So, you've decided to dabble in the dark arts or perhaps you're looking for some healing properties from Mother Nature herself.

Either way, you'll need to purchase a solid witchcraft kit to stir up some spells and magic.

Most likely you won't find these ingredients at your local supermarket, so gather your broomstick and let's take a magical journey to explore the must-haves for a witchcraft beginner.

We've crafted a cauldron full of witchcraft essentials to create a spellbinding list for both novice witches and seasoned sorcerers. Hold onto your pointy witch hats because you're in for a magical ride.

Let's make sure your witchcraft kit leaves a lasting impression on those you bewitch.

A Grimoire or Book of Shadows

This is your magical diary and recipe book *- think Julia Childs meets Albus Dumbledore*. Record your spells, experiences, and witchy wisdom, knowing that one-day future generations may uncover your secrets. Decorate it with symbols and trinkets that speak to your magical soul, because a personalized grimoire is one powerful tool in every witch's arsenal!

The Altar Necessities

Your altar is where the supernatural meets the all-too-natural. Designate a space to house your witchcraft kit essentials like candles, incense, and even snacks (witches need sustenance too!). Choose a location that feels safe and sacred to unleash the magic within you. Note: we didn't list snacks - we figured you've got that part covered.

Cauldron of Creativity

No witchcraft kit would be complete without a cauldron to cook up some enchantments. According to the witching law, it must be made of cast iron, have three legs, and come with a lid - because even witches need to check on their brews' progress! Your cauldron is where the witchcraft essentials become the ingredients for potent spells.

Pondering Pestle and Mortar

Transform those magical herbs and stones into powerful concoctions with this witchcraft must-have. Get hands-on with your magical ingredients, grounding them down into powerful elixirs of enchantment. Remember, a little elbow grease in the mortal plane goes a long way in the mystical one!

Crystal Clear Guidance

Need some divine guidance or energy amplification? Look no further than these shiny stones to enhance your witchcraft endeavors. Find a suitable crystal wand, charged with energy, and channel it into your magical workings.

Wand-erful Wands

Did you think wands were just for Harry Potter? Think again! Wands are essential for directing energy, and their elemental nature connects you to Mother Earth. Customize your own with crystals, carvings, and magical symbols to make this powerful tool uniquely yours.

Herbal Haven

From rosemary to sage and everything in between, a witch's herbal collection is her best-kept secret. Incorporate these natural elements into your spells and rituals to amplify their power. Whether you use magical herbs for teas, incense, or potions, each has its own special properties that unlock the secrets of the universe.

Oils of Enchantment

Aromatic oils are potent tools for enchanting your surroundings. Used in spells and rituals, oils can cleanse a space of negativity and introduce positive vibes. Add some drops to the cauldron or use them in anointing rituals - your senses will thank you!

Divination Tools

Whether it's runes, tarot cards, or just a simple pendulum, divination tools are essential for understanding the power of witchcraft. Let the wisdom of your ancestors speak through these mystic tools to gain insight into the future.

How We Choose

So, we read the reviews to bring you this fabulous list of essential witchcraft kit "ingredients" and supplies for whipping up some serious witchy goodness!

Gather these items and you'll be well on your way to crafting powerful spells, unlocking hidden secrets, and tapping into the magical world around us.

Now go forth my fellow witches and make some magic!

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Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Witchcraft Supplies!

Best Beginner Witchcraft Kit

CraftMystic - Witchcraft Supplies Kit for Witch Spells – Beginner Witch Starter Kit Crystals Jars Dried Herbs and Colored Candles for Witches Pagan Altar Decor - Wicca Supplies Box Witchy Gifts Stuff

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Why We Picked It

Create a little magic with this fabulous witchcraft kit!

  • 12 dried witch flowers in sealed packages
  • 12 mini gemstones in sealed bottles with assorted tumbled gemstone chips
  • 12 colored spell candles
  • 12 Parchments
  • Wiccan altar supplies

Shop today, conjure tomorrow!

Best Witchcraft Supplies with Pendulum

SHYSHINY - Witchcraft Supplies Kit for Witch Spells, SHYSHINY 145 Pack Complete Wicca Supplies Box with Chakra Stone, Dried Herb, Spell Candles, Amulet, Bracelet, Pendulum, Gifts for Beginners

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Why We Picked It

This NEW witchcraft kit for 2023 is loaded with good-quality supplies! Maybe all you'll need for life?

