Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, and for many of us, it’s a time to show that special someone in our life just how much we care.

But let’s face it - Valentine's Day can get pricey when you want to get the perfect gift for your loved one. That’s why we’ve put together this list of budget-friendly Valentine’s gifts that won’t break the bank!

Cupid knows the financial stress of the winter-long holidays may still be lingering, but that doesn't mean you can't show your loved ones how much they mean to you this Valentine's Day. No matter who it is, there are plenty of meaningful gift options listed here.

Looking to Celebrate Valentine's Day on a Budget?

Don't sweat it - because there are plenty of ways to show your partner how much they mean to you without spending lots of cash.

Fun Surprise

On this most romantic holiday, you can always buy a little something, like a lottery ticket, and combine it with a freebie, such as spending quality time together walking hand-in-hand on the beach, or a romantic movie, or a romantic dinner at sunset. The possibilities are endless!

So don't worry about money this Feb 14th; plenty of (low-cost) cheap Valentine's Day ideas are available for everyone!

Your beloved is sure to be smitten with whatever thoughtful gift you choose this year.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Sick of the world being decked out in red and pink? Yes, love is in the air, but it doesn't have to mean romantic love. Don't forget mom, dad, and the kiddos too. We listed presents the whole family can enjoy!

How We Choose

We read thousands of reviews to bring you the most unique, extra special, and cost-effective Valentine's Day gift ideas for when you’re counting coins.

There are plenty of ways to surprise that special someone! Don't let cost prevent you from expressing your love this February 14th - get creative instead and make it an unforgettable day that won’t drain your wallet dry in the process!

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Check Out These Valentine's Day Ideas

Best Love Day Flour Sack Dish Towel Waffle Weave Hand Towel

Moonlight Makers Funny Flour Sack Dish Towel, Olive Me Loves Olive You

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Feel like livening up the mood in the kitchen?

Bring smiles to your kitchen with this delightfully humorous flour-sack dish towel! Created from 100% cotton and screen printed with eco-friendly ink, these towels are highly absorbent after a couple of washes.

These towels are made from natural cotton and recycled materials, so you may see small colored threads woven into the fabric.

A great gift to use while you're cooking a romantic meal!

Best Rose Quartz Heart

Ulloacreations - Rose Quartz Hearts 2" x 2"

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Do you know someone who feels the comfort only a worry stone can give?

The beautiful Rose Quartz Heart is the perfect size to hold in your hand for relaxation, anxiety relief, or meditation and it also fits easily in a pocket.

Each rose quartz heart will vary slightly in size and coloration.

Place this stone in a sweet gift box and you will have a Valentine's Day gift they'll love. Or it can be a birth month gift or any special day gift too!

Who knows, maybe having this beautiful heart in your pocket will give you an edge on game night - a lucky charm for the win!

Best Heart Shaped Soap

SunbasilgardenSoap Valentine's Day Heart SOAP in a Jar Conversation Sweetheart Soaps

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Are you looking to kill germs in style?

Show your affection with these handmade conversation heart soaps!

Eighteen 1"x1" mini hearts in an assortment of pastel colors and playful words- just like classic Sweetheart candy - this is a delightful gift!

These handmade soaps are crafted in the USA, sourced from eco-friendly ingredients, and created daily using traditional small-batch techniques.

Makes the perfect gift for family members, friends, colleagues... even that hard-to-shop-for person on your list!

Best Blooming Tea

Teabloom Flowering Tea - 12 Unique Varieties of Fresh Blooming Tea Flowers

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Would you like to amaze a loved one with unique flowers?

This exquisite Teabloom Flowering Tea Gift Set, featuring 12 different varieties of delightful tea blooms, will do just that!

These flowering teas are handcrafted with the highest-quality green tea leaves and edible flowers.

Unlike fresh flowers which wither and wilt away quickly - tea blossoms linger longer because they open only when steeped in hot water releasing their beautiful petals and wonderful aromas - creating sheer amazement every single time!

To me, this is a beautiful way to drink a warm "cuppa" tea.

Best Itty Bitty Love Letters

keane922 - Infmetry Cute Capsules in a Glass Bottle - Lovely Pill Notes, 90 pcs

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Who doesn't fascinate about finding a message in a bottle?

How about a message in a capsule?

Need a creative way to express your affection for a loved one? These super cute novelty pill capsules are the perfect solution!

Inside each one of these 90 individual colorful capsules lies an empty piece of paper, allowing you to craft unique love letters every day.

Plus, they come in a glass bottle – making them eye-catching when displayed. So don’t be afraid to say how you feel - give them the cure-all that is sure to make any sweetheart smile!

Best Idea for NEW V-Day Relationship

frugalmama13 - Hallmark Paper Wonder Valentine's Day Gift Pop-Up Card

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Are you in a new relationship and looking for ideas for Valentine's Day?

If you're not sure what to get your Valentine, give them this lovely card!

It can be a solo gift, or in addition to the dinner you're making or the walk you will be taking.

If you want to spice things up a bit, include a lottery ticket and see where that takes you! Just be sure you'd be okay if you just gave away the winning ticket. (I know I wouldn't be unless, of course, it was for my husband, then it would be okay. Okay, terrible advice!!).

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a Valentine's card.

Best Cardstock Flowers

hans_muller - Paper Love 3D Romantic Pop-Up Card, Love Bouquet

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

This is just too stinkin' cute!

