Are you one of the percent completing Griswolds of Halloween Home Décor?

Chances are you're not, although, you might probably know someone who is!

To the shock of absolutely no one, people seem to have an obsession with morphing their homes into creepy cemeteries, ghastly graveyards, and pumpkin palaces come October.

But just how many of those people "really" go all out for the holiday, converting their silent abodes into halls of horror?

Read on to find out!

Unmasking What Percentage of People Decorate Their Homes for Halloween 🧟

Cue the maniacal laughter as we reveal the ominous answer: much as 53% of the US population (surveyed respondents) will engage in some sort of spook-tastic home transformation this year - the National Retail Federation survey claims as of 6 days ago!

That's more than half of the country, folks!

Clearly, the witch's brew of creativity and terror runs rampant throughout the nation – and we're all in for this devilish mayhem.

The Decorating-itis Phenomenon 🧛‍♀️

It seems like an epidemic where even a subtle desire to adorn one's home has morphed into an irresistible itch starting as early as before the first week of October!

The psychology behind this trend can be linked to our age-old "Keeping up with the Joneses" mentality – the need to compete with (and sometimes outshine) our neighbors.

Halloween, Christmas, Easter – pick a holiday, any holiday, and it's a race to see who can create the most extra exterior to out-jingle their neighbors.

Cursed Themes and the Dead-liest Practices 🕸️

From extreme haunted mansions to pumpkin-patched porches, homeowners are willing to cross the river Styx (i.e., breaking the bank) to get into the spirits of the holiday.

You have your cobweb enthusiasts, the lovers of giant lawn inflatables, graveyard architects, and of course, the spooky-but-not-really cute-sy decorators.

All of these hauntingly eccentric people are under the same shroud of darkness - the undeniable allure of the Halloween decoration fever.

I'm guilty as charged!

Pumpkins, skeletons, and ghosts, oh my!

These classic Halloween decorations endure, but there are now more choices than ever for home haunt enthusiasts.

DIY-style adornments have crawled their way into the limelight (or rather, the eerie, flickering, quasi-light) of Halloween decorations.

Tombstones, witchy dens, and the ever-popular escape room-inspired scenes have bewitched the hearts of so many home decorators, creating a chilling visual experience for trick-or-treaters and neighbors alike.

Social(scar)edia: The Fuel to the Phantom Fire 🔥

Let's face it; most people are guilty of spending countless hours endlessly scrolling through social media.

And as Halloween approaches, our feeds are flooded (much like the blood-filled elevators in The Shining) with photo upon photo of dazzlingly decorated homes.

Each snapshot can inspire both admiration and envy, prompting someone to think, "Why didn't I create a haunted carnival in my front yard?"

This one-upmanship thrives in the age of social media, where homes become online battlegrounds in the fight to be the scariest and most creatively decorated.

Tricks and Treats: The Spooky Spending Behind Halloween Decor 👻

Halloween enthusiasts are a unique breed – willing to spend an otherworldly amount of money on their home decorations.

Why it matters: Regardless of the brands, Halloween shoppers are expected to spend $12.2 billion this year on Halloween, up from $10.6 billion last year, according to the National Retail Federation's 2023 season survey. Survey as of 14 hours ago

That's for all things Halloween, including decorations, costumes, and candy shopping. Last year that was a whopping $108.24 per average person.

That's a lot of dough for decorations that will only be up for a month! The average person also decorates the first week of October though there are some early birds.

But hey, we all need a good scare every now and then. Yeah, that'll come with the credit card statement 😨😱

Brought to you by Lombardo Homes

Lombardo Homes' data (Google Trends and surveyed respondents) shows that 79% of Americans are decorating for Halloween this year as compared to the 53% data quoted by the National Retail Federation.

Regardless of which survey you prefer - that's a bunch of shopping making retailers and stores very happy - and there's nothing wrong with that!

Statewise Spooky Spirits: Who Decorates the Most for Halloween? 🌎🎃

When it comes to Halloween, we often associate spooky history with states like Massachusetts.

But guess what?

Utah is actually the state that truly gets into the spirit of Halloween! It's all about the fall, families, fun, excitement, and embracing the spooktacular vibes! 🎃

Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, and New Mexico round out the top five.

Out of all 50 states, Utah will decorate the most for Halloween in 2023!