  • 40 dried flowers/herbs
  • 20 crystal bottles
  • 20 spell candles
  • 20 parchments
  • 20 forest-scented incense sticks with holder
  • 7 chakra stones
  • Amethyst cluster
  • Necklace amulet
  • Chakra bracelet
  • Crystal dowsing & pendulum board
  • Pink salt, sea salt
  • Witch broom
  • Black tarobs and grid tarobs
  • Feathers
  • Spoon
  • Hand bell and Witch bell
  • Guide book

WoW - what an incredible kit! Can ship out in one-day with Amazon Prime!

Best Witchcraft Supplies Mortar and Pestle

Kaizen Casa Mortar and Pestle Set Unique - Pestle and Mortar Bowl Solid Stone Grinder for Herbs Spice Guacamole Garlic Ginger Root

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

Are you ready to elevate your witchcraft practice to extraordinary realms?

A mortar and pestle is an essential tool, revered for its ability to unlock the true potential of herbs, spices, and other enchanted ingredients.

Crafted from the finest materials known to witches, this mortar and pestle set is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into sacred tools. Its smooth texture and perfect weight provide a harmonious balance between stability and grace, allowing you to effortlessly grind and blend your spell components with precision.

Picture this: under the pale moonlight, you gently crush dried lavender petals, releasing their intoxicating fragrance and infusing your potions with their calming properties.

So, unlock a world of endless spellcasting possibilities. From grounding and protection spells to love spells and healing brews, this magical tool will accompany you on every step of your sorcerous journey.

Best Witchcraft Supplies with Obsidian Crystal Ball

SHYSHINY - Witchcraft Supplies Kit for Witch Spells, SHYSHINY 125 Pack Wiccan Supplies and Tools Box for Protection, Crystals, Dried Herb, Spell Candles, Amulet, Obsidian Crystal Ball, Beginner Witch Starter Kit

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Why We Picked It

This NEW witchcraft kit for 2023 is loaded and an ideal kit for beginners loaded with wiccan supplies and tools for protection.

  • 40 dried herbs
  • 9 crystal bottles
  • 12 black spell candles & 2 black candleholders
  • 20 parchments
  • 20 Sandalwood incense sticks with holder
  • 6 protection stones
  • Obsidian crystal ball & holder
  • Necklace amulet and chakra bracelet
  • Black salt
  • Witch broom
  • Black tarobs
  • Black feathers
  • Hand bell, witch bell, and spoon
  • Guide book
  • Magic spell bag

Shop today and practice magick tomorrow!

Best Witchcraft Supplies with Pagan Point Pendulum 

Ruicnte - Witchcraft Supplies Kit for Wicca, Spells 84 Pieces of Dried Herbs Healing Crystal and Scented Wax for Beginners Experienced Witches Pagan Spell Witchy Gifts Altar

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Why We Picked It

Here is a witchcraft kit with all the elements you need!

  • 15 individually and thoroughly sealed dried herb packages
  • 12 Real gemstones in sealed packages
  • 12 colored candles
  • 12 pieces of Wish Paper
  • Blue Point Pendulum and plate
  • 8 metal Wiccan Symbols
  • Black and Pink Salts
  • Amythest Salt
  • Cute Spoon
  • Magical Uses Booklet

Purchase yours today and start crafting tomorrow. Good value for the money!

Best Witchcraft Supplies Cast Iron Cauldron

New Age Imports, Inc. Cast Iron Cauldron w/handle & lid, ideal for smudging, incense burning, ritual purpose, decoration, Halloween decoration, candle holder, etc. (Ribbed Style 4" High, 2.25" Dia)

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

Are you in dire need of a cauldron that's not only magical but also versatile?

Look no further, for I bring you the most magnificent and mischievous cast iron cauldron that will make your witchy heart flutter with delight!

Imagine this: as you brew your potent potions and concoctions, this sturdy cauldron will be your trusty companion, standing strong against the test of time. Made from cast iron and resin, it's tougher than the most stubborn troll you'll encounter on your spellbinding adventures.

Now, let's talk about its bewitching design. Its spacious interior provides ample room for all your magical ingredients, allowing them to dance and mingle in perfect harmony.

