Who knew that Squishmallows had the power to spread so much love this Valentine's Day?

If you can't find a way to verbally express your affection for someone special, just grab yourself a selection of the cuddly plush and squishable Valentine's holiday Squishmallows!

Best Valentine Squishmallows

These adorable soft plush Squishmallows make a wonderful gift. Not only are they comfy and huggable but they have special powers - or at least that's what we hear!

Whether it's peace, harmony, or even luck, sharing a Squishmallow with someone is sure to bring lots of squishable love.

This Valentine's Day, why not give the gift of a Squishmallows hug?

Get your very own Squishmallows to share the love and make your valentine feel extra special. And don't forget...the bigger the hug, the better!

So, we read the reviews and checked these little soft plush guys out to bring you the best Valentine's Day Squishmallows to choose from for your lovey-dovey wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, Aunt Mildred, or kiddo.

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Valentine's Day Squishmallows by the Inch!

Squishmallows Valentine's Day Squad Stuffed Animal Ryan Husky, 5-Inch Plush

Ryan enjoys playing sports and learning about robots and technology! NWT - pameldreisbac-036

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Squishmallows Bernie St Bernard, 5-Inch

Bernie loves the fresh air of the mountains and wants to work as an EMT to assist in mountain rescues. He loves snow and sledding with his buddies. NWT - queencitysquishmallows2

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Squishmallows Valentine Stuffed Animal, Kent the Chameleon, 8-Inch Plush

Kent loves to play-act and learn about the characters he plays. He is rehearsing for his first musical! He also loves to go to the theatre, especially on Valentine's Day! NWT - BelowTags

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Squishmallows Chloeyana Dog Squishy Soft Stuffed Animal, 8-Inch

This loveable stuffed animal is always happy to see you! She loves you, playing, going for walks, and taking naps. NWT - myplace2sell

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Squishmallows Valentine Squad Reginald the Corgi Dog Puppy, 8-Inch

This is Reginald, but you can call him "Reggie". Reggie loves to play Lacrosse. In fact, he's the captain of his team! He also likes to watch movies with his teammates. He has lots of hugs and squishes to give your child or sweetheart on Valentine's Day! NWT - itsfamilystore

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Squishmallows Kate the Llamacorn, 8-Inch

Kate loves to travel and watch sports with her family and friends! She especially loves to eat macaroni and cheese, one of her favorites, while watching the game. She's not a unicorn Squishmallow...she's a Llamacorn! NWT - Heather's Haulin' Hauls

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Squishmallows Valentines Squad Francesca Pink Owl, 8-Inch Plush

Francesca loves to deliver Valentine's Day cards to your friends but loves heart-shaped lollipops even more! NWT - Iuaguiar

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Squishmallows Walsh the Red Rose, 8-Inch

Meet Walsh the Rose Valentine's Day Squishmallow! She's a new 10-inch plush, released in January 2023, and ready for lots of hugs from your child or Valentine's Day sweetheart! NWT - karemore kollectibles

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Squishmallows Rei the Pegasus Squishy Stuffed Animal, 8-Inch

Squishy purple fun! Rei loves to display her Valentine's Day holiday spirit with cute little hearts on her sweet little belly. She also has the cutest textured tail! NWT - xeenakat

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Squishmallows Caparinne The Pink Bigfoot, 10-Inch

Sweet Caparinne the Bigfoot! 'Cause who doesn't need a loveable and squeezable Pink Bigfoot? Caparinne loves picking fresh flowers from her garden and placing them in her room. She's the perfect gift for kids who love stuffed animals! NWT - SCS Direct (Order more and save!)

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Squishmallows Esmeralda Unicorn, 10-Inch Hug Mees Plush

Esmeralda's personality is as colorful as she is! As you may have guessed, she is also very creative with her artwork. NWT - Mallows Wheels and More

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And That's It!

We hope you enjoyed this review of Valentine's Day Squishmallows!

Squishmallows are plush stuffed animals that have stood the test of time. And by now, most of us are familiar with the popularity of these warm cuddly, and squishable fun Squishmallows.

But did you know they're good for you too?

Not only do Squishmallows fill your hearts with love and affection, but it's been published that they also offer comfort, support, and warmth for kids and adult loved ones alike. And we think that's pretty magical!

So, click on an eBay link above (and save) for squishable plush Squishmallows for your life loves today.

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