"Squish, squish!"

No, that's not the sound of you stepping in a cow patty, but rather the irresistible charm of Connor the Cow Squishmallow!

This cutesy, plush phenomenon has managed to squeeze (or better yet, "squish") its way into the hearts of Squishy fanatics everywhere.

But, amidst a herd of other cow Squishmallows, grazes the elusive "Connor the Cow" - a rare Squishmallow (similar to Beanie Babies, some Squishmallows are rarer and more desirable than others), a plushy prize that's ripe for the picking if you can manage to chase it down. 🐄

Following the launch of the initial Squishmallow squad, Connor the Cow quickly made its debut.

The original team of eight, released by Kelly Toy Company, featured a range of amiable and memorable characters. The first Squishmallow was Cameron the Calico Cat (with black and Brown patches), and was followed by Hans the Hedgehog, Fifi the Red Fox, Wendy the Frog, Piper and Puff the Pengiuns, and Hoot the Owl and Holly the Purple Owl.

Each Squishmallow brought its unique charm to the mix, but it wasn't long before our beloved Connor mooo-ved into the Squishmallow family and into the spotlight, winning hearts worldwide with its distinctive appearance and rare Squishmallow status.

So, what separates this bovine buddy from the rest of the cuddly cattle crowd?

Stick around as we embark on a delightful dive into what makes Connor the Cow Squish rare, how you can spot this huggable moo-cow, and the lengths collectors are willing to go to bring it into their plushie pastures!

What Makes Connor a Rare Squishmallow?

The key to identifying a truly rare Squishmallow breed lies in the details, and our intrepid bovine is no exception.

Though on the rarest Squishmallow list, you can still get your hands on this little fella.

Here are some telltale signs that you’ve stumbled upon a genuine, grade-A, supremely cuddle-worthy Connor the Cow:

1. Little Patches, Big Difference

At first glance, Connor looks like your typical Cow Squishmallow - plush, adorable, with big round black eyes, and ever-so-huggable. But one of the defining characteristics that makes Connor such an exceptional find is the pattern of his spots.

Regular, well, real cows, are known for their array of smaller, more intricate speckles that cover their bodies. Connor, on the other hand, sports fetching larger, bolder markings that cover his pillowy body and add an undeniable air of mystique to this sought-after Squishmallow.

2. A Ride on the Rarity Roller Coaster

Another important factor that elevates Connor's status to being a rare Squishmallow is "availability".

It seems as though Connor operates on a roller coaster of scarcity, with Squishies enthusiasts worldwide collectively gasping every time a batch pops up on a store shelf.

But, lo and behold, just as anyone's hopes begin to soar, Connor the Cow careens back into its hidden abode, leaving fans feverishly seeking any news of its next appearance.

3. A Colorful Personality (Literally)

Furthermore, it's not just the spot pattern that sets Connor apart, but also the "colors" at play. More specifically, the Connor the Cow variety boasts a fetching blend of white and black hues.

This winning combination gives an unmistakable allure to Connor, distinguishing it from other run-of-the-mill Squish compatriots.

4. Texture and Stitching

What makes Squishmallows so addicting?

It's all about that texture, my friends!

Authentic Squishmallows have this velvety, plush feel that's like a magical blend of memory foam and a real yummy marshmallow. You just can't resist squishing them!

Now, let's talk about the knockoffs.

Bless their little hearts, they try their best to mimic that velvety texture, but alas, they fall flat. Literally! These fake Squishmallows just can't replicate the same polyester stuffing that gives the authentic ones that memory foam-like goodness.

So, remember, when it comes to Squishies, it's all about that irresistible texture that keeps you coming back for more!

Loose threads or flimsy bits.

Here's the scoop on telling the real ones from the fake! The stitching is one dead giveaway.

Genuine Squishmallow stuffed animals sport snug borders, hugging a fuzzy fabric. But with the knockoffs, you'll spot embroidered seams with some loose stitching.

And let's talk about that oh-so-essential squish factor!

Only the original Squishmallows rock that fuzzy, firm texture, while the fakes? They're flimsy and tear easily.

5. Price

Squishmallow stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes!

Some are as rare as a shooting star, making them extra special and exclusive due to rare Squishmallows being a limited edition. That's why they can be a bit pricey, because everyone wants to get their hands on them!

So, if you spot a rare Squishmallow with a higher price tag, you know it's a hot commodity in the Squish world!

With a staggering count of around 100 million Squishies sold, it's safe to say they're not exactly "rare." However, the demand for these adorable plushies has skyrocketed, leaving the supply playing catch-up.