And oh, did I mention its hidden secret? Yes, my dear ones, this cauldron has a sneaky little secret. You can use it not only for cooking and brewing but also as a clever hiding spot for your most precious magical artifacts. Just imagine: your precious crystals and talismans tucked away inside, safe from prying eyes and nosy familiars.

Whether you're cooking up a storm, brewing a love spell, or simply adorning your sacred space with its enchanting presence, this cast iron cauldron is a must-have for every witch worth their weight in spell books.

Trust me, my sisters and brothers of the craft, you won't be disappointed!

Best Witchcraft Supplies with Crystal Grid and Selenit Stick

Wyspell - Bulk Crystals and Healing Stones 50 PCS - Real Mini Crystals for Witchcraft Spell Jars - Crystal Sets for Witchcraft Supplies - Real Healing Crystal Witch for Beginners Set

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

This amazing witchcraft kit is all about crystals and it includes 50 of the most frequently used crystals for spells

  • 50 crystal bottles
  • Selenite stick
  • Crystal grid
  • Crystals guide

Shop today and make magick tomorrow!

Best Witchcraft Supplies with Organic Witch Herbs

Fresh Green - Dried Herbs for Witchcraft Supplies - 20 Organic Witch Herbs for Spells, Wiccan Supplies - Beginner Witch Kit Box with Crystal Spoon, Ideal Pagan Altar Decor, Witchy Gifts for Witches

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

This wonderful witchcraft kit is all about herbs!

  • 20 herbs for spells
  • Antique crystal spoon

Order yours today!

Best Witchcraft Supplies Elemental Oils

Art of the Root - Four Elemental Oils by Art of the Root | Handmade with Herbs & Essential Oils, Includes Air, Fire, Earth & Water Blends | Metaphysical, Wicca, Pagan & Magick

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

This amazing witchcraft kit is all about the four elemental oils!

  • 4 half-ounce bottles of oil
  • Each represents one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Earth & Water
  • Handmade in small batches daily in the USA
  • Artisan made with herbs, essential oils, and Floral Botanicals

Shop today and make magick tomorrow!

Best Witchcraft Supplies with Spell Bowl and Amethyst Cluster

hexerhan - Witchcraft Supplies Kit, Crystals and Healing Stones Set, with 7 Chakra Stones, Sage, Scepter, Star Coin, Sword, Grail, Obsidian Pendulum, Turkey Feather, Rune for Meditation/Spiritual Healing/Smudging for Beginners or Witches Spells Supplies, Pagan Decor

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

This witchcraft kit has the least amount of items and is perfect if you just want to get your feet wet and not dive in just yet... though the water is fine!

  • 7 Clear Quartz points
  • 7 tumbled Crystal Stones
  • Brass Holy Grail
  • Brass Sword
  • Brass Star Coin
  • Scepter
  • Sage Package
  • Tarot Altar cloth
  • Wooden Metatron Crystal Grid
  • Cross Cloth
  • Obsidian Pendulum
  • Wood Rune
  • Small Turkey Feather
  • Divination Rune
  • Good Luck Card
  • Wealth Wishing Paper

Get your craft kit today and let the magic begin!

Best Witchcraft Supplies Sage Smudging Kit

JL Local Store - White Sage Smudging Kit Smudge Stick Gift Kit + Instructions & Blessings (Beginner's Kit)

Check Price on Amazon!

Why We Picked It

Do you smudge even though you're not a witch? If you're looking for quality stuff to get started then you can't go wrong with this kit!

  • Sustainably Grown Sage
  • Ethically sourced Abalone & Smudging Feather
  • Hand Carved Wood Stand
  • Chakra Bracelet
  • Nice home decor conversation starter

Shop today! Just don't smudge your date. 🙃

And That's It!

If you just started down the path of your witchcraft journey and are looking for ritual supplies to practice with, you really can't go wrong with these kits.

Disclaimer: Witchcraft rituals may promote inner and mental power (meditation), improve health and well-being, improve self-confidence and lift your spirit, promote positivity & happiness, protection & grounding, improve relationships and romance, improve sleep & dreams, and reduce stress & anxiety.

WARNING: Though witchcraft may be good for your life IT IS NOT meant to replace traditional medical advice or professional treatment. Consult a qualified medical professional before attempting any spells or rituals.

Thanks for reading and Happy Witching!

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