, mouth it, bite it and, when the time comes, lose interest in it. That's part of the reason why it’s called transitional. It helps the child move from one stage of development to the next. As the child develops, other things become more interesting. -

Best Wearable Fleece Blanket Robe Transitional Objects

Catalonia Wearable Fleece with Sleeves and Foot Pockets for Adult Parents, Micro Plush Comfy Wrap Sleeved Throw Robe Large

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Why We Picked It

Did you flunk at sharing your objects when you were a young child?

Sharing is an important part of our emotional development and usually develops in our first few years of life.

But now with this wearable fleece with arms and built-in foot pockets...all bets are off!

Snuggle up in comfort with this ultra-soft, 100% micro plush polyester fleece! This luxuriously thick and warm material is perfect for use year-round.

It'll be your new object from the first time you wear it!

Transition objects are often the first "not me" possession that really belongs to the child. - Wikipedia

Best Cat Body Pillow Transitional Object

Mewaii Long Cat Plush Kawaii Body Pillow, 20” Cute Black Cat Stuffed Animals Soft Plushies

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Why We Picked It

Did you have a favorite pillow growing up?

Me too - I still do. I'm still that person that can only sleep on one certain pillow.

This multifunctional cat body pillow isn't only a hug-friendly cuddly companion, but this fun object is also the perfect lumbar cushion when you're seated on your sofa and an ideal sleeping aid for those cozy nights in bed.

When life gets lonely or stressful from work, just wrap yourself up with this comforting plushie to instantly banish all bad vibes!

Get your transitional objects today!

Smith College - conducted research on clinical psychology mental health case studies regarding transitional objects in adult treatment in an effort to understand a patient's underlying conflicts.

Best Ladybug Lucky Charm Studs Transitional Objects

Stud Earrings, Red Ladybug Black Spots 18K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Post Rose Flower Stud Earrings for Women and Girl

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Why We Picked It

Transitional objects also serve an additional purpose; they may act as lucky charms that remind us to stay positive and hopeful!

For centuries, many different societies and cultures made a connection to ladybugs and considered them a sign of good fortune. Some suggest that when one lands on you, the number of spots reveals how much luck you'll have or even how long until your fondest wish is fulfilled!

Give your mother the perfect gift of good luck with these exquisite hand painted Sterling silver ladybug stud earrings featuring beautiful enamel in a vibrant shade of red. 925 is stamped on each post to guarantee its authenticity, making it an investment for years to come.

Or let us point you to this option - Little Ladybug Key Chain with Birth Year and Lucky Copper Penny - so cute!

Check Price on Etsy

Transitional Objects also help manage grief. “A transitional object brings a certain level of comfort to a person,” says Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, - a New York City-based neuropsychologist and director of Comprehend the Mind. Transitional objects can help someone remember who they’ve lost in this world by having a tangible thing that keeps them ‘alive.’ (For example, someone's t-shirts before you throw them in the wash).

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Transitional Objects

White Mountain Puzzles the Eighties - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Why We Picked It

Who remembers the 80s?

Mothers of the 80s might like this puzzle featuring a collage of fashion, sports, celebrities, politicians, and some of the most recognizable characters of the special era called the 80s.

No lie - when I was a kid, I could put a 1000-piece puzzle together in under 2 hours...all by myself!

Those days are gone.

A jigsaw puzzle is one of those transitional objects that transfer from childhood to adulthood, and I still find tremendous comfort in them. They are also great for making a connection with those that help you put the puzzle together.

Great object for your puzzle loving mom!

Transitional objects, such as prized possessions, can be a source of comfort and a visual reminder of pleasant memories during times of stress or anxiety. -

Best Music Box Transitional Object

LILYXIN Cute Little Red Riding Hood Mini Music Box, Cartoons Wooden Mechanical Music Box for Adults, The Music Box Gift That Sings Castle in The Sky - Handmade

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Why We Picked It

Did you believe in fairies when you were a kid? And truth-be-told you still do?

Enter the magic of a music box!

A music box is a tangible representation of the mysterious other world that lies beyond human comprehension. It acts as both an outlet to explore the realms of immortality and life after death, while also delving into enchanting magic and mythical creatures such as elves and fairies.

I'll explain...

So, here you get several transitional objects in one single object - for example:

  • A belief in fairies and elves that you carried into adulthood.
  • Then your love for music boxes - most people remember the first time they heard a music box - they tend to be a little mysterious.
  • And music! The music from a music box sounds like it comes from another world.

Speaking of music - I believe I carried over the same dance moves from when I was a kid. 😏

This wooden music box plays the classical melody of " Castle in The Sky" and is perfect object gift for your mom on Mother's Day, or any set of parents.

Best Vintage Design Set Transition Object

Spirograph Design Set Tin -- Classic Gear Design Kit in a Collectors Tin 

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

OMG - I remember this!

And I remember I had such a hard time with this when I was little, but I loved it so much - it was our babysitter!

Since its introduction in 1965, Spirograph has captivated hearts and minds. Developed by a brilliant mechanical engineer as an engineering tool, this remarkable invention harnesses the power of both art and mathematics to create sensational works of creative genius. Over the past fifty-five years, generations have enjoyed the magic that is Spirograph!

And it comes in a fun collector’s tin!

And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed this listicle, and we're glad we could point you in the direction to get a good sense of some fun object gift ideas for Mother's Day!

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping!

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