Every December, people around the world put up Christmas trees in their homes and decorate them with colorful ornaments.

But where did this tradition come from?

How did we start hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree?

Let's take a look back at the history of Christmas ornaments and find out why they have become so popular today.

The earliest known use of Christmas decorations dates back to 15th-century Germany when devote Catholics used apples and cookies to decorate their trees.

This was meant to symbolize the Garden of Eden, with the apples representing Adam and Eve’s original sin.

Later, in 16th-century Germany, more elaborate decorations were crafted out of paper, wood, glass, and metal to spruce up holiday trees further.

In the 1700s, German families started making glass balls to hang from their trees as decorations. These hand-crafted glass balls were filled with mica dust which gave them an iridescent shimmering effect when light shone through them.

Eventually, these ornaments made their way stateside in 1851 when F&R Baumgartner opened up America’s first ornament shop in Chicago.

It wasn’t until Queen Victoria was photographed in 1846 standing next to a decorated Christmas tree that this became a popular tradition throughout Europe and North America.

By 1900, Americans had fully embraced this new tradition and began mass-producing baubles for everyone to enjoy!

Today there are thousands of unique ornament designs ranging from delicate snowflakes to character figurines like Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman!

Whether you prefer classic glass baubles or modern plastic figurines, it is clear that the tradition of hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree is one that has been around for centuries!

It harkens back to our ancestors' desire for beauty during what can be a cold winter season - and it continues as we strive for beauty even today!

Today we have a wide variety of Christmas ornaments to choose from!

From traditional silver bells to personalized keepsakes to Horror ornaments, you can find almost anything you can imagine as a decoration for your tree.

In fact, many families (like mine) have a tradition where they buy one special ornament each year to add to their collection!

So go ahead, put your favorite ornament on your tree this year - you'll be joining millions of people who share your love for festive holiday décor!

Merry Christmas!

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