  1. Utah’s favorite decoration is a spooky spider or spider web. A spider decoration is also a favorite in Minnesota.
  2. West Virginia likes to decorate with ghosts the most.
  3. New Hampshire decorates most with crows.

Rhode Island, Delaware, Wyoming, Nebraska, Vermont, Maine, and Colorado help round out the top ten states that go all out with their Halloween decor.

The Creep-Free Corners: Which States Decorate the Least for Halloween? 🎃🌌

Some states are less excited for spooky season than others.

New York will be decorating the least this year - ahh, boo😕. Florida and Hawaii also won’t be decorating as much, possibly due to their warmer summer-like climate as opposed to the rest of the country.

And the very least interested in decorating this year are Iowa, Minnesota, and Mississippi - party poopers.

Top 10 Decorations in the U.S. for 2023:

When it comes to the most popular decorations across the country there is a clear winner.


One of the great things about them is that there are so many ways to use them in your home decorations, including carving and painting, lining front steps, or using them in other displays.

Pumpkins are popular for the fall season starting in September and the Holidays as regular pumpkins can stick around until November for Thanksgiving! Pumpkins are a good purchase.

Other decor in the top ten include tombstones, spiders or spider webs, crows, bats, and ghosts!

  1. Pumpkins - popular in MI, MA, WA, CO, AL, and Illinois
  2. Corn Stalks
  3. Skeletons
  4. Black Cats
  5. Witches - popular in Vermont, Kansas, and Texas only - even with their current resurgence.
  6. Tombstones
  7. Spiders/Spider Web - popular also in Minnesota, don't you know?
  8. Crow
  9. Bats - popular in LA - makes sense. But the Vampire is popular in Mississippi - who knew?
  10. Ghosts

It's no surprise that the most popular Halloween decoration in Iowa is the Corn Stalk! 😆 Iowa is one of the leading states in the production of corn.

It's no surprise that the most popular Halloween decoration in Utah is the Spider! Utah is home to the golden Huntsman spider, the superstar of Utah's Huntsman family! These giant crab spiders can reach a whopping 2-3 inches across! With their sleek flat shape, they're masters at hide-and-seek, blending into cracks, curtains, and even tree bark crevices. So fascinating! 🕷️😄 And gross! 🤢 If I saw one, I'd surely pass out!

U.S. Cities with the Most Halloween Spirit in 2023

While we know which states will decorate the most for Halloween in 2023, what about major cities in the U.S.?

Lombardo Homes analyzed Google Trends to find out which cities will go all out for All Hallows’ Eve this October 2023.

Denver took the top spot this year and the city’s favorite decoration is a Frankenstein. The creature born out of Victor Frankenstein’s fictional experiment is also the decoration of choice in Las Vegas, the second city on our list. Baltimore, Nashville, and Seattle round out the top five and will be decorating with crows, corn stalks, and pumpkins respectively with maximum effectiveness!

Like New York State, New York City is last on this list. Los Angeles and Chicago, Illinois also aren’t as excited to decorate for the season this year falling in the bottom three - maybe it's El Nino's fault?

Even though Illinois is one of the states that decorate the most, Chicago lacks in Halloween spirit. That's too bad - Illinois needs to straighten out Chicagy!

The Plan

Every other city in Illinois should bring an extra pumpkin and leave it somewhere in the city of Chicago!

Hey, Illinois! Pumpkin up Chicago!!!! 🎃

As for the most popular decorations in the big cities?


The most popular decoration of choice in Charlotte, San Jose, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas.

Told ya they are making a resurgence!

On average, people will spend 3 hours decorating for Halloween. A large majority plan to decorate the inside of their house (69%) and the front door (63%), but exterior decorations and yard displays are also popular (56%) as well as window displays (51%) - being displayed as early as the last week of September in my neighborhood.

The Hauntingly Happy Conclusion ☠️

So, it doesn't matter whether you're part of the 53%, 79%, or simply enjoy the occasional jack-o'-lantern on your porch, there's no denying that Halloween home décor has become a staple in American culture.

From the psychology behind it to the social media frenzy and spending associated with it, this peculiar phenomenon shows no signs of dying out anytime soon.

And honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way – after all, what's Halloween without a little spookiness?

So, let's embrace this annual pumpkin-flavored madness and keep the spirit of Halloween alive in our homes!🎃👻

Let the haunting begin! 🏚️🧛‍♀️💀

Happy Halloween! 👻🕷️☠️

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