So, remember, go for the real deal and get your squish on! 🧸✨

The Cows Come Home: How Far Would You Go?

The sheer golden reputation of Connor the Cow has inspired collectors to go to great lengths to secure a plush-to-call-their-own.

Rampaging about the internet for clues, exploring Squish forums, and setting up Google alerts are only a few tactics employed by these determined rare Squishmallow cow-hunters.

Moove-ing on Up to eBay

But it doesn't stop there.

In fact, the chase becomes increasingly perilous as folks find themselves on a mad dash through the e-commerce jungle.

That's right, we're talking about _eBay auctions_.

Web warriors have been known to engage in fierce bidding wars, throwing down hundreds of dollars in the pursuit of a cuddly commodity.

But buyer beware - ask for better pictures of these plush toys if needed to do your due diligence. Just because eBay says it's a rare Squishmallow doesn't necessarily mean that it is rare... or authentic.

How Will You Know You Found an Original?

Though we touched briefly on Connor's appearance, here's what to look for to make sure you find yourself an original Connor Cow Squishmallow (appearance description from Squish Wiki):

Connor is mostly white with patches of black on his lower left side and on his right ear (his left ear is white). He has small, pale-yellow horns and round black eyes. The inside of his ears and his muzzle are both a light pink.

Connor comes in different editions with alternate names and round eyes such as:

  • Harvest Cow Connor
  • SDCC 2022 Connor - extremely limited edition in greyscale color. His horns, inner ears, and muzzle are colored gold.
  • Day of the Dead Connor - wearing sugar skull face paint
  • Connor Fuzz-A-Mallow
  • Fuzzy Connor
  • Bunny Ear Connor - from the Easter Squad 2022
  • Easter Egg Connor - from the Easter Squad 2022
  • Connor Stackable
  • Connor Hug Mee

It's All About the Tags

A real Squishmallow is tagged with three adorable little tags!

  • The first one says: "Original Squishmallows: Squeeze and Cuddle Me."
  • The second one has "Kelly Toys" written along with other exciting product info.

And guess what?

  • The last tag shows the toy's ID and batch number. So much cuteness and uniqueness in one Squishmallow! 🧸✨

All That Moo is Gold: Why You Should Invest in Connor the Cow Squishmallow

It's easy to forget that, at its core, our furry friend remains an adorable stuffed animal - one with a special story and unique style all its own.

But there's more to it than that.

Investing in Connor the Cow Squishmallow might just be a worthwhile endeavor, as its value is only expected to increase over time!

As word spreads of Connor's impressive portfolio, the demand for this plush phenom will most likely skyrocket, making it a solid choice for any true-blue collector.

Fake or Real?

Ready to Moooove?

Connor the Cow Squishmallow is quite a catch, and it's clear why so many people are going wild for this rare breed.

But with such high demand, you'll have to be quick on your hooves if you want to bring this beauty home!

Have fun chasing down Connor the Cow and may fortune favor you in your search! 🐄🐮🌟

On the Hunt: Where to Look for Rare Squishmallows

Of course, Connor the Cow isn't the only rare and sought-after Squishmallow out there.

If you're on the hunt for a rare gem, here are some tips to help you find it:

  • Shop with intention: Check retailers often and search for Squishmallows by name to make sure you don't miss out on any new releases.
  • Try your luck online: eBay, Etsy, and other third-party marketplaces may have rare Squishmallows up for grabs.
  • Search social media hashtags: Use terms like "#Squishmallows" or "#RareSquishmallows" on Instagram and Twitter to find out what other collectors have in their collections.
  • Join a collector's group: Connect with fellow Squish fans online to see what new finds they've discovered.

Now that you know more about Connor the Cow:

You can be well-equipped to tackle the challenge of scoring one for your very own.

So don't mooove too slowly - the hunt is on! 🐃🏃‍♀️🤩

In Closing

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a Squish novice, one thing's for certain: Connor the Cow Squish is an animal-inspired treasure that's sure to make your collection stand out from the rest.

So, if you happen to come across this colorful cow, don't let it get away! 🐮

Good luck in your search and happy collecting! 🤩🐄🌟

Rarest Squishmallow:

  • Jack the Black Cat to date is the rarest Squishmallow. Jack the Black Cat also has the distinction of being the most expensive Squishmallow
  • Little Sheep Blossom
  • The Frog Philippe - super cute green frog - part of the baby Valentine Squad

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