Add a dash of magic to your Halloween ensemble with these wickedly witty witch hats that will not only enchant your friends but also leave them spellbound!

From classic, to cute, to downright zany, there's a witchy hat for every taste and style in this bewitching list.

So, dust off your magic wand and get ready to channel your inner sorceress as we explore some of the finest witch hats out there for you to wear.

How We Choose

We read the reviews to bring you this fabulously Witchy Witch Hat list for you to enjoy today. It's never too early to decide on your favorite witch costume accessories, so, go ahead, order yours early so you don't miss out!

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Rubie's Costume Co. Women's Large Brim Witches Hats

This is the Classic Conical Sorceress Supreme Hat! No list of Witch hats is complete without a tribute to the classic conical witch hat. This timeless black masterpiece is perfect for the purist who doesn't need any flashy frills to make a bewitching statement. Hold it down if it's windy! With its wide brim, you may take flight!

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Goetland Deluxe Witch Hat for Women for Halloween with Veils Spiders Feathers 

Goetland Deluxe Witch Hat for Women for Halloween with Veils Spiders Feathers Party Carnival Christmas Cosplay

Wear this hat for the Glamour Glitz Witch look. This enchanting and fun hat will make heads turn all night long. Decked with handcrafted rosettes, a fabulous spider-web lace face veil, and feather accents, the soft fabric on this witch hat adds a whole new dimension to your dark-chic costume.

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Dupung Wicked Witch Hat for Women Black Halloween Party Masquerade Cosplay Costume Accessory Adult

Let your inner magic shine with this offbeat Witch hat. With its large brim, high-quality velvet, and unique shape, it's no trick that this hat exudes mystical vibes. Plus, it's perfect for Salem enthusiasts and modern-day witches alike.

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Kaariss Womens Witch Hat Knitted Wool Cap for Halloween Cosplay

Of course, you'll look like a master of cooking up wicked potions and spells with this Witch Wool Cap. The upturned brim offers a unique twist to the traditional witch hat, making you the most delightful witch at the party, and real Witches might ask you for potion tips. Also comes in red color which will work if you're going as the scarlet witch (and if you don't wear the headgear that is!).

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Smiffys Women's Classic - Spider Witch Hat - One Size Will Fit Most

Perfect for arachnid aficionados, this realistic Witch hat is designed with a large spider dangling from its intricately woven web that cascades from its brim. The exquisitely creepy design is sure to give your fellow party-goers a spine-tingling thrill every time.

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Srnede Halloween Witch Hat Wizard Men Women Cosplay Wide Brim 

Ideal as a Witch Sorcerer Hat! Show off your witchiness with this faux leather material hat and get ready to cast a spell on your friends! This hat is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their ensemble. With its pointed design, striking metallic silver buckle, and classic black color, you'll be sure to turn heads at any coven gathering or party. Just be sure to keep an eye out for those pesky Muggles!

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Zhanmai Adult Tattered Witch Wizard Harry Potter Scarecrow Costume Hats, One Size - 2 Pak

This Witch Hat has a unique worn look and it's reminiscent of Harry Potter. This tattered Witch Hat is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their Halloween costume. With a bendable pointed tip and simple liner, this sorceress will give you a unique bewitching look that's tough to find! In Brown and Black.

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Lahmacun Halloween Flower Felt Witch Costume Pointed Hat

This is the perfect hat to combine the natural beauty of flora and fauna with the charm of witchcraft with this nature-embracing Witch hat. Decorated with twigs, autumn leaves, and mushrooms, this hat adds a touch of fun and gentleness to your Halloween outfit.

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Leg Avenue Women's Large Ruched Witch Hat

Conjure up some seriously sexy style with this Large Ruched Witch Hat. With a ruched top design and curved brim, this hat will have you flying off on your broomstick in the most fashionable way possible. No love potions needed to fall under its spell!

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elope Grunge Witch Hat

This Grunge Witch Hat - is the ultimate accessory for stylish witches who prefer to keep it grungy. This classic cone-shaped hat features tattered cheesecloth material draping and a wire-edged brim, making it the perfect blend of spooky and stylish. Trust us, you'll be the envy of all witches with this hat on your head!

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And That's It!

Now that you have explored these 10 wickedly witty witch hats, it's time for you to find the perfect one for your own bewitching look this Halloween season.

May the magic of the night guide you in finding just the right hat to give your outfit a special touch of sorcery! Now go place your orders and bring yours home!

Thanks for reading this sites' content and Happy Halloween!

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