Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care.

But this year, why not think outside the box and give a unique, meaningful gift that will guarantee a smile?

Valentines Gnomes are the perfect way to do just that!

These little guys come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to be a hit with your kids or sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose an adorable smiling gnome with bright eyes or a more unusual version, everyone will love these cute critters.

A Gnome for Luck

Gnomes are charming creatures who represent good luck and fortune in many cultures around the world. Plus, they're great home decor ideas for around the house or placed on desks for an extra bit of charm.

Gnomes are loved worldwide for their charm and unique look, which is why a Gnome collection is not unusual.

Fun Fact:

Currently, there are 25 million garden gnomes in Germany alone. Legends tell us that Gnomes were believed to guard buried treasure and minerals beneath the soil centuries ago. Nowadays, they are watchful protectors of crops and livestock and keep watch of your house and scaring cats away.

Best Valentine Gnomes

So, we read the reviews to bring you a fun list of Gnomes for your Valentines! With a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect gift for your loved one.

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Best DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes

MountainViewDesignsS - Adorable DIY Valentine Gnome

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Valentine's Day isn't just about chocolates and roses.

It's a time to unleash your inner artist and create something that comes straight from the heart. Imagine whimsical, double-layered DIY Valentine Gnomes that are just waiting for a splash of color to bring it to life.

These DIY Valentine Gnomes are each crafted with precision from birch wood by a laser cutter. Each charming little fellow stands proud at 9.75 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.

It's not just a decoration; it's a love-filled project that you assemble and personalize with your own creative touch.

Though the hot glue, paint, and supplies are not included, the potential for fun and the satisfaction of creating something unique is limitless.

All of these DIY Valentine Gnomes arrive with all pieces taped together, providing a sneak peek at the final look and a guide for your crafting journey.

These adorable DIY Valentine Gnomes are perfect for a paint party or a cozy night in. Adorn your homemade gnome with the colors of love and get ready to fall in love with crafting all over again!

Note:- This listing is for a single Valentine Gnome piece - just one.

Best Jim Shore Valentine Gnome

BestCart2021 - Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Love and Hearts Gnome, 5-Inch

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Did you know that 'Gnomebody Loves You as Much as I Do'?

That's the title of this little cutie.

Jim Shore's distinct style comes from inspiration by both American and European folk-art styles. These unique pieces will bring a treasured look to your home decor.

At just 5 inches tall, this little Valentine Gnome packs a punch of style with decorative hearts and comes in a gift box with photos on the front.

Best Enesco Valentine Gnome

WanDeDe - Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Gnome Holding a Heart Figurine, 6.5 Inch

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Do you have "Love that has Gnome End"?

Jim Shore finds his inspiration for his stunning Gnomes from traditional folk-art quilting, rosemaling, and tole painting designs that bring it to life.

These unique Gnomes include an individual gift box for convenient gifting or storage.

Best Solar Light Valentine Gnome

Toms Borderline Bargains - Mark & Margot Lady Gnome with Solar Light, 13-Inch

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Who wouldn't want to invite this cute little lady to your garden?

Positioned in a timelessly pigeon-toed stance atop a stunning, mossy foundation that matches her hat perfectly, makes her the cutest companion to your vibrant blooms!

This lucky little Valentine Gnome lady in her cute heart apron and green hat over her face will keep an eye on your yard while you are sleeping.

Don't you just love Valentine's Day Gnomes!? 🥰

Best Valentine Gnome Magnetic Mailbox Cover

sheli_fcb - Miaoquhe Valentine Gnome Day Magnetic Mailbox Cover, 18 x 21 Inches

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

This is just a stinkin' cute idea!

Details That Stand out From the Rest!

If you live in a cookie cutter area where homes all look the same and you have trouble spotting yours, then this will help identify home!

Designed with waterproof Oxford cloth, this beautiful decor piece conveniently meets US postal requirements for standard mailboxes!

Best Valentine Gnome Garden Flags

ofthewa-0 - Valentine Gnome Buffalo Plaid Burlap Flag, 12.5 x 18 Inches Valentine's Day Gnomes

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Don't decorative flags make you smile?