This stunning handcrafted Love bouquet pop-up Valentine's Day card boasts a romantic 3D design, resembling a captivating red flower arrangement.

Crafted from the most superior cardstock available and detailed with precision laser-cutting, every one of these paper creations is assembled with passion for excellence.

Each card has a note tag so you can write something special without ruining the art on the card.

Best Manly Man Keychain

KeepsakeDesignsByKim - You're My Favorite Beardo Weirdo Keychain

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Do you love your facial-haired manly man?

Keychains make the best Valentine's Day gifts for your boyfriend or husband, especially if he has a beard!

Also, inexpensive, affordable, cheap Valentine's Day gifts (in terms of money) are a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day especially if it's your first date.

Can you imagine the impression you'd make if you showed up with a small gift on your first date night?

Totally cool smooth move!

Oh, and BTW, it comes in a nice gift pouch!

You're welcome!

Best Personalized V-Day Gift

ChangeandCharms - Personalized Lucky Penny Keychain - Valentine's Gift for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Anniversary Gift, For Him, Husband, Wife Gift, Wedding, Custom Gift, Lucky Keychain

Check Price on Etsy!

Why We Picked It

Are you thinking about Valentine's ideas with a more personal touch?

This artist will hand stamp your and your partner's initials and the date you want to commemorate and add a heart around the year on the penny.

If you need a penny older than 1985 - please contact the seller.

Real pennies are used so they will tarnish over time... as pennies do.

Best Heart-Shaped Waffles

vivasupply_co - DASH Red Mini Waffle Maker Makes Heart-Shaped Waffles, 4-Inch

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

If you're looking for something more practical but still fun, we've got you covered there as well!

This fun little kitchen appliance is for more than waffles. You can use it to make breakfast waffled hash browns, cookies, and even waffle pizzas because any batter will “waffle” into single serving portions - how super fun!

It's perfect for families on the go, has a 4” nonstick cooking surface that makes clean up super easy, heats up in minutes, and cooks evenly for delicious golden waffles every time!

Bake up a batch of love! 🥰😋

For the foodie lovers among us, nothing says I love you like homemade treats - and what could be more delicious than making heart-shaped waffled food?

Your sweetheart will appreciate the gesture no matter what they look like - even if they're slightly lopsided and odd-shaped (because let's face it, cooking isn't always easy! Especially for me 😏).

Best Funny Sunglasses

girls-by-fun - Maxdot Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Check Price on eBay!

Why We Picked It

Want to give someone an everyday wear Valentine's Day gift?

Well, look no further!

These fun sunglasses provide entertainment and laughs! They are made of plastic, are not polarized, but come in multiple color choices of transparent jelly shades.

A pair of funny shades is a cool Valentine's gift idea for a best friend, mom, sister, or anyone that enjoys a good time!

You May Have Some Questions...So, We Have Some Answers

Q. Looking for a great way to show your special someone how much you love them this Valentine's Day, but on a budget?

A. Don't worry; there are plenty of thoughtful and sentimental ideas that won't break the bank and save money along the way, such as:

💗 Chocolate, a scented candle, or a card.

💗Making dinner - a candlelit dinner - at home.

💗Buying a sweet treat or hot cocoa.

💗Or give him something you both can use like bath bombs or a flour sack Dish Towel.

Just remember, he'll love and be grateful for any gift from you that comes from the heart.

Q. Are you looking for a way to express your love this Valentine's Day without spending any money?

A. If so, there are plenty of creative and meaningful ways to show him/her just how much they mean to you.

💗Taking cute photos of each other.

💗Cook dinner using products you already have at home. If you have their favorite mix bake some cupcakes and add some heart-shaped decorations with frosting (if you have it).

💗Spend the day doing something special together like a scavenger hunt with items that have you going down memory lane - like old photos of the two of you.

💗Plan your next adventure together.

💗Make breakfast in bed.

💗Letting them win on game night.

💗Watching a romantic movie together. Never underestimate the power of the favorite rom-com.

No matter what gesture of appreciation you come up with, it will be sure to make an impact that lasts far beyond February 14th!

Q. Is it possible to love without wealth?

A. 💗Unconditional love, in its most basic definition, is an unconditional offering of affection. You don't care what someone gives you back when they receive it; your only wish is for them to be happy and fulfilled. This kind of tenderness may sound like something we already know - compassionate love - but the feeling can never truly be fully expressed with words alone.

Q. How can I spoil my SO when I have an empty wallet?

A. Want to show your SO how much you care? There's no need to break the bank - there are plenty of ways to spoil each other without money!

💗Make a playlist of their favorite tunes.

💗Make some cabinet space in your room, bathroom, or kitchen for them.

💗Plan date nights for the following month of free events you can attend around your city.

💗Buy a piece or two of their favorite sweet candy from the corner store.

💗Place flower petals (that you grab from your garden) in the shape of a heart on the bed.

💗Wrap yourself in gift wrapping paper and wait for them to come home.

💗If you're an artist, a piece of your art would make a perfect gift.

💗Write them a heartfelt love letter or go for a walk in their favorite spot.

As you can see, the options for making lasting memories don't have to cost anything.

And That's It

We hope you enjoyed this listicle and got some good ideas for a budget-friendly way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

And remember to visit your local dollar store for some cheap Valentine's Day decorations (cheap meaning low cost that is).

Thanks for reading!

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