They're fun, right?

A flag out front you can watch as it will whip around in the wind is a sign of a festive spirit!

My neighborhood displays flags for all Holidays from Christmas to Christmas - for any holiday or occasion you can think of. And what better design to be on your flags than Gnomes?

They're fun, right?

So, get your double-sided burlap garden flag and let your Holiday Gnomes Display soar!

Best Valentine Gnome Home Garden Flags

Briarwood Lane Love Valentine Gnome Burlap House Flag, 28" x 40" Inches

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Do you love rustic charm?

Briarwood Lane proudly offers craftsmanship of superior quality supplies with vibrant and captivating double-sided original artwork on both sides of a burlap fabric - a great combination of texture and rustic charm.

Sure to be making memories for years!

Best Plush Gnomes Valentine Gnome

thric3used - Plush Valentine Scandinavian Tomte Gnome Set, 2 pcs

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Were you struck by Cupid and now you can't stop thinking about your special person?

Well, consider yourself lucky since Gnomes protect and bring good luck!

These adorable Scandinavian Gnomes have a soft felt body, a wooden nose, a white beard for him and braids for her, tall hats (that have floral wire) for posing, and a felt cupid bow and arrow.

These Nordic Gnomes are heavy-bottomed so you can hold them, or they can stand alone, but they prefer to stand together!

Best Valentine Gnome Funny Garden Gnomes

Tatiana's gifts souvenirs and more - Valentine Gnome Couple - Forever, 6.25 inch Tall Valentine's Day Gomes

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Would you like to commemorate special moments like this adorable little Gnome couple?

They're sitting on cute toadstool mushrooms - but you would crush cute little toadstool mushrooms - so go sit somewhere else. 😉😀

These Valentine's Day Gnomes have great details and are just right for gifting to that special "forever" someone in your life.

Great gift to confirm how you feel about each other.

Awww...look, you're in love 🥰

Best Valentine Gnomes Funny Garden Gnome

DWK - Growing Old Together Garden Valentine Gnome Couple, 5.75-Inch Valentine's Day Gnomes

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Are you looking for a gift that looks how love feels?

Well, then search no more!

Wouldn't you want to be sitting side-by-side with your sweetheart on a magical log, forever inseparable as you share your love just like these adorable gnomes are doing?

This cute little duo was hand-painted, making each piece a unique work of art.

"Grow old with me, the best is yet to be..." there's no Gnome buts about it!

Valentine's Day Gnomes are the best!

Best Valentine Gnome with Roses

LittleGardenGnomes - Garden Valentine Gnome Holding Rose, 15-16cm

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Are you looking for a Valentine's Day gift that will express your feelings for years?

Well, let me introduce you to my little Gnome friend!

He's made of resin, is hand-painted, has kind eyes, and his roses will stay vibrant all year round.

This little guy is bringing you roses which represent love and is a unique way to tell your snuggle muffins just how you feel about know...if you can't say the words.

Get your Valentine's Day Gnomes today!

Best Desktop Valentine Gnome

aewoory hot selling - Valentine Gnome with Big Red Heart, 4.8in Tall Valentine's Day Gnomes

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Are you looking for a unique Valentine's gift?

Embrace the love with this handmade and sturdy Valentine's Day Gnomes figurine and create some happy vibes!

These little Gnomes will be making memories for years! So, share the luck with your loved ones!

Best Knight in Shining Armor Valentine Gnome

nicron69 - Braxio Valentine Gnome MY GNOME in Shining Armor, 4.5 Inch

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

What damsel doesn't want a Knight in Shining Armor, especially on Valentine's Day?

This handsome Silver Devil is sure to take your Valentine by surprise!

He's small and funny and makes for great decor ideas. Who knows, he may even bring good luck this Valentine's.

Give her a gift that will last for years - Valentine's Day Gnomes!

And That's It

We hope you enjoyed this review of Valentine's Day Gnomes.

Not only is a Valentine's Day Gnome a unique gift, but it's also a gift that will last more than just one holiday season. This year, share some love with an adorable Valentine’s Day Gnome!

Thank you for reading and Happy Valentine's Day Shopping!

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